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  1. Friends of Jamaican Rugby League. I'd like to think that next year we could do this again, but maybe sponsor another team. I believe everyone put money in to help the whole of Jamaican Rugby League not just one team and because of that the name should reflect that we support all Jamaican rugby league teams not just one. And Friends because we all just want to help, plus it was the name used on the donation page so if your not on this forum and donated you can at least see that the money was used on Jamaican Rugby League.
  2. I agree, Should be something like Friends of Jamaican Rugby League in Large Font, with the tag line Total Rugby league forum and Dev Inno Partnership in smaller font below.
  3. Teams playing in European competitions don't Welsh and Northern Irish semi-pro teams like Linfield played all over Europe. Linfield played in Faroe Island, Montenegro, and Azerbaijani.
  4. The Trafford centre is the other side of the ship canal and over a mile walk. Yes there is supposedly a shuttle bus that runs on match days but I've never seen it. Driving isn't the issue as it's located just off the m60, but public transport is poor. You have two buses the 67and the 100. I personally think the marketing done by Salford for the new season is good, the video board at the start of the m602 would have been seen by lots of people. Taking both of those into consideration 5000 people waiting waiting for a bus that holds 40 people every 30 mins is poor. Whilst if they came from Cadishead they could get the train from glazebrook or irlam to deansgate and hope on the metro to Salford quays. But what about expanding the fan base, which should be the aim of every club. Altrinham could jump on the metro straight to Salford quays. Someone from Manchester city centre Salford Quays is easier to get to. A better solution than building a new stadium would be extending the metro from eccles past the aj bell to warrington, via birchwood. But at the moment the aj bell location isn't great for public transport.
  5. Your missing the biggest complaint. People want easy public transport, with good pubs nearby, and unless you included helicopter flights as public transport the aj bell simply doesn't have it. Salford keys does with the metro system.
  6. This is probably the worst time of the year to do this. If I've still got money in the bank post xmas I'll put money in as well.
  7. Although i agree we need to learn from toronto only using one prototype and testing against a signular variable will not produce the best results and could lead to unexpected outcomes in the future. You really need a minimum of 2 or 3 more to give a better idea. With Ottawa and new York would Toronto keep players based in Canada? Would additional teams help/increase the growth of the community game? Can a team from North America grow a team and not buy it, and how would this effect it's support base? Would more teams mean a tv deal? With more North America teams would the Toronto effect still occur at British teams? With more well know places in America having teams would the sport become more popular in the UK, exotic factor like the nfl? More importantly is Toronto the exception and there simply isn't any interest in rugby league in North America? There are lots more questions that simply having one team doesn't answer.
  8. It's only really around 35 years old though, which when you look at some of the stadiums over here is nothing. Although I don't like the running track around the field its location and size is much better than the RedBull Arena.
  9. There are Several stadiums in New York city. Coffey Field, 7000, is in the Bronx and currently used by Fordham University. Lawrence A Wien Stadium, 17000, is in Manhattan and is used by Columbia University. There are also a lot of smaller colleges like SUNY with stadiums ranging around 1000 - 2000. None of these have the international name that RedBull Arena does, even though both Fordham and Columbia play in NCAA Div 1 Championship, and it's possible that they haven't even been looked at.
  10. Hull KR further strengthened their half-back options with the arrival of Ryan Brierley from Toronto Wolfpack. Scotland international Brierley, 27, who has also played for Leigh Centurions and Huddersfield Giants, has also signed a one-year deal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/50674238
  11. I really dislike the way the salary cap is used. The system is designed to punish well run clubs for the benefit of the smallest. I'd replace it tomorrow with a FFP system like UEFA use. Prevents running up debts, rewards teams that arent in the red and paying your bills on time. It also allows for small well run teams to go out challenge the big teams by sorting in house out. Is FFP perfect, not by a long way but it's a much better system than we have now.
  12. You ask someone from Stratford were they are from and they will say London. You ask people from most cities who live in the outskirts and they will say they are from that city. Now Dagenham and Knightsbridge are very different, more so than old swan and Bootle and further apart, yet both will say they are from London and yet the person from Bootle will state they don't come from Liverpool.
  13. Liverpudlians are a strange lot. What most people would say was Liverpool they don't. For example It's like someone from Westminster saying they aren't from London as Westminster is a different place. Speaking to people from Liverpool you'd think Liverpool was only a few streets in a group of towns. Are there people who play Rugby League in the Liverpool area? Yes. Are there people who are interested in Rugby League living in Liverpool? 100% yes. That's without even considering the 3 large universities in the City. Whilst working in Liverpool I worked with more people who were interested in Rugby League than where I now work in the middle of Manchester. In my opinion a Rugby League team could work in Liverpool and maybe more so than a team in the middle of Manchester. Teams in both area would be a good boost to the marketability of the game.
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