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  1. Johnstone is the king at those superman tries. You've got to love bazza, for all his mistakes and cliches, his enthusiasm for the game is top
  2. FC have got a formidable set of forwards. Who's got the best gym stats and who lifts the most pound for pound?
  3. I really enjoyed it and the world cup 9s. Anyone know why Shaun Johnson wasn't playing?
  4. Great post match analysis here from Sezer, a real insight into playing as a half Edit: credit to Jon Wells too
  5. Brown throwing the headbutts! Nice bit of aggro should add some spice to the closing 5 mins
  6. Mate Welsh independence will never happen, thankfully. Most us of aren't closet racists with a perverse hatred or at best mild dislike of anything english.
  7. Embarrassing to see a 'Yes cymru' flag amongst the away support. Great way to alienate fans and potential fans by politicizing it Good away support otherwise
  8. Great game this. Fair play to KR, the team on paper looks pretty poor but they are giving it a right go
  9. Haha, i know a few people that need to be wary if you can contract it that way
  10. Good on him, i hope he tears it up and continues to give the aussies some back in the mould of previous successful British exports. I'm already sick of reading comments from aussie fans, genuine quotes mind, that SBW only played so average and dropped the ball so often was due to the low standard of super league players around not getting his level, apparently. Just a general observation, but Thompson was quite quiet by his standards in the Lions tour. Even more kudos to him for going down under and wanting to meet that standard every single week and test himself
  11. Is that true that Austin is wearing the headband to protect his hairstyle? Good God. Then he starts crying about a hand in the face, a player gets a red for a mistimed tackle. Tempted to turn the tv off if this the way the season is going
  12. Never a red. Otherwise every mistimed tackle is going to be a red. Might as well just pack up and go home
  13. Mate calm down, i have no intention of winding anyone up and i don't mean to offend anyone, certainly not Moz. As to the Salford guff, its lost on me. I just quoted a few prominent players who seemed to repeat an opinion to various extents and was curious as to why, as Moz was largely before my time. The thread was only ever meant as the equivalent of a pub chat over a trivial matter
  14. Seems people have got their knickers in a twist. Morley was an absolute beast on the pitch, of that there is no doubt. I just find it humorous and somewhat paradoxical that a guy who had everything, built for probably the most physical sport of all, in the most physical position and at the top of his game "can't fight his way out of a paper bag". And yes i would say physically dominating your opponent on the pitch is very transferable to dominating someone in a scrap. Just my opinion
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