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  1. When you come To toulouse, let me know and i will tell you what To do.
  2. I heard they were counting on you To tell them what to do….
  3. TO were toulouse spacers at the beginning of the 2000’s
  4. There are 18 french players under 21 in the formation center….
  5. For the reserve team, and in the formation center.
  6. Interesting to see that you and few others after spiting on toulouse all season, you still are very aware on what append for TO.don’t you have à club to support ?
  7. Poor ? They were 9 points ahead whith 15 mn To go…
  8. Toulouse were the best team during 65 mn and then begin to do so Manu errors…
  9. Lloyd is also an excellent scrum half or loose forward
  10. Garcia, pezet, stefani, depeyre for toulouse
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