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  1. They are only 2 wins behind Wakefield and Salford, and Toulouse haven’t been far off wins, they’ve had losing margins of 11 points, 4 points, 8 points and 1 point. Toulouse will pick up more wins and Corey Norman will give them a boost. Having said all that the round 12 Toulouse v Wakefield game is a massive fixture for them.
  2. This seems like a bit of a missed opportunity to me, couldn’t the rugby league varsity game not be a big standalone event? I’d guess the Union varsity tickets will only cost a few quid whereas to watch the League varsity game you’ll need to buy a far more expensive Super League ticket.
  3. Huddersfield brought a reasonable following with them too, I doubt Hull kr will match them for numbers at our next home game. The fact we still got more for Toulouse highlights the Thursday night effect, I appreciate sky put a lot of money into the sport so Thursday night games are necessary, but Leeds have had more than their fair share of this season.
  4. It’s not similar to the World Cup flash sale, World Cup tickets are priced high (by rugby league standards) and rightly so, the 48 hr WC offer was a category upgrade on an already expensive ticket. Today’s offer is cut price bargain basement sell it dirt cheap, they are very different promotions.
  5. If Ryan Hall was 19 and scoring try’s and making metres like he is doing there’d be plenty crying out for him to be in the England squad, he’s still a top winger, just because he’s at the back end of his career shouldn’t stop him being selected, if he’s the best available option. Wane has him in the training squad and rightly so.
  6. Yet there is a good chance it’ll be the best attendance of the round.
  7. Has this offer come through to everyone? It’s sad we have to discount tickets to £10/£5 to get them to sell, that’s probably less than any League One club charges and is certainly far less than any Super League or Championship club. It’s too cheap for an International imo.
  8. Alex Mellor will probably be at centre and Bodene Thompson on the bench but other than that I’d say your pretty close
  9. I didn’t realise Johnstone qualified for Scotland, he could be handy for them in the World Cup
  10. What other user name? Toulouse’s next win will come in round 12 against Wakefield
  11. Will Corey Norman play? I’m presuming not but have the club said when he’s expected to arrive?
  12. Lyon took time out of the game before coming to Super League, both played origin.
  13. Brilliant appointment, this will turn Leeds’s season around
  14. Fantastic signing, key half back position for Toulouse, over 200 NRL games, recently turned 31, played state of origin in 2019, had both NRL and Super League offers for 2022 but decided to take a bit of time out of the game similar to Jamie Lyon before arriving at Saints.
  15. I agree double header semi finals is poor, it’s to bring costs down as only 1 venue needs to be hired. If we can’t afford/it’s not economically viable to hire 2 venues, the first team out of the bag in the draw should play at home with a split gate as is the case in the quarter final.
  16. Both Leeds and Saints have won the Grand Final 8 times. They achieved this by developing lots of young players and keeping the best of these long term while signing good quality overseas players. Leeds got it right and now Saints are, it’s up to the other clubs to step up and do the same, the salary cap means all Super League clubs are spending the same on wages, Saints golden period will come to an end.
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