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  1. Hull KR further strengthened their half-back options with the arrival of Ryan Brierley from Toronto Wolfpack. Scotland international Brierley, 27, who has also played for Leigh Centurions and Huddersfield Giants, has also signed a one-year deal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/50674238
  2. I really dislike the way the salary cap is used. The system is designed to punish well run clubs for the benefit of the smallest. I'd replace it tomorrow with a FFP system like UEFA use. Prevents running up debts, rewards teams that arent in the red and paying your bills on time. It also allows for small well run teams to go out challenge the big teams by sorting in house out. Is FFP perfect, not by a long way but it's a much better system than we have now.
  3. You ask someone from Stratford were they are from and they will say London. You ask people from most cities who live in the outskirts and they will say they are from that city. Now Dagenham and Knightsbridge are very different, more so than old swan and Bootle and further apart, yet both will say they are from London and yet the person from Bootle will state they don't come from Liverpool.
  4. Liverpudlians are a strange lot. What most people would say was Liverpool they don't. For example It's like someone from Westminster saying they aren't from London as Westminster is a different place. Speaking to people from Liverpool you'd think Liverpool was only a few streets in a group of towns. Are there people who play Rugby League in the Liverpool area? Yes. Are there people who are interested in Rugby League living in Liverpool? 100% yes. That's without even considering the 3 large universities in the City. Whilst working in Liverpool I worked with more people who were interested in Rugby League than where I now work in the middle of Manchester. In my opinion a Rugby League team could work in Liverpool and maybe more so than a team in the middle of Manchester. Teams in both area would be a good boost to the marketability of the game.
  5. Lots of online gambling companies run Canadian services. Bet365 have rugby league odds and also operate within Canada.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/50604063
  7. Toronto Wolfpack winger Liam Kay and stand-off Blake Wallace have signed new two-year deals to keep them with the newly-promoted Super League side.
  8. They are getting free tuition and board which is around $50k per year. They are also receiving, as of this year, payment for image rights. They were also allowed payments up to $10k for performance, and were allowed to receive gifts. They are also allowed to go pro in another sport and still remain eligible. But this does show how important it is to get rugby league into college's. Nebraska volleyball has an average attendance of 8000. People will watch a sport if their college is playing it, schools are more likely to take the sport up and kids are more likely to play or stay with the sport.
  9. I can only find two teams in that league. I would have thought they had a few local teams, maybe not on an interstate level, with the industries in California and it's location.
  10. Bt sports have it on occasionally. It is just a better game to watch than the NFL, it's quicker, more special plays, more mistakes,and the players just seem to want to play more. Watch a few SEC teams as they tend to be more offensive. There are 8 college stadiums over 100,000 and 10 bigger than the largest NFL stadium.
  11. 100% agree. I watched a magic vs heat game a few years ago and left after the first half. Most boring 10 minutes of my life God knows how people watch it longer than that. Fun to play awful to watch. Anyway the USARL doesn't seem to have any teams on the west coast, is there a different league running over there or just no teams?
  12. Just looked up Jacksonville axemen and found out they lost in the final of the championship to the Brooklyn kings. What really surprised me was that out of the 11 teams in the USARL 4 are from Florida.
  13. So Why? Why do these large towns give off the image of being small or unheard of? Why can Exeter RU attract people to travel hours whilst warrington don't advertise in the next closest town? I've heard it's due to being too close to man Utd and Liverpool, well how do the rugby union teams survive in London? I know that if I travelled to Blackpool I'd see advertisements for the sale sharks. I know that during my day in Manchester I'll see no advertisement for any rugby league and yet probably see some for union. There is no reason why warrington couldn't attract large numbers from cheshire, but it's a small time mentality that is there biggest problem.
  14. Not really the same size though are they. Bathurst has a population of 42,000. Wigan is 325,000 and warrington is 250,000. To put it another way warrington is twice the size of Exeter which has a pro football team and the top union side.
  15. I'm not Warrington biggest fan but Wolfe is simply the best mascot in any sport. Spygate was brilliant.
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