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  1. Yet another overseas player at Leigh, how many does that take them to now?
  2. It’s a shame the Army Rugby League didn’t/couldn’t call him up to play for them in the Challenge Cup when they played the Navy
  3. I’ve asked this question twice, as far as I can see there hasn’t been a single name of a poached championship player
  4. Again a few points. 15K was our peak average at the height of being the most successful club in the history of the sport. Of course we are not matching that figure sitting in 11th with 2 wins from 10. Our average isn’t 11k and will be well above that for 2022.
  5. Leeds played Toulouse at home in the Super 8’s in 2018 and got 10,100 What year did Leeds average 16,000? Edit, I’ve had a look, I believe Leeds have only averaged above 15k in 2 seasons at the height of the golden period, these came when Leeds won the Grand Final in 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 15. Even during this time most seasons we were under 15k and under 13k in some years. Hull averaged between 11,114 and 14,014 in this time.
  6. How is it that 9100 is not too bad, but 11,167 is worryingly low? I thought Sunday was the preferred day for a lot of fans, surely 5:30pm is a reasonable time of day. Both games were against French clubs with a similar number of away support.
  7. I believe this worryingly low attendance was actually the best attendance of any game in the UK this weekend. Leeds are once again the best supported club in the country.
  8. Jake Connor is having a shocker of a 2nd half, he’s single handed letting Catalans back into the game, has he got money on them to win, can’t believe some people say the guy should play for England.
  9. Leeds clearly need to learn a thing or two from Wakefield and Salford
  10. You are talking nonsense again, which 4 wingers would you like in the England training squad ahead of Hall and McGilvary
  11. But we have the budget to employ Wane to coach full time, I’m not sure who it is that he coaches day in day out, but it’s a massive waste of the limited money we do have to employ him full time
  12. Do you want to force him to play against his will https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/58652341.amp
  13. Playing 2 fixtures, England v France and England v All Stars would be a nice compromise. We have had a full time coach for over 2 years, Wane is averaging less than 1 game every 12 months, he is going to be rusty and out of touch by the time the World Cup comes around coaching only 3 games in almost 3 years.
  14. Describing him as past it, you are clearly referring to his age
  15. Alex Chan started playing at Catalans in 2006 when Joe Chan was 4 years old. Has he lived in France since then? If so he should be eligible to play for France whether he moves to live in Melbourne or not.
  16. I never said he’s England’s best winger, Makinson is, but Wane is right to include Hall in the England squad, he’s there on merit. He scored his 8th try of the season today, had already made over 1200 meters before playing today, is solid in defence and is as good as anyone under the high ball. People are writing him off simply because of his age.
  17. Leeds is the home of Rugby League and should be the go to place to host any mid season Internationals
  18. Wakefield are in real bad place, after picking up a few lucky wins early in the season they now look the weakest side in Super League. Round 12 against Toulouse is a massive game for both Toulouse and Wakefield.
  19. I’m expecting them Harry, I’m holding off buying my World Cup tickets as I believe I’ll be able to get them for a lower price than what’s on offer right now, I suspect many fans are in the same position. 2013 was a great tournament but it was a success on the back of cheap discount coded tickets, that’s going to be a tough legacy to shake off.
  20. I don’t know much about Newcastle Thunder and their squad, but from memory didn’t they sign quite a lot of young players, is it they are trying to build a nucleus of young players that will develop and improve together in a full time environment?
  21. Both teams are far better than the side that was relegated from Super League in 2021
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