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  1. Who would you keep and who would you let go? It must be really difficult after such a positive season but a season which some players have either been injured or nit got the chances they'd hoped for. Perhaps suggest your best 17.
  2. I think if we play to structure and play the rugby in the opposition half we will win again. Say that, how good was that try in the first couple of minutes last week. I'll go for 20-12 Raiders.
  3. Good solid win today. Some lovely rugby first half
  4. The Club knew what they were doing when they got Tee to sign a 3 year deal. They can hold out for a decent transfer fee. It would be a great opportunity for Tee but all rumour so far.
  5. It's been a great season and anything else is a bonus. Lots of excellent performances.
  6. By the way, it was a Haven fan who said it was!
  7. Well being as you know who it is, get the banned.
  8. Apparently by someone who works in Havens bar and boardroom
  9. Costello is a cracking centre with bags of pace. I thought Burke played well as well. Another great result and hope we can play as well next week
  10. Really looking forward to another top game. How good is it to be back in the Championship
  11. Your lads did a good job of winding Miloudi up but it seems to have backfired looking at the bans likely to be imposed. as for Dalli which this is about, really sad that he's let everyone down but we all make mistakes.
  12. I think this week's result shows just how far this team have come. Taken last Monday on the chin and bounced back well. Really looking forward to Haven next week who are going well. Should be a cracker
  13. I think Barrow will pinch it. 22-16 but I'd be happy with any win.
  14. I was in the main stand and lots left well before the final whistle. I was surprised by the numbers.
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