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  1. They was a couple clinging on breaks and the action was at the other end for the Batley fans can see why but both teams congratulations really flew that championship flag really well. So thank you both overall had they say takes two to tango
  2. According to flash scores it’s a 18:30 kick off but haven’t seen it anywhere else
  3. Congratulations batley great team performance against the odds. Enjoy your evening and enjoy your day in Leigh next weekend hopefully it’s another underdog story ending. YORKSHIRE YORKSHIRE YORKSHIRE
  4. I didn’t go or see the game keeps season alive for us and widnes for another weekend. With Leigh playing yourselves next week. Both Bradford and widnes win every chance somehow goes to another week. Think all of us would fancy Leigh next week but then again all fancied York tonight funny old game. pleasing thing young 18 year old half back scored in a makeshift pairing with Sam hallas. hopefully dunning gets rid the 16 players that’s been mentioned builds team he wants and I finally get to visit the new stadium. Until it’s fully over I won’t say good luck for the rest of the season. Good has over not only is it 8 points 4 favours but 180odd points difference turn around.
  5. Jordan lilley is injured and out for season with a ankle injury dec Patton out for season 7 game ban so it’s down too both is it not the rfl have done nothing for Bradford over charged us to play home games put people in charge that well can’t say on a open forum. kept us in championship cause all championship teams voted for it to get money out are fanbase when we should have gone down that then put us a year behind everybody else. has for the game we will get hammered or the players will finally play to get a contract elsewhere which be brilliant 16 players meant to be already leaving come the end of the season. To be fair I couldn’t care less I’ve never been so disinterested with rugby than what I am now.
  6. 63' | Try Bradford. Steve Crossley gets the ball stood still, looks round for a while, runs forward and goes over. Patton converts. 36-6 last thing want to read on your own twitter page. I’d rage if it was on the Bradford page take defeat it’s the manner it’s knowing there giving everything but not good enough on the day.
  7. Ryder was unlucky not to score his break bumping off 3 bulls lads. The killer was the two quick tries and the one straight away second half. 24-6 you peppered us we held out and went up and scored that killed any fight we then pipped away at the score board. im happy with the result but keep fighting lads and play you home and away again next year good luck.
  8. Congrats batley well done lingard is making you into a force. I was surprised too see that you’ve only lost at Odsal on your travels this year.
  9. Pickersgill went of not sure what but seemed to be his back which he’s suffered some back spasms in the past. Sheffield fans cheered he struggled to get up and was singing he’s faking it after he went off after there lad just went off with a head injury. Where the Bradford fans clapped him off.
  10. 5 tries 14 minutes got your try and sadly flood gates opened. if Wallace took his chance and gill scored his one on one well was still 0-0 might have give you a game. you exploited kabuila whose overweight as prop let alone second rower. went to game with hope after your 1895 cup, Thursday and Monday too much for us overall. The game we need to look at is this Sunday vs Sheffield win that keeps play offs alive lose although can still make play offs needing then too much help. congrats though Fev good luck against leigh do it for Yorkshire.
  11. Can’t see past a featherstone win free hit out for us hopefully play how we have of recent throw ball around. give you a game hopefully can’t remember last time we won at Fev maybe 2016 at a guess top of head.
  12. Correct crossley and walker. Crossley is meant to be captain set example he’s cost us couple times in defence. been better since they’ve been split before used start with walker and crossley where yes we’d make good metres but come end of there stint be blowing. we’d then put are two smaller props on which defensively we’d be better but less impact going forward.
  13. We should do but only lost too leigh away proving the pitch ain’t built for the team we have which is expansive rugby why we’ve done well away and not at home teams going and been that bit bigger than us tiring us down the middle and gaps are coming. win couple more home games top 6 more 6th don’t sort home form out and anywhere low as 10th.
  14. Bradford are part time themselves though?
  15. Every team coach is going complain but you’ve come got the two points and don’t have to come again this season where 1 win 6 losses at home counting cup. Where 5 wins and 1 losses away counting cup proves where we want to play expansive rugby and getting to do that away from home. where far from relegation no disrespect to Workington there a shoe in sadly. I still think where good enough make 6th in play offs and having a crack but that’s from picking up some home wins too if not mid table.
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