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  1. It ain't the losing that's keeping fans away its the manner in the defeats is a issue and also the over issues around the club
  2. I've been home and away for a very long time and have 9nly missed the last 3 games off this season so to be honest I'm entitled to my opinion and no workington town fan can say that they are happy with the performances this season I personally won't be returning until things change as a whole at the club losing our top local talent for what ever reason send players to relegation rivals lack off information coming out off the club about what's going on regarding pay cuts and players leaving etc
  3. That display that has been put infront off us fans this season is not working there guts out I guarantee you that I've played rugby all my life and and 100% say I've played with a he'll off a better standard at amateur level
  4. Just watched the highlights from yesterday's game and that performance is massively embarrassing and I would put a month's wage if we take that same team into league 1 we won't win promotion having seen what the likes off Keighley have spent
  5. Surely if it is a financial issue this has not happened over night and will have been a strain before the Davies signings and I can 100% guarantee olstrum and Wilson will have been cheaper and probably gave us more on the field so personally I will be going down to see Chris himself to ask these questions
  6. Massive difference from signing them and releasing them to your rival teams but that's surely shows how much you know about rugby
  7. To be honest I've been a home and away support for alot off years now and I've missed the last 3 matches but I won't be returning anytime soon until alot changes and a public statement comes out from the board and Chris to as why we are sending our fringe players to our relagation rivals and why we are sticking with the game plan off a small pack when it hasn't worked all season
  8. What is going on at this club like that's another player signed for one off our relegation rivals its like we are settling for going down yeah he ain't one off our better players but why help a rival
  9. Honestly mate I would like to see it to try it out but I personally think Oscar is the bad ego in the group
  10. Personally I would like to see Henson in at 6 and walker 7 and Doran at 13 yeah be a very inexperienced partner ship but alot off creativity between them and both young and hungry lads so can't be any worse that what has been happening so far this season also would like to see Oscar dropped and play ethan at full back he played there couple times last year and played well
  11. Yeah the lad is only young and maybe got it wrong but I can only have my view off what I saw for town and for me he done nothing wrong whereas Oscars attitude is all wrong
  12. Couldn't make the game yesterday but just watched the highlights back and one player who really stands out for all the wrongs reasons for me is Oscar Thomas his attitude in defence is none existence he gives up so easy it's embarrassing for me we should have let him go to haven and us keep young broadbent
  13. Can someone please ban callum Linford from sitting near the radio coverage in future he makes very bad listening
  14. Did you watch the games against leigh he hardly missed a tackle against probably the biggest and strongest centre in the league
  15. Sorry mate missed that bit Just hope like he said the lads need to right the wrongs from the weekend as it wasn't acceptable but I honestly can't wait for a return off stevie malik and walker as I think if any local players can kick us on it's them 3
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