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  1. Miles' try was forward. Had never noticed before. Thanks for posting video
  2. Saddened when I saw the George Hotel closed earlier this year, just over a week ago. Knew nothing about the Oldham site until reading the above.
  3. Would love to see a copy of that Was at university at the time. Media was different back then. No internet etc. The good old days
  4. Can't argue with your points Years ago someone claimed that Wally Lewis' try came on the 'seventh tackle' : I have never checked.
  5. I went and loved the old Central Park ground with a full crowd. Genuinely thought GB would win Wigan announced the signing of Wally Lewis on £2000 per game for 7 matches immediately afterwards. Ellery Hanley was by all accounts very unhappy. King Wally never arrived.
  6. Catalans kept European Super League alive in 2017. Believe Leigh were granted a holiday abroad for beating Wigan for first time since 1984? Am happy to be corrected... as always.
  7. No relegation. Multi millionaires/billionaires from USA etc to buy out SL+NRL. Self financing clubs etc. No salary cap. TGG becomes a global phenomenon. Cloud cuckoo land granted...Happy New Year/decade to you all
  8. Still maintain that Australia try v England in 2017 WC Final was forward What a 50th birthday celebration that could have been for me
  9. Off topic I know. Lee Crooks pointed out in his autobiography that if Hull had not missed 5 goal kicks v Wigan Wembley 1985 then maybe Wigan would not have had a decade of domination thereafter.
  10. Went to Willows Salford in 1997. CC tie v Paris. Paris try scored in corner ruled out for forward pass at the death. Salford won 8-4. Urban myth that Paris could not have staged replay as Charlety Stadium unavailable mid week. Unlikely Paris would have kicked conversion as it would have been so difficult for Jeremy Robinson (?)
  11. Vaguely remember Offiah was ruled to have been in touch when he passed inside: he wasn't.
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