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  1. We will still use tong facilities has base to train. I'm sure dewsbury get % of ticket sales also. Wonder if be a double header or make us play opposite weekends.
  2. Losing chizzy and gregg bet they was top 3 earners with Webster saved money there. Lost Wilson who wasn't on a lot been a under 19s player I know he's on a big wage now at Giants. We only got a team that big for the reserve grade will benefit next year. I've been told fax, keighley and another team ain't allowed to run one next year yet rfl making it a new rule. Keighley for example could run a reserve grade get super league teams said they couldn't but keighley can with 600-1000 gates.
  3. He did yet never said who was and who wasn't. 1 gregg McNally - left but will have been full time 2 ETHAN RYAN - goes uni but reckon classed has full time 3 JAKE WEBSTER - full time 4 ASHLEY GIBSON - full time 5 JY HITCHCOX - full time 6 JOE KEYES - full time 7 DANE CHISHOLM - left but was full time 8 LIAM KIRK - unsure 9 MATTY WILDIE - full time 10 STEVE CROSSLEY - part time teacher 11 MATTY GARSIDE - part time teacher 12 ELLIOT MINCHELLA - full time 13 MIKEY WOOD - unsure 14 JORDAN LILLEY - does his own stuff but be classed has full time 15 CALLUM BUSTIN - part time 16 JAMES GREEN - does insureance be classed has full time 17 ROSS PELTIER - unsure 18 SAM HALLAS - coaches under 16s be classed has full time 19 JON MAGRIN - unsure 20 BRANDON PICKERSGILL - unsure 21 GEORGE FLANAGAN - part time works on council 22 DALTON GRANT - unsure 23 GEORGE MILTON - unsure 24 DAVID FOGGIN-JOHNSON - part time 25 CONNOR FARRELL - unsure 26 ROSS OAKES - unsure 27 ROWAN MILNES - part time lifeguard 28 EVAN HODGSON - part time 29 MATTHEW STORTON - part time window cleaner 30 OLIVER WILSON - left but was part time 31 RHYS EVANS - full time I get 22 that's with the unsures 2 full time have left so only 20. A full time to me is everybody the coaching staff the players.
  4. Crossley is a school teacher he's are captain and he's not even full time. I know Lilley does all gym work does fitness and coaches at stanningley. Has for Webster he'll be full time.
  5. You did take bradford under 19s home then the first team came up. surprised that we blew you away in that first half the way we did. Second half every time you got back in the game you'd do a error to make us take it back away from you. good luck with the last 3 games this season the 1895 cup could be the difference. Leigh vs Widnes next week and you've got Sheffield with Widnes and Sheffield having one eye on Wembley you could well take it to a 1 point game good luck all the same. people say about a strong bradford side well we also need a strong Cumbrian side flying the flag too.
  6. You said we shouldn't been allowed to go full time this season. which we haven't done we aren't a full time team.
  7. Bradford aren't full time there hydrid.
  8. Brilliant first half by Bradford some last ditch tackling at 18-4 I thought we should looked to drop the goal before half time and go in 19-4. We was knackered end that first half put so much into it. Second half I thought If we dont get some energy at the start Toronto will take this came out pumped up to blow us away. The Toronto tank then emptied which evened the game back out. Difference in the end was the skill of Toronto. I'm glad we gave it a good go but also disappointed played at that level in other games this season we could we have won more than we have.
  9. I've put my point across and it's called tough 5hit. To be perfectly honest I don't care where they play has long has I have a team to support and still watch. That's what it all truely comes down too.
  10. The player we apprantley couldn't sign we signed he was a under 19s player once again jornos jumping to stories cause of the past. Then chizzy tweet last month when all players had been paid once again nothing about players not been paid has they all have again this month. has for the ground thing it's just tatics to put the cost down has people have said above. Also above VP be just has bad has bradford city are stuck with paying rent on that themselves ATM. BPA just isn't big enough would then end up costing to much for temp stands so on so on. He also says about building a ground cas said that since 2014 still nothing that takes too long overall. Not saying where too big or above it don't want to be playing rugby outside of Bradford. Seen impact it's created on swinton, Oldham, Sheffield never helped with getting the youth of today to follow a team from there hometown forever moving. Odsal is a short walk for me no extra transport costs got to save money to get in can't afford not to walk
  11. Sarcasm at its finest If not you've hit the nail on the head. He does the commentary on pulse 2 for all bulls games and the highlights of the full game bulls tv put up add him into it. Even though he has no real involvement with the club other than been a fan he don't have come out with some rubbish. Where people then think he's involved with the club. just say had they been his so called 20 second we'd played ball passed too a prop if lucky another 10 metres 4 york men on him slowly peeling of we'd then done the same kick just 10 metres closer. It's just stupidity the same guy said nothing when bulls drew the game with a forward pass. Nothing on social media after going a controversial last try which was a forward pass drew the game.
  12. The hooter thing came from gamecaller I don't know why anyone is taking what he says we had chances to win the game didn't take it game was over end off.
  13. Upset to of lost but what a match both had spells on top. Both sets players felt the pressure at times in that game. When you when 24-14 up I thought where on for 40 against us here. Then we scored york was all at sea holding on for there life's. End to end back and forth game we came up from league one together and we created a championship thriller. The matches between the two teams are so close and we should embrace this rivalry has a great one seems we do bring the best out off each other. Let's get bradford sneaking the play offs and have another crack at you at your place this season infront of over 5000. if we don't make it fly the flag in the play offs for last years league one teams.
  14. Times I know a ref effected a result was the magic weekend when the full Leeds team was offside. Last weekend when the pass for the equalising try was forward. Our game against Widnes where the Widnes player dived. Hat goes off to all offcials the crowd from either team one stage is always on there back so many stuff to look for linesmen never really help him. I could never do it I'll just stick to playing and watching. I didn't agree with that or the comments after what kear made about it. The way it was bleeding Connor saying it's a broken nose could only be that. Any player that steps off that pitch injured regardless what badge they have should only ever be applauded. After the swinton shambles kear said every player should be worried been dropped he dropped the usual 3.
  15. Like one off your lads did too minchella and you got a pen like I say inconsistent and bizarre for both teams. Missed out what Connor did too George after you scored the intercept try. Take your tints off guys
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