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    1 hour ago, spanishknight said:

    Looks like he's off to Fax.

    Yeah seen reports on that. Although disappointed to see him go, wish him the best. However on the flip side Morgan Smith from London if true he is coming in is a direct replacement. From Halifax side of things not sure if they are keeping Tom Gilmore or not but if they are Connor will have some competition for a starting place where he probably hasn't had for a while 

  2. 22 hours ago, POR said:

    agree but I would go further than that and invite  3 teams to tour  and play triple headers 

    First I would get teams out of the top tier of international rankings to play England 

    Second get teams out of the middle tier of international rankings  to play England Knights 

    Finally get teams out of the bottom tier of international rankings to play an England team made up of championship players


    That would be decent, I would play them in reverse order so you have England "A" vs Say Greece, England Knights vs Say PNG and England vs Australia all at one stadium one afternoon. 

  3. On 01/08/2020 at 07:45, georgeb1 said:

    Can't see the autumn competition going ahead now , numerous club's have pulled out and new restrictions regarding covid being imposed .   fingers crossed for a successful 2021 season with no interruptions😀😀😀

    Agreed there John. Not to be too high and mighty but a Championship comp without some of the better Championship teams doesn't make it look good. Hopefully the situation allows for a November pre-season training with fans friendlies in January 

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  4. A good referee is one that is in the middle preparation with fitness and has the ability to call out players when they get it wrong and forward pass etc. Everyone can "know the rules" no problem. Some can "know the rules" without passing a test just by going to games each week. You can do a free test online of the rugby league rules and see how well you do, however during a game you can't get subbed off for 10 mins, there is alot of running required. Players make mistakes all the time they may get an ironic cheer from the opposition fans if they do but they don't get harrassed.

    When you learn to take off your rose tinted glasses you find that referees arent biased, they make very few "mistakes" a viewing position of bang in front doesn't always help when looking at offside, forward pass, interference and grounding all things to look at door a try, without the help of a video referee. To sum up have a go and see yourself what makes a good referee, personally I think it's communication. From local to international but would love to see some fans pick up the whistle and be thrown in, a sort of if you think you can do better off you go then. 

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  5. Looking at the International game would that be part of the 5 year plan? The RLIF recommended that US and Canada host the 2025 World Cup should that happen or should it be a Europe wide held tournament (France, Spain and Italy?) and should the Ashes series or 4 nations happen again before then? 

  6. On 25/07/2020 at 10:14, Mr Plow said:

    A lot won’t like this but to be the most sensible thing to do right now would be to reintroduce licensing. SL need a plan for how they want the league to look and what direction they want to go in. 

    Have a set of standards new clubs have to have e.g 10k stadium, 5 year financial plan. Start them in Championship for 3 years before they’re eligible to apply for a place in SL

    Having a club play at the same level for a few years would be better than paying their way through the divisions and give the team and club more stability and give more confidence to SL that they can survive, develop and grow the game

    Then hopefully we won’t have another situation like we do now with Toronto. I suppose this is similar to what the NRL do but having clubs renter into the Queensland and NSW cups 

    Presumably relegating/not giving Wakefield a licence as they don't have a 10K stadium then? 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Gooleboy said:

    Didn't they play Bradford there some years ago?

    Yeah it was around 2012ish from memory could have been later but they toured a couple of stadiums played in Gillingham too. It was before their move to Barnet. 

  8. One of my mates is a Northerner working in the city and I used to go down on occasion also saw them play at Leyton Orient's ground as well which was a good size in the wrong area. I enjoyed it at Barnet too however not the easiest to get through. Fulham/London now need to be at Ealing permanently so they can establish themselves in the area. 

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  9. On 08/07/2020 at 00:35, Stirlin said:

    Had a look around the stadium a couple of weeks ago organised by the club , Chairman , Neil the general manager , Scotty and his son , Baldy and Jack Teanby plus about 10 vice pres. Entered by the hospitality entrance and had a look around the changing rooms and stuff then walked out of the players tunnel into ground....WOW , no pictures you may have seen do the place justice. Had a peek in the hospitality suites at the back of main stand and Premier Lounge and vice pres suite.

    Beer on offer is Theakstons Pale Ale , Fosters , Amstel , Bier Morreti and a couple of Strongbow ciders , I guess the same will be on offer in the main bar at ground floor level. It really is a fantastic place , just a bit of snagging left to do.

    Not sure about the bus situation , maybe Gav could answer that for you.

    Honestly can't wait to get going! Nice range of drinks too which is never a bad thing. 

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  10. 6 minutes ago, thebrewxi said:

    I thought Greece was boycotting the whole thing? Surely this will cause a few disagreements. 

    They did come out with a statement distancing themselves from it and Rhodes Knights are in the Greek league system so be will be interesting

  11. This isn't a negative but if I entered this comp in a RFL sanctioned area which "Birmingham Jaguars" definitely are would you need to fill our the tour forms and get permission from the RFL? In Europe, club RL is sanctioned by the individual nations. But as a chairman of a club if I was like OK guys we are off to Madrid to play a pre-season friendly i know it would need sanctioning by the RFL but other than that there isn't the "UEFA" club structure of Rugby League that I can find. 

  12. On a side note from full contact they also participate in a NRL Touch competition under the NZ Warriors which gets coverage on both Fox sports and Sky sports NZ and at several age grades and genders they compete in the "Trans-Tazman Test series " between Australia vs New Zealand in a 3 match test series. 

  13. 7 hours ago, OriginalMrC said:

    Currently the Euros competition is unsanctioned. The challenge Cup is an RFL tournament. The chance of any link up between the two competitions is close to zero I would say! 

    Currently Toulouse commitment to any RFL tournament other than the league is zero. If the conversations aren't had it has no chance of happening anyway 

  14. 1 hour ago, del capo said:

    The RFL sit down  every year about this time to work out the  ' Calendar ' which ties in every competition , tour etc from SL to Tier 5  into  a format for the following year to produce , hopefully , a clean flow throughout the game.

    Within that I am confident that if it is the Euro X111 organisers desire they could be  encapsulated within it.

    Definitely might convince Toulouse to enter if they are guaranteed a "home tie" at Valencia 

  15. Final has been scheduled for 13th March 2020 that weekend in 2020 was a Challenge Cup round (1st entry for Championship sides) it may shift next year however we are well into the domestic season in the Super League and RFL structure. If it was a challenge cup round and you could convince one of the teams to play their game in Valencia as a double header with the finals of the Euro 13s it might attract a decent crowd. 

  16. On 28/06/2020 at 21:09, Rhondda Outlaws said:

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Steve Bartlett, the General Manager of Rhondda Outlaws.  I've been following this thread for a while and I think its great to see healthy debate about something as new and exciting as Euro XIIIs.

    I've decided to jump on now to offer myself up to answer questions because I can see there is some confusion around the competition and the motivation of clubs joining and I've also noticed some incorrect things being repeated and I don't want rumours to become 'the truth'.

    So, ask me anything.  If I can answer I will.  Some things are commercially sensitive (either for the Euro XIIIs organisers or the Rhondda Outlaws) and some things aren't know to us yet so if your question falls in to that category, I'll let you know but other than that, I will try to be as open as possible.

    Hi Steve,

    First of all good luck on your adventure. How easy did you find the application process for the tournament? And you mentioned more sponsors which is great out of interest without naming them have are you managing to get into markets where you previously haven't? 

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  17. On 28/06/2020 at 20:12, Oldbear said:

    But if you have 16 teams, 8 games played in 1 hub city, 4 Saturday, 4 Sunday could mean you only need 4 officiating crews. Playing at the home ground of the team drawn first means double the officials needed, plus maybe some visa issues too. I suspect that if this does get off the ground they will need to announce hub cities for the first 2 rounds as well as the semis and finals and to keep costs down, plus minimize visa issues, these hub cities will be ones which a. have an airport nearby which is serviced by a low cost airline and b. is in the EU. Suggestions anyone?

    Make sense in terms of "magic weekend style" location wise Turkey are the main visa cost problem, unless as UK nationals you would have to pay a Visa to enter the EU after Brexit it should be fine, however with 3 teams from the UK already announced at present unless they start getting soccer creative and including Azerbaijan as a European country it would be only Turkey where a visa would be needed 

  18. 17 hours ago, Tommygilf said:

    Some interesting stuff in there. Perhaps anyone more knowledgeable could enlighten people as to the names mentioned?

    Its clearly positive in aspirations. I still have some reservations thats its trying to be all things to all men and worry that this has taken the RLEF and governing bodies by surprise.

    I appreciate how clubs like Brussels will be happier having a competition to play in regularly, though this won't come to full fruition till 2022. I'm still wary of how that ambition fits in with brand new clubs (Birmingham, Budapest), established clubs (Rhondda, Vrchlabi, Rotterdam, Skane), re-ignited clubs (Brussels, Copenhagen), and new "sit on top teams"/select XIIIs (Anadolu, Dublin). I'm not even sure where Valencia fits in those categories tbh. Like I say there's a risk this is trying to be all things to all men rather than nailing down what it actually is.

    Awaiting part 2 of that interview with trepidation.

    Reading between the lines not to be too negative but Dean Buchan thought the RFL would open Valencia up with open arms as an "expansion hot-spot" he soon realised this wasn't to be the case and this is how this idea came about. 

    Realistically if Valencia were accepted into League 1 in 2021 he wouldn't have cared less about the other players and nations across Europe. 

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  19. The problem is that in a way we need more competions/league structures. The NRL is a franchise and may take 1 possibly 2 more teams before it would have to reshape to add others.

    To get to Super League, the Championship already has 14 the only way to increase this would be to scrap the playoffs and it could go to 16. Same with Super League. But with Ottawa joining next year and New York the year (in League 1) after them League 1 are already up to 13 teams at that point. Rhondda Outlaws & Dublin Blues could have been League 1 contenders with Valencia a potential other. 

    Under the teams mentioned above it would leave a 16 team (no playoffs) Super League & Championship and a 12 team League 1. Leaving 4 spaces available for League 1 entry.

    For arguments sake we take Birmingham, Rotterdam, North Brussels and Budapest and put them in League 1 with Rhondda, Dublin and Valencia to make the 16 teams in each of the 3 Leagues. There would be still a further 7 teams in the Euro 13s plus teams that haven't been considered from Greece & Serbia amongst other places. 

    Although the Euro 13s in principle is a good idea, we have to be realistic, we don't know the standard of the teams involved however I would argue that the NCL can deliver better rugby league than League 1 on its day so it will have its challenges to begin with. 

    I am not saying either that I agree to increasing all 3 leagues (Super League, Championship and League 1) to 16 teams as would weaken the comps if anything but realistically, there is probably 1 more spot in League 1 after New Yorks entry presuming that all teams survive after COVID-19. That would leave 12-14-14 and with the feedback Red Star Belgrade were getting I wouldn't be surprised if it was them for that final spot. That would leave a 1 in 1 out licencing rule for future. So if you want into the RFL get buying a licence like they did at Hemel. 

  20. Although I like the idea, I wonder if the organisers have taken behind the scenes advise. The teams seem to be at a community level with a couple of decent players. I know they go a bit further but the England Community Lions and BARLA tours of down under would be good experience to chat to, to establish cost and equipment etc. Its the medical standards for me, club doctors, Concussion protecol and physios etc that need to be up to standard is it independents from the home club or do both have them.

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