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  1. Do Wigan still have a London office which was a talking point when we played at Millwall?
  2. Whelan withdrew his 'support' and thus they were doomed.
  3. What a fantastic experience today! Watched the first two games: congratulations to Blackpool Scorpions and Chorley Panthers!? Weather shocking but on pitch product was the winner. Well done all...
  4. Wasn't my intention but many thanks
  5. Sad he gone from Wigan. Can make a break. Doubt he will return. Did so well in 2018 and previous season despite injury. Wish him well.
  6. Believe Saints won the League Leaders Shield thanks to Catalans' performance on the field on Saturday evening
  7. Sadly before my time. No idea what it is or was like to see a series victory against shackle draggers
  8. Probably. Think Princes Park Melbourne 2nd test of 1992 tour ranks alongside it too.
  9. Went to 1999 CC semi. Amazing. Richard Branson was involved at the Broncos.
  10. Ah yes it was after the snow of winter 1985...March? Which reminds me: Kenny n Ferguson (absolute legends) only played together for 1 calendar month in January 1985.
  11. I went l think. Didn't Wigan get booed off at full time having been on a training camp in Blackpool which apparently was more of a team-bonding jolly
  12. 2017 WC final was my 50th. Prayed for victory. However...many years of hurt continued
  13. Went to 1985 Challenge Cup Final; 1987 WCC and 1992 WC Final. Never seen England or GB beat shackle draggers in a final or a series sadly.
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