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  1. This ain't going to be a easy ride and especially not without Caine But hopefully we follow on from last week and start the game on the front foot this is definitely a game where we need the likes off jake Moore to step up
  2. What's everyone's thoughts on this week's game Do we go with a strong team and try to kick on or do we give game time to the likes off Goulding, oleary, Wilson
  3. Yes but how can a coach chose 4 hookers over a prop against a bit team and expect to get a win yes we got a good result today but what has it taken out off our forwards
  4. Yes Blain played well but what did he give us what we haven't had for the past 8 weeks
  5. Yes not denying Blain played well but we need a big forward and not a 4th hooker
  6. Great performance today but still think we need a fui fui in our team to open up defences Personally don't think Marwood gave us what we haven't already had would much rather have Henson my game time and have Goulding on the bench
  7. Thank you sounds promising that our squad doesn't really have a weak link
  8. Couldn't make the game yesterday due to work but just curious how Jordan Thomson done on his debut Also what was the attendance
  9. Does anyone no the official attendance yesterday Looked like we had gained some new supporters just hope they keep returning as the future looks really bright
  10. After watching the first couple games off this season I have never been more excited to see how this season is going to unfold We seem to be all playing together and don't seem to be carrying any players this year Chris seems to have us playing disciplined but open and expansive rugby which is greet to see
  11. How long was the initial loan signing for Clark as I would like to see him stay for the season
  12. I did think that myself as well to be honest
  13. Just heard a little rumour that Andrew bulman is trying to push a move to derwent Park not 100% on the source but someone might have heard the same
  14. Really pleasing to see that we've got 2 wingers that look dangerous every time they get the ball Nice to also see that we can score 50 points but make as many errors as we did
  15. Just seen on twitter that Chris narrowed the pitch in preparation for the Hunslet game that is klass and brilliant coaching
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