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  1. Not been assigned a squad number for Catalans now.
  2. To borrow an Aussie phrase, I thought this guy was a bit of a gun. Surprised he was released from Huddersfield and think he'll do well at Thunder. Plus a big signing of intent from them too
  3. His Twitter feed is just scary. He must have posted a genuine 1,000+ posts, all rambling, incoherent, disturbing statements, all within two days. Quite glad I don't have Instagram if that's worse
  4. That's for the input, captain hindsight. If you read the thread on this forum a few weeks / months back, opinion was very divided on how much the game would have to be sanitised to remove concussions completely, if that was even at all possible. I simply stated that hearing Stevie's comments made me rethink the whole situation
  5. Feel for Stevie. Him retiring is a big loss to the game. I've been a bit cynical when it comes to the effects of concussion and general impacts encountered during the game, but his words (from the BBC article at least) do ram home the impact. I wouldn't want to go through 10% of what he has.
  6. I can only imagine he was on much more than Marshall and so it was a commercial decision as much as anything. Only my opinion but he's miles better than Marshall, who is pretty average. But agree that Burgess was suffering from a dip in confidence perhaps
  7. 3 years ago, wow, time flies I remember boarding a plane watching the first half. Had to get the results via the cabin crew, who asked the pilots who got the result from air traffic control back in blighty (well our plane had to relay to another plane closer to home as we were out of range over the Atlantic, very convoluted, I know) Was absolutely gutted afterwards. Only tempered by the 10 days all inclusive I had in Jamaica. Would have swapped it for 10 days in Rhyl if England would have won, and I'm Welsh
  8. Jeesh mate, let it go. Must be quite a burden carrying that chip on your shoulder. The topic is the GB lions. I'd love a few northern Irish lads to make a really UK team in future, along with some Welsh and Scottish to add to the English players. If lads from the republic want to play, I'd have no issue. Someone like Brian Carney is a great example, he's proud of his Irish heritage and doesn't bang on about it (too much). But it's the GB lions, if they have an issue with Britain or the UK or Cromwell, the Queen, or whatever hang up the Irish carry, then don't play, no-one is forced to.
  9. That article mentions he was a quota spot - what does that mean? Surely he wasn't a marquee player?
  10. So in a two hour broadcast, a commentator makes a questionable use of an adjective in describing a 28 year old as young, before correcting himself and laughing it off in a self deprecatory manner. The other description of Roby is perfectly valid, so if anything you've made yourself look silly. So one questionable use of terminology is the best example you can highlight in order to describe the commentary as poor? Wow.
  11. I'm not sure if you're splitting hairs here or just trying to jump on the anti Baz n Tez bandwagon in an attempt to hang onto the coat-tails of perceived popular opinion The commentator (neither Baz not Tez) immediately corrected himself on 'young' Joe Bullock, whilst by most accounts Roby is an old warhorse, he's one of the few contemporaries of Lockers and Jammer
  12. Awful decision. Gildart tackled Walmsley then and eventually as the latter fell down, Gildarts hand brushed his face. Is that a penalty?
  13. Did anyone else notice how much footage of saints was featured in the pre march build up montage? If this is a sign of things to come, clearly an indication that the authorities will be doing everything they can to ensure saints win this That's a joke by the way
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