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  1. Good luck Fev all that went have a safe journey and I hope for a cracking game.
  2. Hoping for a good Yorkshire derby here speaking Yorkshire least no matter what happens we have one Yorkshire team flying the flag in this years finals. Good luck to both teams today for this one
  3. Good luck today batley up the bulldogs as been said you’ve already won regardless of the score but give them a game
  4. Naughty by James brown standing on George’s leg. I know George don’t have the biggest of fans but definitely don’t need that also.
  5. Best team won but had a right laugh with batley fans and good luck support you next week boys well done
  6. The only attendance Bradford gave this year was the Whitehaven game. game day eve big game tomorrow for both teams when you get to the play offs like brown said in the video you don’t want to fall at the first hurdle. always been tough close games at the mount normally late winners either way think was last time we played there ended 16-0 I believe only game of recent times where it had been comfy.
  7. Upward move guess it depends who plays which end which half to if it’s a upward move
  8. Any news on ticket sales? Is it looking like can pay in on day?
  9. No matter what you keep your place so 4th for you guys. If we beat you we will be ranked 5th still regardless. If fax win winner of are game plays Toulouse if haven win winner of are game plays Fev. Only way you can play at the mount again this season is haven make the final with you guys you’ll be the highest ranked team.
  10. If haven do win it’s Toulouse you play as they play the lowest ranked winner.
  11. Congratulations Whitehaven run up to season end I hoped haven would make the top 6 I knew if that be case would have to beat my team. going into the play offs as the most inform team outside of Toulouse and Fev. i fancy you against fax also which is the case would give batley or Bradford a trip to Fev.
  12. Big push let’s sell out the mount it’s the play offs 5340 at odsal today. lets show live on sky what the championship can offer local derby.
  13. All just pawns for Toulouse going up whoever wins what game.
  14. Bulls been down in league 1 year early rfl wouldn’t allow it. Neither would championship chairmen as wanted to milk money out the Bradford fans. Rfl put in place all these conmen nobody else rfl made the choices. Go down the size the ground at odsal well rfl own that so rfl meant to sort out the pitch size and owned up too that.
  15. Can’t be rfl done it for years and shoved the bat where sun doesn’t shine at the end aswell rimmer loves it
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