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  1. town2018

    2020 Squad

    Does any1 no who the trialist are
  2. Great signing probably one off the best amateurs in the country
  3. Hopefully 2 forwards and a halfback
  4. Great signing now just need to add some size to this squad and we’re ready to go
  5. These signings are really looking promising just need some size to add to an excellent looking back line
  6. Well I have just watched the England community game from the other day and Marcus O’Brien from Egremont is a excellent player hope town are watching these games as there great local players on show
  7. Yea I seen somewhere that sky were playing them Aswel
  8. Hopefully town will be watching the games from the community lions tour this week as some off the best amateurs in the country will be playing
  9. Just been to watch distington and egremont final and town should be looking at Matty Henson great player plays 6 or 9
  10. town2018

    1895 cup

    It can only be a good thing for us playing possible games mid week is no impossible for a a club like us
  11. I hope he stays and proves me wrong because a fit Elliot is a great asset to any league 1 or championship club
  12. A fit Elliot I would keep everyday off the week but just think it’s bigger risk keeping knowing his past injuries than signing some1 young n fresh
  13. No but all I’m saying let’s try something new there’s young locals out there who could make the step up yous are all wanting out this league but happy to keep best part off the team that have been in this league for how long now that’s my point
  14. I don’t no because I’m not a scout and don’t go round the games but personally think it’s something to be looking at
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