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  1. Wasnt that the year SBW won most awards going, including world player of the year or whatever it is
  2. "It's the best sport in the world... and probably the only sport in the world right now" Ha, great commentary
  3. Ha yeah that was weird, seemingly breaking a pair of imaginary handcuffs
  4. You'll be fine in most of norn-iron tbh. I've knocked round in a rangers shirt around Belfast
  5. Manfredi, Burgess and French all without question better, so thats 4th. Personally i rate Davies over him, so that nudges him down to 5th
  6. Marshall is pretty average, probably the 4th or 5th best winger at Wigan, just my opinion of course and i say that as a Wigan fan. The worst tho is his awful gesticulating to the referee, every single time he plays from dummy half. An awful example to youngsters
  7. Anyone know that the sizing of the kit is like? Jeez, you sound a barrel of laughs
  8. Walker is England/ GB's future hooker, he's already class. Cheyse Blair looks pretty solid in the forwards, there can't be too many players that can play prop, 2nd row and centre
  9. Agreed. The strength in depth just isn't there, in fact it's scarily absent. Farrell would do a solid job if called upon, the other two would be exposed
  10. All fair points. Whatever his reason, it must be legitimate. As we don't know the reason, all we can do is speculate but it would be interesting to hear why
  11. Crazy and a shame in equal measure. In theory he should be at his most motivated now more than any point in his career; just made his debut, in the first team squad for the first time, recent junior international
  12. How are the wolfpack at the salary cap with this squad, it's terrible
  13. Johnstone is the king at those superman tries. You've got to love bazza, for all his mistakes and cliches, his enthusiasm for the game is top
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