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  1. Dallas Mead Warrington 1997 Know he didn't last long but he was at least 6'5"
  2. 1998 Fev v Huddersfield I went and remember it was a very passionate atmosphere.
  3. I went in 1992 and consider it 'the one that got away'. Superb occasion. 25 years later I watched WC Final at home alone and then celebrated 50th birthday with family and friends. Another one that got away. Fabulous memories.
  4. Interesting read the but no recollection of it back in the day. Think they have Lyons' age wrong
  5. I genuinely hope that things work out for you as a shareholder and that TWP continue. As an expansionist I am 100% supportive of our game progressing on a worldwide level.
  6. No I meant ancient history. Wigan v Manly 1987 when Bozzo coached Manly.
  7. Yep. Stockton Heath is an area of Warrington. Fulton was before my time as a player but when he coached there was huge interest over here as they were proper kangaroo tours with intense rivalry. We never did win a series sadly
  8. Apologies Bozzo's touring teams. Great kangaroo coach but what a win against Manly
  9. Absolutely no offence taken whatsoever pal Knew Bozzo(spelling) was from Stockton Heath. Watched all his teams live including Manly 1987. Fantastic memories. You from anywhere near Glenning Valley NSW Regarding topic thread: am sad about TWP.
  10. My word... takes me back to Bobby Fulton. A whinging whining kangaroo who can't spell the word 'hear.'
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