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  1. True but also the appeal isnt playing Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday
  2. In principle the 1895 Cup is a good idea but starting the season earlier isn't the answer. If we get a Jan/Feb like this year there won't be any fixtures played or be a mismatch. Personally I would play the 1895 Cup in September/October better chance of good weather. Scrap the playoffs, first goes up
  3. X-league have a tournament in Sheffield in October next year which is set to raise the profile of the game. It will be interesting if TTR follow suit.
  4. Not sure to be honest, in RL in general you tend to not find out if contracts were offered which I always find strange. But off his tweets he seems happy he is on his way to 'fax so for me good luck to him.
  5. Ashleigh Seddon is a "social inclusion officer" at the RFL she has been at the heart of sending the return to play correspondence out when it comes to X-league (used to be Euro tag) but now comes under the RFL banner. When I was setting up our teams I went with X-league as our non contact form as England Touch are their own organisation and to be a registered team you need to pay them. Try tag rugby run out of different venues but are franchised with the equipment etc. X-league is the cheapest and easiest option and also the most like rugby league due to the kicking.
  6. Signed from the Broncos, good player especially at Championship level will do well for us
  7. End of the day he has done well for us but not worth keeping a player if he doesn't want to be here. Is he replaceable yes will he be missed possibly. But personally Morgan Smith signed from London has age on his side and is getting better every season.
  8. I love this podcast although not necessarily a team you would expect to have a podcast from, it's a great listen and opinions I feel are always spot on. Keep up the great work when you get back on it
  9. To be fair, that's why Batley is up there for me as one of the best away trips. Their beer garden behind the main stand is epic.
  10. Although ultimately non contact won't bring in the crowds it does help with the community. I personally think every pro clubs foundation should have a program in place, its a great way to bring in new fans and links to the community and sponsors etc.
  11. The main/only link is on the RFLs social media and website and with TTR with shorts being a standard you can't really help that there will be union players however on signatures around covid we are getting emails signed off by "The RFL’s Social Rugby League team (Ant and Ashleigh) and X-League’s RL Management Team (Declan and Desmond)" which is something I haven't seen before.
  12. All done, best of luck. It's like a new version of Toulouse/Catalans and could work well in post Covid world. I can see people having weekends down there watching
  13. Speaking on the above points in about 3 weeks the only form of Rugby League that will be played outside of the Super League is X-league, currently you can play Touch (it's own sport) or Try Tag Rugby. As a chairman of a new club we are using the the above (X-league) to grow our member base and keep players interested and ball handling skills practiced. Yes it doesn't have 1 aspect of Rugby the full contact tackle but practically all other aspects are there. When people say that time old phrase of the "the games going soft"... It really isn't the RFL have the Try Tag Rugby and X-league brands that are linked to RFL development. Try Tag Rugby has massive festivals several times a year and leagues on several days a week, including a lot linked to the corporate market in London, most people play the non-contact form as they can't afford to get injured from a dodgy tackle etc. The non-contact forms offer well organised leagues and structures and other opportunities that you might not get with RL in the full contact form. There aren't many players that step up to RL or RU full contact but that is out of choice of them. On top of the work I was doing in setting up the full contact sides, I saw the value in particular in X-league due to the easy nature of the equipment needed and due to us playing under the same name as the open age, we are also putting the name of our first team out there too. When I am securing sponsorship we use the whole package, not just 1 team.
  14. In this country though if you look at the professional level, top 3 divisions of each. Super League (normally would) and Premiership have 12 fully professional teams. Championship (named the same in both) are a mixture of full time teams and part time. League 1 and National, although RL has fewer teams they have more promise and once you drop under that level to NCL and national North/South you are at "member owned" clubs with union and NCL being amateur with committees etc. Unions reach might be bigger but personally we shouldn't be comparing ourselves to them, we have our own agenda, our own heritage and fans we should do what is right for Rugby League and not peek at what they are doing, the only comparison is its a same shape ball and you can kick and throw it.
  15. Ah right fair one, I didn't know that. It be good to be branded so people can latch on to the identity even London ANSAC would work.
  16. I would also like to add as someone who is experiencing it now. Also have a roadmap and clear goals set out of what you are aiming for and what is achievement too is not always what people want to hear. I would rather have 5-10 club players that play for my team for 10-20 years than 1 player going on to playing professionally. Rugby league people seem to be negative by nature however more rugby league played at a community level for me is better than panicking boardrooms at a pro level.
  17. I would definitely think there could be work done with an "exiles" team of Aussie expats in London. Similar to the RUs London Welsh etc having London New South Wales or London Queensland could bring a few together. Try tag rugby linked the RFL has a big presence in London, hopefully X-league will too however that's maybe what most are interested in a non-contact form. Full contact wise, people say distance and congestion could be a problem, Yorkshire mens league division 5 has teams from Mansfield and Sheffield to the heartlands, although a different type of travel as in shorter distance but more congestion I don't think there are the number of teams yet to justify having N, S, E, W London leagues. The professional clubs need to keep working with the community clubs and schools and as the numbers get bigger, retention is always the next step.
  18. Has there been anymore progress with potential new ground for Swinton. I know around 2016 there were talks about having their own facility
  19. I suppose it's down to the ambition of Sheffield and what league they want to be in. At the moment the crowds aren't the biggest so they could easily link up with say Sheffield Hallam to help cover costs of ground facilities with them playing games there etc and have the uni sports courses there too.
  20. Although it's great what Thunder have done and definitely a blueprint the sporting scene is different in Sheffield. 2 large soccer clubs don't help in the city with many other football league clubs in close proximity and with 2 rugby union clubs having their own ground too. That's amongst the other non league soccer, ice hockey and Basketball and speedway. There is alot to compete for. The ideal solution would be a potential tie up with one of the unis?
  21. Bluefields in Nicaragua apparently has a good English speaking population. Not sure how good your Spanish is but definitely a bonus if looking at outside influence
  22. For season members make sure you respond to your one of 3 options and if you are ever unsure just think of how much fun we have with the York Barmy Army!
  23. To be fair Dublin Blues and Valencia were considering entering League 1 in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if they have been told already that its not happening which is why the blokes behind Valencia created this tournament
  24. Quite possibly most of the contacted Aussies came from a NRL club prior to their Wolfpack journey so for them I am sure they would easily get contracts somewhere. Hopefully the money comes in to sort them for 2021 if New York backers invest might be a conflict of interest there to have 2 teams in the system unless they use New York as Toronto reserves and sell one of them off when New York are knocking on Super Leagues door. Whilst SBW must be laughing to the bank along with Jon Wilkin too. The best learning experience surely has to be that investment in North and Central America Rugby League should be done separately to create an independent league system. There are easily enough locations that can have 5-8k attendances in a pro-league if you used imagination. The Covid-19 has even put UK&France in doubt
  25. Gilmore has gone to Ottawa so that opens the door for Connor to 'Fax
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