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  1. It depends what mood they're in. One law for one and all that!
  2. Just been to Valencia on't lads stag do, it was excellent. The Central Market did a surprisingly acceptable bottle of red for €4.50 You'd love it Robin, similar to Victor Hugo in Toulouse.
  3. That's the way it's going
  4. What an utter mess the game is in. I thought pro sport was all about us against them, not let's all join together. ☹
  5. Ainley Top


    What's Twitter?
  6. Ainley Top


    Steve Tyrer is one of the best blokes in RL. AS for hating Fev, I don't think he could care less one way or 'tother.
  7. Ainley Top


    We'll I've seen no quality from kh.
  8. For any real ale fans coming over to Halifax on Sunday here's your best places to visit. The Three Pigeons near the ground and in the centre (all within a 10 minute walk of each other) The Victorian Cafe Bar, The Grayston Unity, The Alexandra, The Lantern, Kobenhavn, The Square Chapel Cafe Bar. Enjoy
  9. I hope you bring another 5,000 fans then on Sunday . Seriously though, the more the merrier. Presuming the North stand isn't open your choices are to stand in the South Stand or the East Stand is seating. Either way it's a great view and your fans will be made most welcome. I think York have been the team of the season with the coach of the season and, this game apart, would be happy to see you win the rest of your matches. Looking forward to what should be a cracking game. Up The Fax
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