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  1. 4 hours ago, Eddie said:

    Why are the chances of getting to 7k good? They get around 1k home fans at the moment. Would you say Oldham or Sheffield Eagles chances of getting 7k were good if they went up and started the season well too? The jump from what they get now to 7k is enormous. 

    They average around 3k , and over 5k twice and over 6k once for big matchs in championship . Since they move To ernest wallon stadium they allready average one more k in the beginning of last season. In SL they will esealy average 6k the first season. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Cumbrian Mackem said:

    Threat of Relegation and why should Catalan fill their side full of French players blah, blah, blah.

    Dezaria and Bergal were quite successful at Leigh and should have stuck around in either super league or the championship with another English team. As should more French players like Albert and marguerite etc.

    Bergal plays for toulouse but had a long injury. He will be ok this year. Dezeria played for toulouse during 2 years but never show enough To be in the squad. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Cumbrian Mackem said:

    Which French players prefer to play at a lower level and presumably less money?

    if there is any then I suspect they are a small minority,

    They all want To play in SL, but with toulouse. Kheirallah or Ford had many proposition with SL clubs, but prefer To stay in toulouse. Great city, good coach and strong ambition. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Lowdesert said:

    I think they will improve but it will be 2021/22.  Although from a video and not close in, they looked a very ‘green’ team v Esteve, especially in decision making from the halves.  Similar v Lezignan.  TO have some decent players but not enough muscle to set a regular platform or defend the attritional way both the above play. 

    I think they also got slugged by VSL?  Not sure, maybe I am mixed up with Lezignan.  Limoux will be a test for them as well.  

    Great league this.  Why we hear of teams setting their stall out for League 1 entry baffles me.  The common sense and cost effective way is improve Elite 1 and get into the schools & colleges!

    The TO reserve team job is To give to the pro team new french player every year. And that what they do : jusseaume, marcon, ader, puech, marion, lima, sangare, etc.. next will be : pezet, Bouscayrol, Garcia...  building for the future instead of buying antipodeans... it takes time To build. Dont want To be Toronto bis... 

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    I'm not sure those different things should be investing millions in virgin territory though. 

    There is a lot to be said for getting our house in order and focusing on UK and French expansion. With the growth of Newcastle and Toulouse there is a case to say that is what we are doing. 

    Superleague needs newcastle, york, london, bradford, Manchester, toulouse, To looks like SUPERleague.... then a good sky deal. 

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  6. 8 hours ago, Tex Evans Thigh said:

    Who is the clear best long-term option then? It wasn't very clear to me as all had pros and cons and would you really want to dump your 'clear best long-term option' into SL with little time to prepare and half the funding just for them to get pumped and set back years? Great long-term thinking that. 

    I'm not a Leigh fan but in terms of being able to compete with the squad they have pulled together and the signings Degsy is able to make, they should be competitive. They play out of arguably the best stadium of the 6, have a strong fanbase and have had consistent on-field success in recent times. 

    I assume you wanted Toulouse or London. Toulouse are too much of a risk at the moment and dont give the SL teams what they want next year - income, nor do they sell Sky subscriptions or Bet Fred slips. London have a poor squad, play in a park, have 50 fans and currently offer incredibly little other than the name 'London'. 

    The next couple of years are much better opportunities for the rest of the championship clubs to plan, get promoted and have the proper funding and time to give SL a proper crack. Put your dummy back in.

    Best stadium of the 6 is toulouse by far.....

  7. 9 hours ago, PEANUT HEAD said:

    I agree bring back franchising get get rid of the deadwood cas wakey salford hkr get some teams in with a bit of ambition like fev Toulouse york.

    1/Leigh,wakefield,castelford,salford,warrington,huddersfield....                                                                2/London,york,newcastle,bradford,toulouse,Sheffield....                                                                             is 1or2 the super league Europe ?

  8. 5 hours ago, langpark said:

    Does anyone know where Toulouse plan to play next season?  I hope they persist with their plans to play at Ernest Wallon, I know their crowds will look small in there, but it will give them an extra motivation to get bigger crowds along.

    They share definitly ernest wallon. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Johnoco said:

    Beyond a guarantee of a few thousand fans attending games, (virtually all of them existing RL fans anyway) I can’t see anything added to SL.
    No disrespect to Leigh, I have absolutely nothing against them and in themselves are a decent club. But they aren’t going to stimulate wider growth and interest in the game or new punters. In a word - boring.

    Why choose the best when you sure can have the worst... day after day, superleague is becoming a district league. Sad 

  10. 5 hours ago, Snowys Backside said:

    Technically, they have taken the expansion option in the Championship with Newcastle.

    Will they make it 2/2 with Toulouse or is it to ease the Burden of the decision they want to make ?

    People on here are adamant and obsessed its Bradford or Toulouse. I really don't understand why ?  Is it because they are both big Cities or something ?  Chris Caisley coming back with his Brown envelopes ?  Odslum being influxed with Solar panels to burn away the fog, Ice and snow ?  Toulouse going to give away 10000 free tickets like Toronto and say they are the next big hotshot ?

    I really dont know. IF SLE want to be taken seriously, they will give the vacant spot to the most suitable candidate on and off the pitch for the most suitable reasons. If it is neither Bradford or Toulouse, I hope some of the posters eat their words a little. I get Toulouse (a bit) but they will burn the cash like a hot knife through butter (ala Paris), Bradford ??  absolutely not.

    Good luck to the others. Too Early for York who will be just as less competitive than Bradford, same with London, but Leigh and Fev will give it a damn good go of it on the pitch. Good luck to them.

    THATS WHAT I PAY MY SKY SUBSCRIPTION FOR !! I want to see a good competitive game of rugby, not a 60-0 blow out in a dump of a concrete bowl or some alleged Mediterranean Paradise full of really, average players. Away from home, Toulouse are poor !

    Last season toulouse away win fev, leigh, york, bradford etc.. could be worse 

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  11. 2 hours ago, audois said:

    Sorted.I understand . After the Intervention of the National Olympique and Sports Federations. So Luc Lacoste back in the race Saturday. Bit bizarre that this candidate is supported by both Bernard Guasch and Bernard Sarrazain owners of the Catalans Dragons and Toulouse Olympique respectively.

    Should it be bizarre if they support an other candidat ?

  12. 4 hours ago, Tex Evans Thigh said:

    I imagine this will upset a few people, but given the current situation it’s worth assessing the long term value of French inclusion in SL.

    Catalans in their own right a success according to the report, which I think everyone agrees with. However, it’s clear that SL is subsidizing SL for Catalans rather than the other way around. Despite the fanfare they offer nothing other than a pin in the map and a good away trip.

    Given Toulouse is a much weaker club, why are we even entertaining them as an option? The fantasy needs to end, everyone from families to business are focusing on their strengths. French teams is English leagues is not a strength.


    Some people don t even see the tip of their noze....

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