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  1. Saw him play centre at 37 years for Balmain in 1997 at end of his second season and second stint at Balmain. Privileged to see him play first and last games for Wigan and Leeds respectively. Finest ever in my very humble opinion.
  2. Spot on. However I was at Odsal in 1985 CC quarter final and Ellery mercilessly massacred the Paramatta Prince from number 6 which convinced me Wigan had to sign him whatever the cost. Wigan announced the signing of King Wally on BBC immediately after the 3rd ashes test in 1986. Ellery was unhappy; Wally didn't ever play for Wigan...the King did not arrive at Central Park but the Monarch remained until 1991. MBE: Maybe best ever Simply the Best: Ellery Cuthwyn Hanley
  3. Met him in Oz in 1997. Legend. He seemed really pleased when I suggested that he was the greatest number 7 of all time I am too young to have seen Alex Murphy but Sterlo is best number 7 I have seen.
  4. Zimmer-frame using folk. Not me however your remark reminds me of a young ignoramus who made reference to a Zimmer frame about the great Ellery Hanley at Headingley in 1994. My best friend turned to him and said: 'Children these days have no respect.' I added that he was talking about the greatest of all time and I also encouraged his grandfather to box his ears forthwith. Hanley's Leeds team beat Wigan that day too. Young ignoramus should have been placed in the stocks as in days of yore.
  5. Wigan Evening Post reported around 1994 that the 1992 wage bill was £1.9million I seem to recall.
  6. Amen to that! Why not double it to £10million? Attract US; Canadian billionaires and the bloke who bankrolls former sky cycling team India(?) and the world would be our oyster I know I am dreaming.
  7. DR is a complete farce. Mandatory reserve grade for all is the way forward. If people disagree... so it must be.
  8. Might also be watching Chorley Panthers tomorrow...attend when I can
  9. Think I vaguely remember the then Chorley Lynx owner Mr Hemmings(?) having grave concerns about the future of the RL club after a similar attendance in 2004 possibly against Gateshead. Plug was pulled in final week of 2004 season prior to home game against York. Might have been called 'Chorley Sporting Club' with Dennis Ramsdale as it's manager. It included the soccer club which is doing very well in 2019: average gates 1000+. And yes...I do watch the soccer at Victory Park 4/5 times per season.
  10. Lancs Lynx played at Deepdale Preston. Shaun Edwards played his final game for Wigan there in 1997 pre season friendly.
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