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  1. There was 5 players at the distington game today witch says a lot about the lads
  2. A few from town were at the distington v seaton game today and a few players who would make a difference in the town team
  3. I can’t see Karl playing this week unfortunately
  4. Surely if lads are missing training on a regular basis the club should be acting on this by fines or getting rid off them
  5. We had a mainly local team last season and just missed out on promotion then let a good part off that team move on now 3 or 4 off that team are sitting top off the league
  6. Itl be even harder to sign these top locals whilst having the top earners still in the squad because they won’t get the game time the want
  7. We’re wasting money by paying these top earners anyway so get rid and build for next season unless we’re back to square 1 next season having players with very little experience
  8. There is a lot off good local players around what we are looking past 1 who we let leave early in the season
  9. We shouldn’t leave it that late to fetch the top locals around here in fetch them in now to gain experience for next year
  10. Well think it’s about time we get rid off these big earners who arnt performing and start building a team for next year
  11. town2018


    He’s in the squad isn’t he so obviously he’s ment to be going
  12. town2018


    he Still isn’t going
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