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  1. The worrying thing about that though Robin, is the league starts on Friday and we don't even know if there is P & R to play for yet!
  2. An unbelievable amount of forward passed were allowed to go unpunished.
  3. Rubbish. If you want to be grabbing blokes balls get thissen to 'New Penny in Leeds.
  4. Trouble is Fax, after yesterday, are at the end of two short competitions.
  5. He/she couldn't have been much more complimentary towards Batley's performance.
  6. Absolutely spot on! The only positive I can take out of that as a Fax fan was the stream on my mobile kept freezing and I missed more or less all the 2nd half. Well done Batley.
  7. That's a surprisingly poor home record against Batley but cup games dont allus follow form and past results are just that, in the past. With the game being so early after such a long lay off it will still be a bit of a getting to know you type of game where owt could happen. Hopefully home advantage does sway it for Fax but the main thing is we're all getting back to seeing some rugby. I'll go Fax 28v14 Batley.
  8. I presume this game will be all about giving the whole squads a run out, they usually are. It's just a shame no one can go to watch it. 500/600 in for a friendly should be o.k. but I guess we'll just have to hang on a bit longer to see games in the flesh.
  9. At the time we were. Unfortunately the coach wasn't.
  10. You sound like a bulls fan in full bloom
  11. True but surely it's not beyond us, as a sport, to be able to find ways to solve these perceived problems. At the end of the day people's common sence should allow us to get our fans safely into grounds. Here's hoping we manage it and we get to seeing our teams play Rugby League again soon.
  12. Regarding low crowds. Attendances at Championship matches are pretty low anyway. The grounds should be able to manage social distancing quite easily.
  13. How on earth would you get Odslum shipshape?
  14. A fair few Fax players on there in among.
  15. Nice of Dewsbury's chairman to fund Bradford's tests.
  16. They still might have to...eventually.
  17. Nowt like giving the lad a good welcome to your club.
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