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  1. It's a great opportunity to build on Batley game, a win is a bonus and no injuries would be fantastic!
  2. I think we need to be aware of players jumping out of the line, been a problem when individuals try to sort it out by themselves and leave us wide open. But agree line speed by all could be better.
  3. Great to get the win today. Thought the lads worked hard. As said previously, 2 errors gave them their tries but definitely deserved the win. I thought Josh Wood was immense today. Good 2 points
  4. Barrow have to pay decent money to get players to travel. Totally different to being on the M62 corridor with loads of clubs within an hour or so. But as others have said, injuries in a small squad kills you.
  5. We were supposed to be dual reg with Wigan at the start of the year but they went with Wakefield. Great to have them onboard now. Some excellent young players coming through and experienced players coming back from injuries.
  6. I know all clubs suffer injuries but with such a small squad we are really struggling at the moment. Hopefully we'll get some bodies back soon and Wigan lend us the odd up and coming gem.
  7. Sadly couldn't go today but expected us to do better than this. Gutted for Cresta on his 300th game.
  8. I know he suffered some injuries but we are missing his drive and aggression in the pack. He was in Johnson's face all the game against Widnes.
  9. We miss Foster as a pack leader too.
  10. Let's concentrate on getting the win today against Doncaster. We've got a decent but small squad, let's get behind them. COYR's
  11. Not sure why home video is not available to Barrow fans. Does anyone know why?
  12. I think there might be too much negativity about Barrow's league position this season. But agree these are the games we need to target. No easy games but think we have a decent if small squad.
  13. I think both lots of fans need to learn how to handle their beer. We are not Football/Soccer but Rugby League where banter and shaking hands afterwards should be the norm.
  14. Thankfully zero game ban.
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