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  1. I think it will be season tickets only been at dewsbury if at odsal think a lot more would been allowed.
  2. Well done on the first win still unbeaten at home. Showing why you was the right pick to get a shot in the championship.
  3. Didn’t expect this score expected a narrow either way. Specially with how you started the season we had a good mind set and won the game in the first half. Second half is how I expected the full game to go nip and tuck and you showed why you’d won your two previous games. Happy with the win haven away next for us.
  4. Good to get that first win both played in patches overall draw been fair result but take that win all day long. when was only 14-0 after 25 minutes thought fax missed chance to really choke us out.
  5. I agree it wasn’t shouldn’t been end of season should been banned from game for good.
  6. Think next round definitely London vs York game. Then fev vs Batley or swinton and Newcastle vs Oldham. Won't be bradford we will be out today bookies giving us 20 headstart if we keep it lower than that I'll be happy. All about the first game vs Sheffield for me treat today has the final preseason run out.
  7. Article on main page saying likely us. Hope it's not puts whoever go up another season behind go up to come down start in championship 2022 instead having a solid 2021 championship season and pushing for super league that way. just give it to the money man that is derek.
  8. Free hit out aswell every week and least you guys would get a season if this got accepted.
  9. Challenge cup now sham with Toronto pulling out do Newcastle get a bye to last 8. with no matches do york, fev, Sheffield, Newcastle and Widnes play matches against each other to get some game time so they don't get badly injured against fully intense super league teams.
  10. IF the season does restart clubs should be streamed at a option get season ticket money back if you do so you have to pay week by week for the stream, or they keep the money and you get all streams free for home games. Think that's away where both fans and clubs could benefit. If it's away game which you'd have to pay for and you choose to keep your season ticket you get it at a discounted price where the home team gets the majority and the away gets 20% like would be on match ups. Basically it's set up season ticket holder and you get a unique code for each match. Just a option. If you don't
  11. Just a small suggestion most teams all have there tv channels that show games after been played. Would they use that to stream games at say ticket price discounted for season ticket holders. So the season can go on and clubs still get revenue. Difference with rugby to footy is rugby is already on its ###### matches not played in rugby could be the end. Just a thought. Well also trying not to be insensitive about the current situation the world is in.
  12. Bullmania


    Quietly getting on with business only losing to play off favourites of Leigh. I think outside of Leigh, Toulouse, fev and London. There is a big chunk of us who will be trying sneak the 5th spot.
  13. Oldham Rugby League Vestacare Stadium Whitebank Road Limehurst Village Oldham OL8 3JH That also doesn't help people with them now at bower folds.
  14. Good to finally get a win. First 10 minutes looked like we was going put a cricket score on you. Then you just muscled up. Ref was poor it was more in inconsistent we'd get pegged for holding down you'd be allowed to do it then it would go the other way for abit. We was both getting pens in blocks of 3. Made for a slow game and two sets of frustrated players.
  15. Main thing I don't get is at odsal a big pitch we played one man rugby. Now we on a narrow ball we pass it round for fun off it I don't understand. Like I say a tough start against two play off contenders and we wasn't embrassed in either after underbank in the cup we've Oldham away which is a must win already.
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