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  1. Alway think its crazy that if he started to burn a $100 every minute it would take him over 19 years to get through his wealth.
  2. Not all teams pay to the maximum they can. A player in a rfu premiership team academy is on around £18,000. The average wage is around £70,000. More than super league but not 2 times more
  3. The salary of a player on the nfl training roster is $135,000, £108652, per year if they remain on the roster for the full season. You cant find minimum salary as European teams usually start players as professionals at 16, sometimes even younger. A 17 year old who isn't even near the reserve team or even training with under 23s isn't going to be on a big salary. These players are always paid low wages. David Beckham was paid £29.50 a week as a YTS player at man Utd. The minimum a team could pay is £4.15 an hour. A player about to break into the first team at a premier club will be closer to £5,000 a week, but then the average salary of a player in league 2 football is only £1,100 a week. RFU premiership pays the same low minimum wage, the average player salary isn't much more than the super leagues average.
  4. According to ONS the UK average salary for Jan 2020 was £27,300. Apprenticeship, which some clubs use, paid an average of £8,500. Now neither the NFL's or CFL use academy player just starting the game. If we look at the premiership football, which pays some of the highest wages in the world, the maximum pay liverpool will give under 18s is £40k a year. They actively aim to pay young players a low salary as paying large amounts produced problems in players.
  5. It says the average wage for super league players is £20k rising to £40k. The average wage for premiership players is £40k to £60k. But a professional is someone who gets paid to work full time. So this number could include apprenticeship and some youth and reserve team players. Even so £80k for 10 years then low than average wage for 35 years or get a degree and develop your career and earn above average for 40 years. The pressure from schools and friends is going to be go to university. Both north America and the uk would do well to target universities more, even if it just means another pathway for players.
  6. It's the figure thr uk gov put out on their apprenticeship data, not sure how true it is but if you include all the apprenticeship and new professionals the bottom end will be much larger than the super stars on 100k
  7. Or could it be that they can earn more not going professional? The average wage for a super league players is only £20k - £40k per year.
  8. Because it's not true. Hemel withdrew from league 1 in October 2018, Perez involvement didn't begin until march 2019
  9. Could Ottawa get away with having 50% canadians in the squad maybe having 5 or 6 starting? Could they realistically use rugby 7s players in league 1? If NY join could they run a small reserve league in NA?
  10. Ah so 'home' represents the players location and not the teams 'Home' location. So a player may be at home whilst the team is away and vice versa even whilst playing for the team. I've never honestly looked at it like that but I can see how that might affect the player.
  11. One of the problems clubs have found when going professional is that players refused contracts due to needing to take a pay cut from their current employment salary. Unfortunately the current salaries paid to players doesn't help resolve the player issue no matter how many full time positions are available. We now live in a world where Instagram lifestyles seem to be the aim of kids, where showing wealth is more important than anything.
  12. Interesting interpretation of 'home' most people take home to be in their official stadium in front of their local fans. Since Aston villa have players living in the north west, are you saying that when Aston villa play liverpool they are really at home? Also when warrington play at home their players stay the night before in the village hotel are they playing away when they play at the halliwell jones? Just curious at where you draw the line.
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