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  1. Personally I think this is good news and means I would be able to get to a few more games next season, whereas if it was Flintshire I would give it a miss. Cefn druids I don't think would really work, it's just too small and out of the way for most. I say that and i live 200 yards away from the Rock. Wrexham fc, the less said about that offer the better. If that's their approach then I won't even bother wasting my money to go and watch them occasionally
  2. Looking at that squad, shorn of the down under stars, there are a lot of average players in the mix. Imagine if we had to play the Aussies with a squad selected only from those lot,
  3. No Reagan Grace I see. Is he injured or just defintely not in the squad then. Good decisions ref Knowles and Coote, they should make the final cut too
  4. Since they've clamped down on giving freebie penalties around the ptb, darryl Clark's career has effectively faded into impotence
  5. Need to get bryson goodwin off following that head injury, his defensive lapses have cost 2 tries there
  6. I think it's pretty poor quality on show, am tempted to put the footy on and I don't even like football. Just so many dropped balls, passes going astray etc. Not a good standard and whilst the weather doesn't help, it shouldn't excuse it. An NRL team would absolutely pump cats or leeds
  7. Pretty poor game on show here. A rubbish Leeds side being made to look ok by a woeful catalans. Typical away performance from the French team
  8. Good to see, flower, dudson et al. back full stop. They have a habit of selecting when they want to play for Wales and we simply don't have the strength in depth not to have them. Surely only a matter of time before Knowles is picked for England. Best loose in super league, we're lucky to still have him
  9. Great win for KR. Leeds have been in a bit of form and to go to headingley and pump the rhinos shows heart and some real quality at times
  10. If Hull KR had kicked all their conversions and penalties, they'd have close to 50 points on Leeds at headingley
  11. Blimey, 22-1 to London in the 2nd half. Shame about the 34 points shipped in the first half.
  12. Great article and interviewee. I suspect a lot of neutrals have a soft spot for London and Battye epitomises the team's never-say-die approach
  13. How did the forum go for anyone that attended? Why the desire to move from Queemsway? Whilst not smack bang in the middle of town, as you say, what alternative is there? Queensway reminds me of those Aussie grounds, with the banked, grasses pitch sides. I like it and walkable in 15 mins from the middle of town Edit, I've just seen your comment on the plastic free thread ref. moving grounds. Interesting on moving away from Wrexham, my initial instinct would be that's a bad idea. Obvs Wrexham is the biggest town in north Wales and i don't see a deeside or other Flintshire area pulling any crowds. I've not actively followed Cru that long, but it seems odd to consider moving, just as you're getting settled in a location. It would put occasional fans off I suspect and only the hardcore would follow, thus having to build a new fanbase in a new location. Btw, thanks for the update generally, much appreciated
  14. Get in Cru. Frustratingly inconsistent for us but we can beat anyone on our day, just need to learn to click for the full 80 week in week out
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