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  1. 44 c in 2006 for the final TO XIII vs pia un toulouse
  2. Did you watch the match last week in Toronto ? Both Team where very close, toulouse missing 9 players including Kheirallah, Ford, Curran, ader, Marguerite, bergal, Puech.. some of the best players.
  3. Current injury : Kheirallah, Curran, Bentley marguerite, ader, bergal, breterthon. Ford will be back in 2 weeks.
  4. Toulouse today plays whithout : Ford, Curran, ader, bergal,bretherton, Bentley, and Kheirallah after 10 minutes. 6 of their major players. So it was a good win !
  5. Toulouse injuries : Ford, Bell, vaivai, bergal, Bentley, Marguerite, Robin, Evans,and now Mika and ader.
  6. Vaivai, Curran, marcon,Bentley,Bell,bergal,dezeria,sangareoff Yesterday. Most if them are major players...
  7. Colomiers is 5 miles away from toulouse
  8. Toulouse squad is 28 players. 20 are french and most of them come from the Academy. The reserve Team playing french elite compétition is a squad of 38 players including 14 academy players aged 17 TO 20 years old.
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