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  1. The Wales team is ok, but nothing more than that. We would get 50 points put on us by any top tier nation (unless Bennett remains in charge of England). That is not going to attract any new fans in decent number, whereas a competitive GB team could just stir a wider consciousness. I'm not saying abolish England or any home nation btw. As to the lions shirt, yes 100%. I grew up in wrexham and apart from the 6 nations, you hardly ever see wales union shirts, whereas British lions shirts seem fairly numerous.
  2. I disagree with the article and the general consensus here. How do you expect to attract floating Welsh, Scottish and irish fans into the sport without something like the Lions? The casual fans in those nations generally won't be overly excited about watching 'England' play a test match whereas if they feel part of something like the GB lions, its enough to pique that interest. Im Welsh and i never see an england rugby shirt, for obvious reasons, but see loads of British lions shirts. What's more, national broadcasters like the BBC almost have a duty to broadcast something representing the UK. Team england could potentially be shunted off the schedules under the argument its not in the national interest As Oliver says above, terrible organisation led to the poor attendances and its easy to criticise with the benefit of hindsight, of which there seem to be too many experts on here
  3. Lol, yes, because a touring England team would have done so much better, what with exactly the same players and coach
  4. Didn't the England knights win out here in the last 12 months? Absolutely no leadership shown out on the pitch. For all the ###### tactics, the players arent covering themselves in glory
  5. We've gone backwards since game 1 on a severe downward trajectory. The Tonga game looks a good result now
  6. Png unlucky not to get a try there, i thought he just grounded it before the line. Amazing athleticism, the PNG winger was like superman
  7. Lol, far too realistic an assessment of events, people here won't take to that kind of honesty. It won't fit with their agenda that GB lions is rubbish and needs to be disbanded, whereas englund in this tour would have smashed everyone and Australia would have been so scared at the sheer sight of this englund team that not only would they have immediately forfeited the 2021 WC, they would have relinquished the 2017 trophy too
  8. Yeah it was certainly special the last time Saints hosted the WCC. They were pummelled 39-0 by Souths. First and last time I have been to watch them
  9. 58-0 to Wales Highlights here: https://wrl.wales/baptism-of-fire-for-lithuania-in-their-first-ever-international Not sure what the Lithuanians standing at least 10 yards behind the play the ball is all about when in possession! Good effort though, the Wales dragonhearts beat a solid England south east team recently
  10. That's the thing, we do care and your presumptuous, contemptuous attitude, coupled with Bennett's decision to omit Grace will be a reason why the casual viewer from outside the heartlands won't pursue a fleeting interest the series may have brought. Grace is the perfect decision in every way; the series is lost so treat PNG as a trial, get some wider representation to attract the floating Welsh fans and perhaps most importantly, the team is crying out for some pace in the backs. Austin looked quite handy on the wing when hitting the line at speed, imagine Grace with his combination of speed and footwork
  11. Let's give new Zealand some credit here too, as all the focus is on the GB team. The Kiwis had to sustain a lot of pressure in the second half and whilst it wasn't the most inventive attack, they still stopped a selection of the best forwards in the game from bashing over the line time and again whilst their tries were pretty good viewing.
  12. I'm not sure if you're implying I'm a secret advocate of Salford or have some agenda against saints, neither of which is true. I love Thompson and the way he plays, he just smashes the other super league forwards all over the place. But in the game today he never made any post contact metres, ditto Walmsley, they were both stopped dead in their tracks. Chris Hill, who I'm not a massive fan of, was our best prop. That's the way I saw it. Elliot whitehead is an absolute warrior, does so much hard graft and never plays less than 8/10. He for me should be captain. Graham is not that effective any more and is not a loose.
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