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  1. See my 1531 post yesterday and inform me how I am wrong about S Edwards Wembley 1990. How is it, in your subjective opinion: BLX? I await your response.
  2. Answer what I asked: S Edwards. Wembley 1990. BLX according to you. Did it not happen?
  3. Please explain how S Edwards' incident in 1990 is 'Complete BLX' in your subjective opinion.
  4. Didn't Wally Lewis' brother play with him at Wakefield? He signed for Wigan but never played.
  5. Fair enough. The whole incident depicted on the mural was wrong. There were reasons why it happened.
  6. Am commenting on an unsavoury incident which is emblazoned on a cartoon montage.
  7. I believe that the Saints didn't support the player as fully as they could? As always, happy to be proven wrong as Saints is not my specialism in terms of SL.
  8. Watch the build up to the incident. Something was bound to happen. Watch 'Up n Under' 1992 or YouTube of Wembley 1990... Jackson and Mercer literally smashed Shaun Edwards' face in. Warrington cited Joe Lydon for his tackle on Paul Bishop. Wigan took no action against Jackson nor Mercer. I have posted similar before. In conclusion, I defend noone in relation to thuggery but there are always at least two sides to every story.
  9. That magnificent GB win convinced me that I would do the 1996 Tour, but then came SL etc...and that was that. Loved GB Tours on TV. Watched GB play France away in 2001.
  10. That interview with Fulton was legendary. Sad loss. RIP Harry.
  11. Wasn't he also player/coach at Leeds and GB coach?
  12. -St Helens -Doncaster -Salford as Director of Rugby, until I Harris decided he didn't want to work with him
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