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  1. Catalans look devoid of any ideas in attack. As the guys picked up on in the studio beforehand, Fages and Abdull kick well but aren't creative. Les Dracs have had so many sets on the wire line and whilst good defence, you still need to score
  2. Just watched bits of the game back after having been in the stadium. Atmosphere doesn't come across well on TV but good atmosphere there today and for the fans who had a look, am end to end game is always a winner
  3. What an idiotic move. What was the point of going for a short drop out
  4. Yes mate, it was only his kick that set up the try in the first place, makes sense to get rid of him. I take it you're an Adonis btw
  5. Crowd needs to up the noise. 1st game of the season, a man down yet leading Can be a funny lot at time, the french
  6. Moaning about Barry and Tez is now a bigger cliché than the verbiage that emits from their mouths nowadays
  7. The tired old moan about Barry and Terry again. It's Barry co-commentating, Terry isn't even there. If you're going to jump on the bandwagon, at least know which is which
  8. It says it's a HD broadcast, but pretty pants if so. How sexy does that broncos shirt look. Might have to ask the missus to get me one
  9. If that Pele is going to have a lot of time on his hands and the government is forcing us into conscription, he can go off and do a tour of duty. He looks and seems an animal, would not want to accidentally block his car in on the driveway
  10. How was your back so enormous back in the day? What exercises were you doing on back day? (genuine questions)
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