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  1. Does anyobe have a link to this rule please within the RFL guidlines the community club compensation scheme And are the figures right.. quoted above. Thanks
  2. Loxham? Not for me although a lovely fella and keen enough just poor game awareness for me. The rest sound good. Again... unsure about tyson Is a 3rd hooker required... johston could fill in there.
  3. Him and potentially Shane Toal on the other wing..... pace to burn. Great signing. Hopefully get a bagful in league 1
  4. Thats what I was I was getting at
  5. I stand corrected. Maybe an unfair assumption (hands up)
  6. Watts puara Jr. I just say Jr as my spelling is as bad as the announcers were at the start of the year. I agree though with comments the board are doing excellent work, its just my opinion. I dont know if they are not trying to sign smith and stack. Is the season of speculation and guesswork on whats happening. I think ritson will he a revelation and would love to see him utilised as a running half and carter or dalimore as the rudder.
  7. Great news to get signatures on paper and in the main really happy, but a large majority have missed large parts of this and last season with huge injuries .... is this not a bit more of a risk we have the same injury issue as this year. Duffy must have played maybe 10-12 games in 2 seasons? Is this not a risk On the resignatures mossop duffy and morrow surely are a risk... i bet theyve only played 50 games between them all over last two seasons... Im worried the club are setting themselves up for a fall... again (see hock/humes injuries, and games ratio past 2 seasons) Again just an opinion... would the priority not be stack smith etc. To build a strong spine to accompany cresswell forster and mr jr?
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