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  1. I was so optimistic of a magnificent new era in 1996. Game awosh with cash; European city clubs not just the M62 corridor; WC challenges involving minimum 4 teams etc... And we still have not beaten the green n golds in a series or World Cup.
  2. Would have been happy if he had remained at Wigan but I fancied seeing Ellery in a Wigan shirt: the rest is history.
  3. Scored a phenomenal try for Yawnian GB Lions too. Please forgive my prejudice during Holy Week
  4. Similar score against Leeds(?) at same time when players wouldn't play for Millward I believe. As always I am happy to be wrong
  5. That was when 'official' attendances might not accurately reflect the actual number in the ground. Players were paid in cash. 37000 v Manly It was more like 50000 at £4 each unless you sat down. Standing, as I did, you could not move. Same at Wembley 1985 when stewards were prosecuted at the FA cup finalfor letting people in for £5 after they had done the same at Wigan v Hull final. 97000 not Probably 110000 Appreciate I have drifted off topic slightly. I too love amateur RL . Follow Chorley Panthers
  6. Part time or not there were some greats in that era. Ellery Hanley and Andy Goodway were full time professional players back in 1985 when they signed for Wigan at about the same time. Garry Schofield is in the Balmain Hall of Fame. Halcyon days indeed
  7. Can anyone upload any footage from the 1988(?) Nines event held at Central Park please, which was on BBC Sportsnight Thanks
  8. Not the same feeling as Saints 75- Wigan 0 in 2005/2006 CC tie at Knowsley Road granted
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