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  1. It wasn't a pile driver, but his head was the first part of his body to hit the ground and his legs were above the horizontal prior to this, with the tacklers momentum driving the impact. There can't be any ambiguity in cases like this imo. Should be a yellow card minimum
  2. Great to see and nice work BBC Gareth Kear is amazing for welsh rugby league. I know it's his job, but he's always across social media promoting the game.
  3. Should be a yellow card, the tackle took him over the horizontal and then was driven, unintentionally, head first into the ground. Hope he's ok
  4. Yes. With an Oxford shirt (the style, not the club, if there is one). On first sight, I was intrigued to ask him what the connection was, as RL merchandise in London is almost never seen, unless it's NRL, and his accent was very much upper middle class. Plus it's always good to chat league (unless they're a Saints fan), but after the way he spoke to his missus, I didn't bother. He deserved a slap, if anything.
  5. This is the humourous thing, I was in fancy South West London eating a meal outdoors, with the chap on the table next to me wearing a nice pair, albeit looked a few seasons old. He was one of the poshest blokes I'd ever heard speak, but spent the whole time arguing with his missus, so I never got the chance to solve the conundrum. But I daresay he'd never stepped foot in Wakey in his life
  6. All very noble of you. As someone else has mentioned above, I'm sure the Uighurs (spelling?) are enjoying their education at the hands of the Chinese govt
  7. Was randomly looking to buy a pair of Wakey replica shorts and naturally went on their website. Look at the state of this, can't even be bothered to iron them or take a photo in focus. Their definition of navy blue looks suspect too https://newshop.wakefieldtrinity.com/product/trinity-navy-shorts/
  8. The bit in bold I find rather sinister. Who defines what constitutes mandatory education? I dont know what Inu said btw, so offering no comment on that. I imagine he'll be a big loss to them though, hasn't he been one of their better performers hitherto?
  9. I don't go on this forum all that much, but assume this guy is a parody account?
  10. Don't start the UK v Oz comparisons again . Nothing gets posters on here more worked up than someone questioning their gap year in Australia and it being the greatest place on earth.
  11. A pretty successful try at that, too, I would say. The very next post came up with a clichéd expression of moral judgement / faux outrage. But I'm glad we've got you on these boards to determine the moral high ground, I'm now suitably reassured
  12. Is that a rhetorical question to yourself, as I never said, nor intimated that Eddie spoke for anyone other than himself? The fact that he has to qualify his statement, whilst daring to divert from the prevailing narrative, is a sad indictment of current debate
  13. Not sure where the relevance is to any of the previous discussions we were having. You seem to be implying that I'm against others expressing their opinion. I earlier expressed a prescient opinion (you know, one of the things you believe in), that given the previous threads ref Folau on here, isn't anything new given the polarised thoughts. But you've seem to have taken umbrage with it, I can take a guess as to why.
  14. Just be honest, you've got your knickers in a twist that Eddie is one of the people you wish to patronise by speaking for, on their behalf, when he's clearly stated he's not bothered by Folau's comments and is able to make an objective opinion regardless
  15. Blimey, a sensible post. Don't worry, I'm sure there'll be people commenting shortly, looking to be offended on your behalf. I don't get why the article keeps referring to him getting back to playing league, as if hasn't just spent last season at Les Dracs
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