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  1. I don't think the club can be blamed for what folk are writing on their personal Facebook page.
  2. Shame if we've lost Jono, cracking player and great lad.
  3. I honestly don't know what folk expect from Cresta when he can hardly get his best out at a training session, let alone a match day. I have seen the work done on attack and defence but never with all his squad there. I believe we would have survived with room to spare if we hadn't been plagued by all the injuries. Only time will tell who is coach and who will be playing next season but i will be 100% behind the team no matter what.
  4. Is there any feedback from the AGM? Sorry if i've missed something posted elsewhere.
  5. I am a big Cresta fan but if either he decided enough is enough or the board decide to go for someone else then i'd look at Scott Naylor who is leaving Oldham at the end of the season. He's structured, stands no messing from players and has done an amazing job with very little money. I know Raiders aren't wealthy but they are far better financed than Oldham and he knows both League 1 and the Championship well.
  6. I've been impressed with the board and the coaching staff this year. Been very difficult with all the injuries, it doesn't affect match day but also what you can do at training. Some weeks, nearly as many with physio than coaches. I agree with earlier post, i'd stick with the folk we've got.
  7. Nothing wrong with Jono's tackle at all. Whoever has cited him must have a grudge.
  8. We have more lads to pick from after injuries and Willie is back from PNG. Let's get this win under our belt and kick on then to the end of the season. Really looking forward to Sunday ?
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