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  1. I remember being amused that Leigh were rewarded with a holiday for the result over Wigan and at the end of the season they were relegated after losing against Catalans in the million pound game.
  2. Didn't Leigh score 50 against Wigan on general election night 2017
  3. 1992 tour Captain: Ellery replaced by vice captain Schofield due to injury. Captain of mid week team: Fox What was the situation in 1988
  4. Ellery retired from international football in 1993
  5. Edwards was Wigan captain in 1988 at Wembley but I don't think he was named GB vice captain. Granted he was injured in PNG and returned to the UK before the Lions got to Australia. I don't think the squad had a vice captain.
  6. I was once asked who was GB vice captain on the 1988 tour. Even now I am unsure. I don't believe one was named. Thoughts anyone
  7. Put some money into a bankrupt product as it was in 1995
  8. We have had since 1895 to get it right in the heartlands and failed. Time for change ala 1995 which didn't work. Third time lucky...
  9. I have a 1989 Challenge Cup Final programme signed by the Wigan players. Like the memory of the day itself, the programme is priceless.
  10. If you do read this Morgan: merci et bon chance a vous monsieur?
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