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  1. Funding wise I have no idea behind the running of this comp but for argument sake it developed over the next 5 years to a pro comp where players were from the draft areas were starting careers and playing say for Dublin then going into NRL. Would it be enough for Toulouse and or Catalans to be convinced to join a Euro comp/could they actually do that?
  2. Downside likely to be busy that weekend as probably the weekend when my club season starts and if not depends on the championship fixtures but the idea of Valencia at that time of year is a good one.
  3. Challenge Cup wise there are 4 championship and 1 league 1 side left in the draw which is a nice odd number for them. It will be interesting to see what they do with that if Championship & League 1 decide to cancel but Super League comes back. One way I suppose is to finish the super league season and bring the challenge Cup back as late as possible or do you cancel it for this year or give super league teams byes (?)? Personally the 1895 Cup would be good as a January friendly tournament playing final in a double header with a home friendly that say Leeds have.
  4. To be fair depending where they hold the final or if they do a double header semi final in an attractive area for example Portugal/Dublin or Valencia, I maybe tempted with a weekend trip it could be similar to going to watch Toulouse/Catalans away in the atmosphere sense.
  5. It's like any business plan ever. You start off with a business idea, you run your feasibility studies and marketing ideas and build the brand and from there you develop your roadmap or business plan
  6. Since we are on the subject of European clubs, does anyone know what the scene is like in Portugal, I know they did have quite ambitious plans for youth development at one time and there is an expat community albeit maybe older there, Union 7s seems to do OK from what I have seen, Portugal are/have been on the world circuit. So you would say there could potential not sure location wise would be best, but there is an Algarve stadium although someone is bound to say move magic weekend there!
  7. I saw this, although their statement I thought was professional from the Greek RL, you could tell they weren't happy at being misled. It does seem a bit potentially concerning as to how many of the interested parties mentioned as this progressed are fully committed. Not having any Greek teams or Red Star Belgrade is a big loss but I don't blame them especially when they have their own interests.
  8. I certainly see it affecting the City more than the Knights with them being full time and having an academy. I imagine the City wage bill to be quite high in context especially with no gate money
  9. I imagine when they invited Cineworld into the complex they would have said we need to open by x date otherwise fines etc
  10. The Whistling Wren at Leigh Sports Village is run by Marstons and is definitely not a pub you would associate with sports but made for a good location close to the ground
  11. Portacabin in carpark like at Summer Bash will do!
  12. Looking at those stats its quite something when you look at the average age of the players with the higher game time there. I know Stats is more of an American thing but I do like to keep an average tries per game ratio or appearances per age too. Keep up the great work Pete ! See you Sunday
  13. Can confirm James Ford as guest for 17th June
  14. A few pubs and Burton Lane Club are due to put buses on there and back. I think it's 3.5 miles from BC to monks cross although for the likes of me that doesnt matter as not starting my journey at Bootham!
  15. It is on our agenda for the Harrogate Knights meeting on 27th May at 7:30pm at the Empress (excuse the plug). However I have started (Stu Morris) a standing order from my bank for £10 per month if we think we get on average 1600+ regular home fans out of that probably in the region of 1000 adults. If everyone was doing between £5-10 a month thats we would be raking in £5000-10,000 a month which could go a hell of a long way recruitment wise. I am not saying everyone can afford to do that much or that everyone should do that much but a recruitment drive maybe some prizes put forward by club sponsors or even a sponsor of a raffle draw itself as a Squadbuilder draw or similar could help?
  16. Its certainly an option if they can sort out visas etc. Using a resource that is there but not fully tapped into
  17. We dont seem to get enough players from South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. There are loads of union players, playing over here from SA but surely a market worth tapping. I genuinely think you could have several options the typical quick wingers/centres and massive props/2nd rowers. A host club with a good reserve grade/DR system might be the best way forwards to get players to come over, similar to how Nigeria are progressing with link up clubs or a league 1 club that thinks outside the box like Coventry or London Skolars
  18. Judah Mazive at York formerly of Wakefield academy , Masimbaashe Matongo of Hull FC and Donald Kudangirana (Formerly of Dewsbury) were all born in Zimbabwe all with potential on their day although cant think of any more you would hope that due to the polictical climate there, the posibility of getting more players into the leagues over here would be an option worth exploring
  19. There is also the HogsHead in Huntington which used to be the Flag & Whistle which could be another option. Cant wait to move in!
  20. Alot has been said about the location of the new stadium and we will lose city centre connections etc with pubs and the like. I was having a brief look at pubs in the area the stand out for me looks like the Blacksmith Arms in Huntington, YO32 9RB which (i havent been) looks like a nice venue and only 1.5 miles away from the stadium too, although advertised as a food pub they do mention they have a large beer garden and a large car park for the drivers. Any other suggestions?
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