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  1. That would be great for us as we've already booked into Travelodge. Also your new ground should be ready by then, 1st game against Fax. Fingers crossed
  2. Ainley Top

    D r

    Dual Reg cannot be used correctly.
  3. Match to be played at Belle Vue, Wakefield on Saturday 22nd February 2.00 K.O. Happy Days.
  4. Fax by 20....if it's on.
  5. Dave was one of my favourite Fax players in that era, very classy.
  6. Us too, we've still got our WY Metro Dayrover from Sunday It should get us to Donny.
  7. Hopefully....with no DR as well.
  8. Where will this game be played?
  9. Absolutely. And to think there's Fax fans who see him as the leader of our pack. I can't see us getting much out of tomorrow's game but you never know.
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