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  1. So people aren't allowed freedom of choice now? As to me taking a knee, no I wouldn't. We live in a democracy, not some Orwellian state where non-compliance is a crime. Politics should be kept out of sport, full stop.
  2. You disagree with him on this - do you even know the reasons why he didn't take a knee? Be careful you don't fall from that high horse
  3. Terrible decision to disallow the Raiders try for obstruction. That rule needs reviewing, otherwise it will just encourage playing for obstruction penalties at every opportunity
  4. Luke Thompson's day-boo isn't it? Worth a watch just for that. Best prop in SL for sometime but wasn't quite as effective as some hoped in the GB tour (neither was anyone else tbf)
  5. Good on the lad. He's gone over there, effectively said NRL, completed it mate and is now coming to his home country on a bumper deal that he could never have earned had he stayed. Plus he's close to his family and young daughter, mates etc. And just maybe he doesn't think Oz is all it's cracked up to be (Wigan > Canberra)
  6. Wasnt that the year SBW won most awards going, including world player of the year or whatever it is
  7. "It's the best sport in the world... and probably the only sport in the world right now" Ha, great commentary
  8. Ha yeah that was weird, seemingly breaking a pair of imaginary handcuffs
  9. You'll be fine in most of norn-iron tbh. I've knocked round in a rangers shirt around Belfast
  10. Manfredi, Burgess and French all without question better, so thats 4th. Personally i rate Davies over him, so that nudges him down to 5th
  11. Marshall is pretty average, probably the 4th or 5th best winger at Wigan, just my opinion of course and i say that as a Wigan fan. The worst tho is his awful gesticulating to the referee, every single time he plays from dummy half. An awful example to youngsters
  12. Anyone know that the sizing of the kit is like? Jeez, you sound a barrel of laughs
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