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  1. Yeah will Will Hope has retired along with Spencer and Charnock.
  2. Not really very rarely played and gave away alot of penalties and continually dropped the ball. Not bad for a squad player in League 1
  3. ste 81

    2023 squad

    Let's hope we get some big forwards in that's been our weakness over the years and we get bullied.
  4. ste 81

    Next Season

    I heard Max Roberts to Widnes as well we definitely need some good signings to have a chance. The league is even stronger now. Also Hansen to Sheffield
  5. ste 81

    Great win

    I was expecting a tough tight game yesterday and considering we had some key players missing I was fearing the worse. I thought the boys bossed the game and we were much the better team. A nice week off next week and get a few players back it's ours too lose.
  6. Looking to go over for around 3 weeks and looking at advice on best places to stay and other people's trips to take in the most games please?
  7. I didn't expect to beat them and just wanted to give them a good game which we definitely did. It was a game of 2 halves sadly, still not sure why Meadows try was disallowed in the first half. You always knew the try we conceded on half time would cost us. If we play like that for the rest of the season we'll be fine.
  8. How many players did you have suspended after the game, absolutely deluded.
  9. ste 81


    Loved it today Allan clearly had the boys fired up and for me easily the best we've played this season. We looked much the better team and far quicker and sharper than them. The ref tried to get them back in the game. Let's hope we build on this and we may still have a chance at automatic promotion
  10. ste 81


    Yes you can pay at the gate
  11. I went over with Swinton and it was an amazing experience, the fans and the people of Toronto were all warm and friendly and it was an experience I will never forget. This is a massive chance that has passed us by I wouldn't expect anything more though of the clowns in charge. If they had all visited Toronto it would have been a no brainer, thank you all and good luck
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