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  1. 4th round draw... Featherstone Rovers v Barrow/London Skolars Not great in terms of getting money through the gate with a good run of home ties. Makes a good turn out this coming weekend all the more important.
  2. Are you crazy?!? The club's social media accounts should stick entirely to facts. Double sourced please. God forbid somebody is entertained!
  3. ...finding outrage where there is none
  4. I did think that the "barrowevents" domain was a bit odd but now that you've said that it seems like a good idea. Have the events that the club has been runnning (outside of the rugby) been generally positive overall?
  5. Stopped reading at the 4th line. Barrow have existed a litte longer than 1996...
  6. Hopefully an increasing number of people paying for their season ticket by direct debit / standing order will provide a bit more stabilitity both in the off season and when games are few and far between.
  7. Has anyone had any acknowledgement of joining the 1875 fund? I was led to believe we would be getting some pin badges to cement our positions and lord it over the lesser fans??
  8. Facebook last season... Direct debits this year. Confusing the old timers again #BringBackChequesInTheRaidersBar
  9. Heard that prices have been announced for next year. Adult £17 - Concession £12 Season Tickets Adult £150 (£13/month via standing order) Concession £100 (£9/month via standing order) Season tickets are particularly affordable this year imo. Especially when paid monthly. I guess that's due to the decrease in number of fixtures during 2020. The BOD have asked anyone currently paying last years rates via standing order to consider maintaining that amount. Surplus to be paid into the 1875 fund. I'm sure plenty of people will complain that the gate price hasn't gone down this year but the club still has plenty of the same expenses to cover and the average away following from L1 clubs will be lower than we've had this year. We were cheap for a championship club so I'm happy with the decision.
  10. I'm surprised and impressed that they want to stay. At the beginning of the year I wasn't hopeful that they'd last the season. Being so far from their families etc, I thought homesickness would be a real issue. They've been great ambassadors for the club and seem to have thrown themselves into working with schools and the community. Hope it all works out well for them either way but I think they need some serious recognition for the effort they've put in.
  11. Can't say I think the aftermath and downward spiral that we've suffered over through over the last 8 years was worth the brief moment in the sun.
  12. I'm not doubting you. I was taking the ###### out of your ridiculous negatively. Asking where the points are coming from because we have to play top teams and then casually mentioning that we can turn over top teams on our day.
  13. Well that's good because we've got a few top teams to play. I'd have suggested we took the points from the weaker teams... But I admire your optimism! Keep it up lad!
  14. Batley and Dewsbury have to play each other again yet so they're taking points from each other. You never know, could all come down the the last game of the season against Batley
  15. That sounds like we were struggling with injuries again. Countless times this season we've been unable bring on fresh legs. Plus a few times we've had to play with less than 13 on the pitch. Sounds like this might be the case again.
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