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  1. Is there an organisation called the London Rugby League? If so, can anyone here list its member clubs? In the same way that the expansionists encourage/expect heartland pro clubs to do more or criticise them for not doing enough, to grow and embed the game in their localities, we should encourage all amateur league area administrators to be doing the same thing. Its about time the games administrators at all levels recognised and acknowledged this essential element of their administrative work. Stop whining about the RFL and start talking to each other about what you can do to swell the ranks. If you need guidance, contact the North East and ask them for advice. Keep stats on participation numbers and do whatever you can to ensure that those numbers increase year on year. Look at what other nations in Europe and the America's are doing on their own . Look at what the likes of Pulga has achieved as a catalyst. He's not waiting for the RFL, or the RLEF to do it for him. Our existing administrators must unearth similar people, fans of the game who are willing to take on some kind of development role. Its just not enough to collect the membership fees and compile a fixture list, these are mere maintenance tasks. Some time and effort must be spent stimulating and promoting growth. Form two ''departments'' if you like, ''maintenance'' and ''growth'' Let me tell you this, that part of the work (growth), is where all the excitement is and where any sense of achievement is to be had. It's so frustrating when so many good ideas are generated on a forum like this and no-one actually moves to put them into action.
  2. find it for them and prove you're not just making up nonsense.
  3. I think we should be thankful they are inhibited about showing their true feelings. I'm afraid any less inhibition wouldn't reveal them jumping for joy, its not in their nature. Instead, we'd be aghast at the wantonly unbridled whining moaning and bitching complete with the most foul language in glorious technicolour.
  4. Those clips of Rob Burrow in action brought me to tears. What a great player he was and is. We should cherish all our players especially our best and fairest. Well done Wigan. Good luck Rob.
  5. If we are happy, with a business model which runs at a deficit (forever) and we have a benefactor who is willing to make up the deficit for the whole of his life and his families for generations to come. Then you can possibly survive without the local embedment I spoke of. You might argue that with sufficient funds from television (Sky) you don't need a crowd, but I say unless we can pack the stadium with sufficient paying customers, to pay the bills what's the point? If, like Manchester United the club had a global following it might be made to work but, I'm sure, if a massive global fanbase existed, we'd have no trouble filling the stadium with local fans. Apart from most enthusiasts desire to see the game grow over time, as existing fans age and die, we need to have a mechanism to replace them (like McDonalds staff) with new young ones just to maintain the status quo, never mind grow. The game (over time) consumes fans, players, and money, we need to make sure the feeder streams don't dry up. It is my opinion that without a mechanism to bring new young people into the game in increasing numbers each year, stability and growth is a forlorn hope. Mick Hogan, would say (I heard him) that you have to have bottom up and top down methods, to make it work, he's entitled to know. What I'm saying is that whatever else you do in your attempts to build sustainability and promote growth you must at least, have a means of introducing new young people each year to the game in a way which makes them lifelong lovers of the game. I believe the best way to do that is by getting a ball into their hands and making it possible for them to score a try.
  6. How many amateur teams/clubs are there in Newcastle/North East? How many are there in Wales? This statistic is the key to whether a Pro team can survive and prosper in these and any new areas. The raw talent exists, no doubt, but is the game sufficiently embedded, to provide the players, the fans, the sponsors, the money, the newspaper coverage, the local radio support, the enormous social media activity, the television programming which a self-sustaining professional sports club needs to continue to operate successfully. Whatever else we do, in our attempts to spread the game, (David Argyle made a pretty good fist of it) we must continually increase the stats, mentioned in the first line. Newcastle are ably showing the way. I just don't understand why its not openly acknowledged and replicated by the RFL's/BARLA members in every part of the country. If we don't do this work, we are just kidding ourselves and using and abusing naive (sometimes foolishly egotistical) backers funds, until they run dry and we go back to square one. When we talk about ''marketing'' our game, efficient development work gives by far, the biggest bang for our buck. Three cheers, for Bob Brown, Mick Hogan, the Cornish Rebels and all the other amateur club entrepreneurs. We should get on our knees and say a silent prayer of thanks for their efforts. They represent the best hope for the future of our game.
  7. .Look, basically, if I'm being honest, at the end of the day, no word of a lie, when all's said and done, it is what it is, so that's what I think
  8. They are not fans Eddie, they are not big enough. Feeding off the game, like parasites.
  9. The impression you get from what ''appears'' to you, doesn't show anything at all.
  10. Well they did play at the dopey end of the spectrum.
  11. I think its time to take your medication.
  12. i'm echoing Liverpool Rovers good wishes. Its great that you are making the game a truly national sport. Please keep up the good work?
  13. Do you know Phil, why they weren't paid, or whether they were paid eventually, just late? I don't know, but from my own experience (at a much smaller scale) I've had cause to withhold or delay payments to suppliers when their end of the deal wasn't being held up. I've also suffered mis-matches in the rate of cash flowing in and out of my business which resulted in me delaying payments to my suppliers even when I was perfectly satisfied with their performance because I didn't have the cash to hand. Argyle may have created a working capital account and left it to his management team to run the business while he turned his attention to his other interests and they may have mismanaged the cash flow. Or perhaps their initial estimates of working capital requirements might have been too low, resulting in them going cap in hand to him to make up the shortfall. The effect of this virus, will have removed all income potential from the club and without access (from the Canadian government) to any furlough relief payments nor any share of the Sky money, the cash requirement would have gone through the roof. Consider also, that the Canadian government might have prevented teams and players from flying in and out of the country. Now, the pre-covid David Argyle, might have been able and willing to make up the difference, but who knows (in all honesty) what effect the pandemic has had on his other interests? He may be facing a catastrophic failure of his entire empire. If that is true, then its hardly surprising he has withdrawn from the competition. If you factor in, the utter contempt the super league clubs have shown for him and the enormous investment he has made in trying to promote our game, I can forgive him for winding down the operation. Under the circumstances I think Mcmanus's comments are a wake up call to Elstone and the other chairman and incidentally, all the killers on this site. Toronto have demonstrated quite clearly, the huge potential benefits they could bring to our game, with a fair wind, a bit of luck and a more appreciative Super League fraternity. We should allow them the maximum time and leeway to regroup and rebuild the club if its at all possible.
  14. i think the work you have done and continue to do is nothing short of incredible. Good luck in all your endeavours, you have my utmost respect and best wishes.
  15. The post that prompted my response was one from Pulga suggesting that its easier to teach Ra Ra chaps Rugby League than people who have never played any backward passing game before. He may be right but the difference is so near to nothing, a mathematician might describe it as vanishingly small (tending to zero). The benefit of choosing lads who have never played before is that they don't come with a sneering attitude, built in loyalty issues, when our game clashes with their Ra Ra club games or a very short shelf life, exhibited by RaRa chaps when they realise only the best of them can cope with the demands of Rugby League. Completely ignorant athletes are more likely to embrace our game and commit to it wholeheartedly and in doing so, garner respect from their mates whereas the Ra Ra ''converts'' will be ostracised and mocked by their utterly envious ''chums''. Consider also, that If we rely on Ra Ra chaps and the Ra Ra season occupies most of the year we end up with a playing season of 6 to 8 weeks which means we can't keep the real converts (who have none of the issues mentioned above) happy with such a paucity of matches. This makes it far more difficult to recruit new ones and hold them. So you will always be beholden to players whose ''first sport'' lurks in the shadows on the dark side which is where their priorities lie. Flirting with these blokes is bad enough, but trying to build your future with them is pure folly with very poor returns on your investment. Your efforts as a developer Pulga, would be much better spent, even if it takes a bit longer to get it going, with absolute beginners.
  16. Have you noticed, there's no scousers in Star Trek? They've got a Scot, a Russian, a chinaman, a black lass, a Vulcan, an Edosian, a Pandronian, a Deltan, a Caitian, a Barzan, a Saurian, an Andronian, a Betelgeusian, two Rhaandarites and two Zaranites but no scousers. Do you know why? Because the don't want to work, even in the future!
  17. now that's definitely ''upped the ante''. Invited to the wife's table indeed. I've never heard it called that before.
  18. stick it into him. He's so dumb he couldn't play kick the tin, never mind Rugba league.
  19. you'd swear they needed to learn calculus!!!! its a pretty simple game to get into for crying out loud.
  20. Or, in Wenglish, ''Fantastic that would be''.
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