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  1. This will go on for months there is no way any sports will be taking place in April this virus is goto change the world alot of clubs won't survive this unfortunately I don't think there is anything that can be done to secure clubs financially
  2. Barrow 44-16 Coventry att 1016 I think they should of just reduced the adult admission price to £15 and done under 18s £5 an kids under 12 for a £1 can't knock the club for trying new ideas but people have other commitments etc rather than to goto the rugby for 12.30 to get in free and spend 4 half hours there plus not everyone drinks at the game so the club could lose money at this coventry game
  3. 2 lads in the sin bin so close together so we're down to 11 now when we could of made the extra man count
  4. The gates will be poor as its overpriced for the level on offer were more expensive than most if not all clubs in this division yes the kids free and food offer is excellent but what about the fans that don't bring kids and also the online tickets don't offer any advance purchase discount unlike other clubs so what is the point in the advanced ticket option, I thought it might of been a reduced price for today being a low key cup game
  5. Brilliant result the toulouse game now looks winnable we just might yet stay up if we can win 3 home games an 1 or 2 away we could stay up
  6. No we have 6 home games and 6 away games fev is away we have already played them at home batley an halifax and maybe bradford at home should be target wins and swinton an dewsbury away if we can win 4 out of them 5 games then we might have a chance of staying up
  7. Barrow afc fans make it known if there not happy with the manager and players though its a results business end of
  8. Id say its time to change the coach as nothings changing its a results business and we are not getting them maybe if we get someone new in it might motivate the players
  9. You have to be a realist though so i cant see how you can see us beating everyone unless your blinded by your faith in the team
  10. No i cant see us beating anyone else fed up of these people saying yeh but stick with them there improving etc were half way through the season and were not getting results either the players are not good enough or the coach cant motivate them to play to there potential
  11. Not good enough a shame really but relegation looks nailed on if we lose to rochdale next week there is no hope left
  12. Raiderfan79


    We will be lucky to win 1 more game maybe rochdale at home the ways things are going
  13. Raiderfan79


    The thing is who are we capable of beating we need to get points on the board if we want a chance of staying up its no good saying oh but we played well for the second half or disapline cost us or they are a good side with dual reg players it means nothing if we get no points
  14. Raiderfan79


    We are 12 games into the season and we have won 1 game its not good enough i thought this season we were goto push on and be abit higher up the league but its not happening its no good saying oh but it was an improved performance this week its points we need and fast we haven't won a game at home yet its not good enough people will not want to part with there hard earned cash to see us lose week in week out
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