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  1. Huddersfield fans really do have a chip on their shoulder, Yates is highly rated across the board, has anyone said otherwise?
  2. Brad Takairangi was given a suspended jail sentence for crashing into a police car as he drove the wrong way on a dual carriageway while drunk. That’s far worse than what Maloney has done, he was lucky not to kill or badly hurt someone, yet Takairangi is free to continue playing. I’m not saying what Maloney has done isn’t wrong, but a 1 or 2 year ban is completely disproportionate imo.
  3. Outside of the old big 3 of England, Australia and New Zealand. Tonga and Samoa will be the sides that attract RLfans Harry, followed by Fiji and PNG.
  4. We are cheap compared to football and International Rugby Union only. Adult tickets are £13 to go watch Ice Hockey in Leeds with family tickets from £26 for example.
  5. Maybe someone could point this out to Derek Beaumont, who doesn’t see what Catalans and Toulouse bring to the sport and thinks they should be replaced with Leigh and Featherstone
  6. It’s not a particularly cheap event to be fair, some tickets are over £100. I’m not saying tickets should be cheap, but if you can get a discount, something that often is available, why wouldn’t you take it.
  7. You often hear about places that aren’t Rugby towns, I mean it’s an odd argument to make about Huddersfield who have been around since the sports very beginning and is literally the town Rugby League was invented in and sits slap bang in the middle of the M62 Super League. But when Toronto could attract 7000+ fans and Cornwall got over 1400 for their opening fixture fans clearly can be attracted to go games in places that are not big Rugby towns.
  8. Mile 17 to 20 is up to the top of this hill in this picture
  9. Yes groups of 5, 2 home games per club, it’d be for each individual club to decide the price of their season tickets but adding £20 to £30 is probably about right yes. Is it perfect? No, but it’s far better than Super League clubs getting 3000 fans for cup games.
  10. Some shocking figures from Huddersfield and Wakefield for a big cup game. Anyone who thinks the cup should continue in the same format needs to give their head a wobble. Move to groups, with home games included in season tickets just as Super League games are. Cornwall have made a fantastic start.
  11. I believe Toulouse stopped entering the cup as they wouldn’t pay and haven’t played in it since
  12. They absolutely do, but when Catalans won the cup in front of 50,000 they had to pay a bond to re-enter the cup incase they were to reach the final again and the crowd was lower than expected.
  13. Catalans were made to pay £500k bond in case they reached the Final and didn’t sell enough tickets, if Catalans are required to do that so should any other club without a good enough following
  14. Will Huddersfield or Hull kr fill their half of the ground for the final?
  15. It’s certainly more family friendly than football, but that’s not saying much
  16. If the games are included in season ticket sales, which could be sold at a higher price as they’d include more home games, attendances would match Super League games attendances. Something needs to change, cup attendances are absolutely shocking, the alternative is to scrap the cup completely imo.
  17. Knowles is ahead of Westerman, but I can see the benefit of starting the game with 3 props, Walmsley, Oledzki, Burgess, Thompson, Sutton, Lees, Cooper will be in the mix. Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa have so much size starting with 3 props will help us match them.
  18. We should have at least had a go at filling a decent Rugby League ground (say Headingley or Saints) for the Final as a standalone game.
  19. Absolute Nigel Farage nonsense, you are showing yourself up here Harry. Millions of people use public transport to travel across London every day without issue btw.
  20. Why is the Final at Tottenham and not Wembley again this year? I’m sure all coaches will drop their passengers off for the game without any major difficulty.
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