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  1. The cup needs to move to a group format, where tickets for home games can be sold as part of the season ticket. Attendances have being atrocious and declining for a long time. Move to 4 groups of 5 teams, the winner of each group progresses to the Semi Final of the Cup.
  2. Zane Tetevano is a Kiwi International and David Fusitu’a a Tongan International. I expect they will both select their squad solely from NRL players, just as England are likely to pick Super League only players for their game, logistically it just doesn’t make sense flying players between England-Australia/New Zealand for a one off game. Perhaps with the exception of Lolohea as half back is a position they lack depth.
  3. Saints attendances so far are 13k, 10k, 16k, the 16k against Warrington is clearly skewing the data with only 3 home games so far. I’m sure Leeds will once again be the best supported club once all home games are played.
  4. There’s nothing wrong with playing 32 year olds at International level, but this 32 year old simply isn’t good enough for a top International team.
  5. I think it’s a shame the Women’s World Cup Final is a double header with the men’s. The Women’s Final could and should be a massive occasion in its own right. It’s the same with the Semi Finals, a double header on a Monday night with a 5pm kick off, who thought that was a good idea?
  6. But the Oceania Cup has already happened in 2019, fixtures we’re then set for 2020 only to be cancelled due to the pandemic. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_Oceania_Cup_(rugby_league)
  7. It’s great they are playing, Tonga v New Zealand mid season games should be happening every year without exception. But it’s poor this game is still yet to be confirmed, it’s April and it’s to be played in June, it should be included in the fixtures announced pre season.
  8. If Westerman is England’s best 13 we’re in real trouble
  9. We obviously need more small village super league teams then, their attendances would be incredible per head of population
  10. If the best attendance (by a considerable margin) of the round is poor what does that say for the rest of Super League. There were probably 1500 Saints fans at Headingley.
  11. Very poor attendances from both Wakefield and Huddersfield, Super League clubs should be getting at least double those figures in home fans alone. Once again Leeds have the highest attendance of the round by a considerable margin.
  12. People are obviously happy to accept free tickets but won’t necessarily show up on the night
  13. Both teams missing a few, Saints are nothing without Walmsley, they are very beatable tonight.
  14. It seems some members of the Hull public have taken the free tickets that we’re on offer and now there’s none left are selling them on. I wonder how the season ticket holders of Hull kr feel about others getting in for free when they’ve already paid?
  15. I’d say it’s not fully clear whether that’s 50% of the stadiums capacity, or 50% of their target for that game, but either way it’s a very good position to be in so far out from the tournament. Ticket sales for the big games, including England’s opener with Samoa, and the finals have progressed well. He added: “The targets have changed a bit but the big number is still the big number. “It’s ambitious and has been from the start. But we’re in a really decent place. “The semi-final at the Emirates is just over 50% tickets sold. It’s a big new stadium that the sport’s never used before.
  16. Labelling it a sellout is misleading when they’ve given all the tickets away for free at Hull kr
  17. There was a bidding process to host games, I’m presuming these venues/local authorities came up with an attractive bid to get 3 World Cup games, it isn’t as simple as picking a location and stadium.
  18. If Kai Pearce Paul plays centre for Wigan all season he’ll be in with a chance
  19. Because he’s not as good as with Harry Newman or Jack Broadbent
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