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  1. Personally I think the recruitment has been bang on this year brought in the best available cumbrians and some experience just think we are lacking a enforcer I use to like the Jamie Acton or Jamie thackeray sort off player and think it would complement this pack perfect
  2. Sounds promising great squad so far
  3. Is there only 1 more left to be announced or is there going to be more added to the original 21
  4. Another great addition keep them coming
  5. Yeah both big lads but both only relatively new to the pro game I was thinking more a old head
  6. Squad really shaping up with a good mixture off youth and experience really hope we can sign a big battering ram though to beef the pack up
  7. Be good if we could get some podcasts with few different people from the club like the 1s during covid etc
  8. Fair play to all the travelling fans this week massive commitment hope the club will thank you all with a free beer at the next home game it's the least yous deserve
  9. Off subject but does anyone know much about the 2 centres playing at Millom 2 very good players brothers I believe
  10. Just read a interview from Murray and Caine and Cieran are both out at the weekend and Blain is also still out which will be massive miss but also a opportunity for some others to stake a claim in the 17 without a risk off points been lost
  11. Didn't make the game today how did the walker and Simpson half back partnership go
  12. Well result wasn't to be but can't fault that performance some really good debuts we seem to have some strike in the back line with Hurst and burns and massive performances for Liam, jj, and Joe kirk up
  13. The coach probably hasn't even been the see the locals play he's been at crusaders for past 4 years so might have visited cumbria handfuls off times and all for giving lads a chance but he was at West Wales last season and didn't stand out as a talent from the footage I've seen yeah I'm no expert but I no for certain he ain't good enough
  14. OK so let's just sign anyone
  15. Now that's a good signing for rebuilding this team
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