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  1. Unfortunately no lottery numbers, I'm afraid, captain hindsight. Maybe you can tell us the numbers after they've been drawn, though? Joking aside, excellent from the Red Devils. Would love them to do saints
  2. Genuinely interested to hear where you think this mentality is coming from? I've not noticed anything overt bar the standard Anglo-French ######-tat in the media. Unless you're resorting to the obvious, lazy assertion that anyone who voted Brexit, i.e. the majority, is a fervent anti-frenchie who feels emboldened and some 6 years after the vote, has decided to act on it
  3. People are perfectly entitled to their decision, so why shouldn't these players be allowed one? The sponsors logos argument is a deflection, there are advertisements on TV at half time, ads at the side of the pitch, etc that likely contrast with people's views and beliefs. But making players wear a unique shirt in active celebration / promotion of something is completely different. Else I'll expect everyone to wear a special, one off st David's day shirt on 1 march each year to recognise Welsh heritage, shall I? Lest I be offended that someone is promoting something I believe in, that otherwise has no relevance to them
  4. Off topic and apologies if covered elsewhere, but what pubs are fans planning to go to pre game, seeing as it's not at Wembley and so the usual places are off limits?
  5. Of course hypothetical, but yes, I think they'd be in that mix. They're operating at a level so far above the rest currently in SL, genuine competition would only improve them further. Look how good they are defensively currently, NRL levels
  6. Saints have been really good for a consistent period now (the Cunningham years, remember them?). They just seem to get better and better each year, the small percentage increases across the board, whereas other teams have stood still or shuffled along. I think saints are that good, they'd probably be the third best team in the NRL right now
  7. Dave Woods' pronunciation of hyperbole was a belter. "Hyper-bowl"
  8. Really frustrating. He seemed destined for big things, over achieved with the Broncos, was on the GB Lions tour as an assistant, and now we lose him to some team I've never heard of, and I live near that part of London.
  9. I'd suggest people read the player's reply on Instagram, she laughs it off, appreciates all her new followers and says it's a bit of a laugh but she isn't bothered by it. But it seems people on here are desperate to be offended on her behalf; that a male has sought to see the funny side
  10. Some absolute sad sacks on this thread, fair play
  11. Aside from yourself, who's the toughest in a scrap in the Wigan team? Is Australia all its cracked up to be? What's the biggest difference in training methods between the UK and Oz? Did you get your teeth done in Turkey?
  12. Some good advice above. Anywhere SW or west really, where there are large Aussie communities. Ealing, west acton, Hammersmith, Clapham. I was in the Ram Inn in SW18 on Sunday for the F1. Provided there is no footy on, upstairs will show any sport you want. The owner is really friendly, maybe worth phoning to check
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