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  1. The one club is apparently Leeds from the challenge cup game they never got half the gate from it.
  2. The one club is apparently Leeds from the challenge cup game they never got half the gate from it.
  3. Bullmania

    Mark Sawyer

    Bulls get to play at tetley stadium under his control meaning guaranteed money from a bigger fan base. He's also helping to get us moved back to Bradford in 2021. I don't think there is no end game for sawyer just to make sure he gets 100% paid.
  4. Perez interim chairman. Mark sawyer helping out who also seems very clear about the bulls books. Marks main interest is to help bulls get back to Bradford and been making all the calls with Bradford council. Won't be part of any of the transfers. seems the pension will be all sorted rightfully so. Only one club now owed money that is happy to take it in instalments. Nigel wood and family also part of the consortium.
  5. I remember in feb a cold game at odsal where chizzy scored the knock on winner for us. Your coach had pretty much only just arrived players only just got there looked like was going to be just a rebuild season. your now 80 minutes away from super league what a turn around main one been chizzy. i wish you the best in the final and hope you win good luck fev.
  6. Well played this season york overachieved in many people's eyes this year you met a very good fev side yesterday no shame in the result. Next year be tougher has you'll be on more teams radars next time round. Play offs be even tougher for us all next year too reach which only be good for the game. Look forward to our rivalry again next year at your new ground.
  7. Definitely not a criticism of chizzy he was also the best signing we had made. I'm still bitter we let him go to a rival and if there was a criticism it would be let's be fair if he showed his full potential hes way better than both our teams. And above championship level he's never played to his full potential I believe maybe has you get further and games get tighter in your play off match it might bring it out off him more.
  8. Congrats to fev played the game better last night defended well specially when Leigh got there backs up from there first try. Dont know why Duffy dropped McNally surely brierley and brown been better in halves together will never know. watching chizzy reminded me at watching him at Bradford can be lazy defensively not his job but that leaves gaps other people have to fill in. when he needed to ball in hand he turned it up a gear there was a period where he turned it on and that sealed the game. Barrie said on commentary that the candidates got picked to early has the list 5 minutes chizzy has sealed it. You think if he played for longer periods he'd be top end super league only thing I always thought he lacked was been bothered for a full game.
  9. I come over to watch this match rather than go Rochdale see where best to stand ;). Should of been men of the matches the crowd that had to watch that. Got it bang on saying a preseason game. Both was happy they stayed up and seen it more off there holiday should of already started this weekend. Plus is least all championship play off games on sky about time aswell.
  10. Sorry about the relegation hopefully you bounce straight back up stronger and better good luck.
  11. That is correct about the training base. They've been looking at a building in wibsey for a shop. I don't see why they can't use tong the old school building down there is still standing surely use a class room for a shop and tickets. Has for the gamecaller do not listen to a thing that man says he showed himself up on social media the other day. https://mobile.twitter.com/Brooksyhfc/status/1168592411880304643 found this via Connor Robinson of york city knights.
  12. Great photo taken of the fans on the pitch after the game 7,500 came to see this match shame that other 3k hadn't turned up all season. Memories beating Leeds 19-18 in 1999 infront off over 24k. When you look back has a ground it was well past it over 60 years ago but what memories every team has had there. Has the banner at the front says where you play we follow. But then a sharp reminder of we might not be here next season with the special measures players been taken off us and not been able sign anyone has things stand we've 12 players. Need to field 13 for a start.
  13. That was missed time with the run bought he caught the player and put him down he didn't let go or flip him. It was controlled. I get what your saying but look at the Nrl they can tackle in the air.
  14. Batley Bulldogs scrum-half Archie Bruce died as a result of asphyxiation, a post-mortem examination has found. Bruce, 20, was found dead in his hotel room on Sunday morning, after making his debut for the Championship side at Toulouse on Saturday night. French authorities carried out a post-mortem on Monday and further tests are still being investigated. The Rugby Football League Benevolent Fund has created a Just Giving page in Bruce's name. Batley director John Miller told BBC Radio LeedsBruce was "really giddy and happy with himself after the game and very proud". The club said Bruce was a "smart, polite, funny and extremely likeable young man, his death is an absolute tragedy". Batley are 10th in the 14-team Championship, the division below Super League.
  15. Well either way we've finished unbeaten at home this season 1 and 0 THIS IS OUR HOUSE.
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