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  1. Does anyobe have a link to this rule please within the RFL guidlines the community club compensation scheme And are the figures right.. quoted above. Thanks
  2. Agree they were decent in parts. The 2nd try down the popular side was a very well constructed and executed move. Duffy MOTM no chance in my opinion. Singleton ran great lines in 1st half Cresswell safe as houses Stack played really well when on D.Toal was 1000% better than last week. Bit concerning Jono caught out for one try and two breaks. Maybe get him back in the middle All the dual reg went well. McBain Saunders and Hopkins all played well again forwards wise and Joe Crarey pinched a try which was very Andy ellis like which is encouraging. I think Chr
  3. Charnocks a tool and will get knocked down a peg or two in that league. All amateurs played well and didnt look out of place. Agree Tyson was the best of the bunch. Although Barrow played better when there were more trialists/amateurs on. So they all I think deserve a bit more time. I think by the sounds of the Jewitt situation its starting to smell a little hocky..... Walne was very good today.
  4. Is relegation not self explainatory... some were garbage. Walker will do very well in championship. Good good player
  5. I think "lost" is a strong statement. Im sure plenty waved him off... signed as an inspirational, fast goal kicking half back, was a slow cumbersome 13 at a push. Average kicking %at best
  6. Loxham? Not for me although a lovely fella and keen enough just poor game awareness for me. The rest sound good. Again... unsure about tyson Is a 3rd hooker required... johston could fill in there.
  7. Are there any Furness lads locally that could accompany them ?
  8. Him and potentially Shane Toal on the other wing..... pace to burn. Great signing. Hopefully get a bagful in league 1
  9. Thats what I was I was getting at
  10. I stand corrected. Maybe an unfair assumption (hands up)
  11. Watts puara Jr. I just say Jr as my spelling is as bad as the announcers were at the start of the year. I agree though with comments the board are doing excellent work, its just my opinion. I dont know if they are not trying to sign smith and stack. Is the season of speculation and guesswork on whats happening. I think ritson will he a revelation and would love to see him utilised as a running half and carter or dalimore as the rudder.
  12. Great news to get signatures on paper and in the main really happy, but a large majority have missed large parts of this and last season with huge injuries .... is this not a bit more of a risk we have the same injury issue as this year. Duffy must have played maybe 10-12 games in 2 seasons? Is this not a risk On the resignatures mossop duffy and morrow surely are a risk... i bet theyve only played 50 games between them all over last two seasons... Im worried the club are setting themselves up for a fall... again (see hock/humes injuries, and games ratio past 2 seasons)
  13. Travel is massive .... thats why Barrow struggles to attract as many people from the Lancashire pool historically.
  14. Theres plenty around. Depends what position.... look at the (Barrow) town and county trials.... plenty there
  15. Totally agree with cresswell. Forgot about him and Carter. I thought Johnstone had left.my bad Brad is a Prop at leeds. Perry is his brother. The centre at town.
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