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  1. Wembley 1985. John Ferguson? " You'll never see a better try than this if you've ever seen one." Fond memories of yesteryear.
  2. Alex Murphy 1989. Main Road. Wigan v Warrington CC semi final. Joe Lydon drop goal: " Does he give this some paygo!"
  3. Wasn't Martin Offiah denied an equalising try at Lang Park the week after Melbourne in the third test? Any idea what became of The Regiment?
  4. Thanks. I went over to Oz in 1997 during the SL war and watched Norths. Miss the GB and Kangaroo tours. Due to middle aged grumpiness I only watch Chorley Panthers now, but wow I enjoyed that 1992 tour on my sky dish including all the non test fixtures.
  5. I was told that there were only two rules to The Regiment. 1. The Brigadier was in charge. 2. When he blew his bugel all assembled had to sup up and move to the next pub. Also 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' was their anthem. Like a poster above, I had set my heart on the 1996 Tour which didn't happen due to summer rugby, Murdoch etc. GB did tour NZ in 1996 or have I got that wrong
  6. Chatting with a bloke today who was on the 1992 GB Tour Down Under who was invited to join The Regiment. I remember seeing them at the WC Final at Wembley later on that year even though I was not on the 1992 Tour. Any anecdotes anyone?
  7. Not NCL but last 2 NWML fixtures with Chorley Panthers have involved Spring View and Panther Park and both are lovely club houses.
  8. What will happen in terms of rent? I believe Wigan RLFC paid the previous Bahrain owner of Wigan Athletic a substantial rent. Do the football club pay Wigan RLFC rent moving forward? Does the council still part own the stadium Finally, thanks to Mr Leneghan for everything.
  9. Was it true that species would be allowed in at Odsal if for example they wore a pair of sunglasses in 1997? I went to the Oldham v Bulls CC fixture that year and the atmosphere was magic.
  10. RL is a minority sport and I speak from a town that's steeped in RL tradition. I worked in Preston many years ago and their prime interest was and no doubt still is PNE. A handful of people had an interest in RL. In Bolton, where I worked for several years, they are the same: football, football and more football. I believe in a London pub RL will not be shown even if you ask politely. And that's if you are the only punter and football is being screened. Forgive my honesty/ negativity but I don't see it changing. 1997 was still a good year for SL
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