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  1. Since we still don't know what brexit is yet, and it was supposed to happen 3 months ago, there is no way of answering this question. If we assume the same system is applied that eu nationals are treated the same as non eu nations. Teams will allowed to play in the UK under the current visa system, but some player not holding a visa waiver passport will be required to get a visa to enter. If you take sports person visa then the player criteria is: must hold the highest qualification in the sport, be recognized by the governing body as an elite sports person's, have a good knowledge of English, have £945 in your bank account.
  2. It makes sense now OSEG are involved in the ottawa project. Then again I wouldn't be surprised if we see argyle pop up as owner of a new team in somewhere like Montreal. So probably no truth and never going to happen.
  3. Can you please advise where being a member of the RFL was a requirement to join the superleague? Since the superleague is not part of the RFL membership of the RFL is irrelevant. So why would TWP remain as guests of the super league but Dewsbury would be given membership status if they got promoted? Can you imagine the premiership blocking Cardiff and Swansea from joining because they aren't members of the FA, both being FAW members. Another Rugby League selling itself as a small time sport
  4. you are right FFP and the Salary cap are very different things. FFP rewards the rich clubs whilst restricts any "poor" club wishing to challenge their way into the big teams. Both are wrong in my opinion but both were brought in to prevent owners from bankrupting teams.
  5. They have ffp which includes a maximum salary spend with a maximum increase per year calculated on how much they spent last year on salaries and how much extra income they bring in.
  6. And this my friend is why people outside the sport see it as small time. Do you think if Liverpool were relegated the premier league would expand to stop it? Or stop Blackpool gaining promotion by changing the rules during/after the season? The cornerstone of the sport should be that anyone can reach the top and anyone can be relegated. No wonder there is a lack of new investment and new expansion around the UK when small minded men are using it as a play thing.
  7. Are you really saying that no players in rugby league have contracts? Also taking young players, undr the age of 21 i believe, require compensation for development cost even if they are out of contract.
  8. The argument seems to be that teams aren't producing academy player because it's too expensive and easier\cheaper to buy ready made. Now Parky seems to be saying that teams like Leigh aren't producing academy players because Toronto is cash rich, spending more than other clubs can. So why couldn't teams like Leigh produce players to sell to the richer clubs? If Parky is correct and Leigh can't compete with teams like Toronto and Toronto are simply buying all the players then wouldn't it be beneficial to attempt to benefit from this? Crewe funded their existence in producing player whilst Premiership team complain its too expensive. If done correctly some clubs could do well out of it selling not only to bigger UK clubs but also Australian. Now I will admit I might have misread his post, since it's always quite long, and I was on my phone nearing my station when I read it.
  9. Just to point out the bc challenge cup, a schools competition, was sponsored and advertised by the TWP. Saying they do nothing towards youth development isn't completely true. Just a thought but if Toronto are swamping the championship with mercenaries then surely Leigh would be better blooding their academy players. We've seen without Toronto several teams simply bought players instead of youth and scaled back on youth development. Having a team flush with money means a few good youth players could fund the whole youth development program for years. Crewe Alexander have done well out of this idea and played at a higher level than they should.
  10. Hockey would be a good game. Canada are ranked 10th whilst ireland are 11th.
  11. If anyone is interested McMath Secondary Facebook page has 88 photos of the game! Looks like a nice trophy.
  12. The inaugural BC Challenge Cup game result was McMath Secondary School 42 vs 24 Point Grey Secondary School.
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