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  1. I think it is the current fascination with having a ball playing 13. I'm still confused about this. Surely there have always been loads of 13s with great hands, and lots that are more about bashing it up the middle. Ball playing 13s are not a ne thing (although maybe they were out of fashion for 5, 10 years) But the oz media seems fixated with the idea that every team now needs a 13 that can act as a half back, so maybe the raiders have been spooked into putting Whitehead there? Do you remember when they put him at 7 a few years ago for a match? He was dreadful. I'm with you; he's a class second row and always has been. Leave him there.
  2. I did exactly the same. Left wife and kids at home, and took four donoughts home as a bribe . I'll message you next home game I plan to get to.
  3. I was there too mate! Did you try the doughnuts; my god! Swinton looked pretty good I thought. Got to be one of the favorites to go up.
  4. Midlands 6, Swinton 24 at present with mids with one in the bin. Oh, Midlands just scored again! Fightback starts here! At the game.
  5. And Hull FC who had their own code, and played a number of soccer matches too.
  6. As I've said before, Hodgson became the player he became in the NRL, not before. He developed into our best Hooker by playing against the best. Unfortunately that tarnishes him in many Super League fans' eyes.
  7. "Herbie Farnworth has shown up and taught a lesson for Kotoni Staggs tonight"
  8. If you are talking about players that achieved the most in both codes, not necessarily the best in the world, but performed at an incredible level, won numerous championships etc etc then I would say you have to mention Brad Thorn. (Admittedly he achieved much more in Onion) On a similar tip, Maurie Fa'asavalu. Shaun Edwards? I always though Scott gibbs looked a natural in a saints top. If you forget about his England Onion career, and just think about what he did at Gloucester, Henry paul. Thevtwo best ever for me have to be Robinson and Tuigamala. RIP Inga.
  9. Hodgson became the player he was in the NRL. Maybe SL fans are bias towards their own league.
  10. I grew up listening to Ray French on Saturday afternoons, and always thought he was rubbish. And I always thought it interesting they let jiffy commentate on both codes, but they would never let Ray French do the same.
  11. Not just nfl but most US sport. The way they market the college sport rivalry is crazy. I didn't mean to get hooked on College American football but I am, and it was because of just this. Struggling to avoid the college basketball stuff, but feel myself getting sucked in as March approaches!
  12. https://www.channel4.com/4viewers/betfred-super-league-rugby
  13. Top man, Saint! Insta I don't use, but this might make me sign up.
  14. Yes. And Jodie C. It was basically a perfectly pick team delivering a quality product. Well done Premier Sports. Roll on this Monday.
  15. Going back to the original post and link, think this game is in Loughborough, not Birmingham. I was excited for a minute and thought I might drive down if in Birmingham. Loughborough a bit too far. I've loved reading this thread. Well done for starting it Sir Kevin. And if anyone has as link to watch the match tomorrow please post. So much I didn't know about the uni game. I might have to get into following it again. I might get myself down to a Brum game if I know when they are. I'd love the uni game to be a bit more acknowledged and followed, but appreciate the challenges as Saint 1 pointed out. Also amazing to find out I've likley been on the same pitch as two other long time posters on here great stuff!
  16. Would've loved to have watched any of this. I had no idea there were games going on in Birmingham. I used to stroll down and watch the odd game 10, 15 years ago. Would've loved to see some of the Leeds and northumbria games online. Like I said, the BUCS Super Rugby is very easy to access and it's a shame the League BUCS isn't AFAIK. Particularly when it seems there are so many great players involved.
  17. It was the 90s, mate. If you remember it you werent there, etc. There's a credible theory (the Phantom time hypothesis) that the 90s didn't actually happen! But yes you did win.
  18. I think, and this was 25 years ago so struggling here, but I think we played you in our first game? I have a memory in the second half of lining up a centre running at me and thinking "right, I'll have him!", dropping my shoulder and getting completely done over by a massive side step. I sat there on my a%^e while I watched him go under the posts. Please tell me that was you
  19. On itv, yes. I remember I think watching a charity shield game at anfield where he commentated. Not sure it was on national ITV, as think I was visiting Oop North at time. Think he'd be a really good addition to the C4 coverage.
  20. The exact same! Brum 97-00. We might have been on the same team 25 years ago! Wow, small world. I think I played two games, well one and a third. I was swiftly dropped when someone with vaguely any ability and athleticism showed up.
  21. Dave Woods was singing Northumbria's praises on the cup coverage at the weekend. Saying what a great team they were and great set up.! I can see they have a few players in there. I'm sure that St Mary's used to team to beat in the south, but they seem to have disappeared somewhat. I find it quite difficult to follow the University results these days. The RL site doesn't seem to get updated at all. It's a shame when you see how slick the BUCS RU exposure is. It would be great to see this north v south game on youtube or Ourleague I'm proud, and also slightly embarrassed, to say I played BUCS level League a long time ago. The Uni was a very well established redbrick, but like many at the time had effectively banned League up until just before I arrived, so the League team was very new, not very good, and that's how I managed to blag a game or two. I wouldn't have got a look in 2 or 3 years later!
  22. Why is no one making suggestive comments about having sexual intercourse with Adam Hills. Honestly. All this Wokey Cokey. I give up. As someone else posted, the bolsheviks have truly won! (Note - please reference the Emma Jones thread for context if required)
  23. I must admit I have been to Forest Green Rovers v Barrow twice in fairly recent years and crudly estimated the attendance by estimating average people per row and times by number of rows and coming up with a few hundred or just over a thousand. Then the announcer has come on and excitedly announced todays attendance is twleve thousand, four hundred and fifty, or there abouts. At which point all the Barrow fans fall about laughing. So it does happen. I've seen it. Although I can only vouch for lower level soccer. But forest green have a long running planning application for a new ground, so there is a political element to announcing capacity + 20%, rather than half empty, whilst that is still unresolved.
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