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  1. Clearly your opinion to which you are entitled. My opinion differs. I would be happy for him to be No 1 or 7 however I prefer him at No 1.
  2. Can't remember that one. Went against shackle draggers, Fiji, Wales,convicts in final. Fine autumnal tournament pre-super league. Appreciate that my 'shackle dragger/convicts' wording will irritate one forum contributer however my intention is not or never to offend.
  3. Missed both league tests this morning.Not watching yawnian either. Can't believe Tonga have beaten Shackle Draggers
  4. Fair point. Decisions can be reconsidered surely: Coote, Lomax,Hardaker,Widdop are not better than Samkins at fullback IMHO.
  5. Fine player in SL. Suspect defence was brutally exposed by NZ in test in America last year
  6. Any thoughts on why a genuinely world class player is not on the tour despite having played very well in the 9s Sam Tomkins.
  7. Stuart Pearce Alec Stewart Claire Baldwin/granted she's a presenter Lilly Allen: whoops she's a fan
  8. I just hoped n prayed on my big day would be World Champions Hoping not to sound too bitter n twisted too, but...still think shackle draggers' try was marginally forward
  9. I said on another thread about taking 2 points that had we done that in the final we could possibly have drawn 6-6. My view was not well received which is fair enough. It was also my 50th birthday and I hoped for victory at long last
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