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  1. We both know the team like the Toronto team will be filled with Northern Englishmen and some Aussies and Kiwis. Who are you trying to kid?
  2. It's strange. All other sports dont seem to have issues playing there this time of year. Are they that worried about crowds? Oh Dear Cookey
  3. I'm not a troll I'm correcting the rubbish Pulga sold you Northern Englishmen that dont know the goings on here in Australia. It's not called being a troll
  4. Queensland, NSW is Correct. ACT is Soccer and AFL and Victoria is AFL. The Melbourne storms junior sides and feeder clubs come fresh out of.. Queensland. Even after 20 years of existence. Poor old Pulga has sold you blokes a beauty
  5. Hardly Exist in Australia? Is that like the Wallabies and the Socceroos the only real National football teams we have in Oz? Is that like soccer that has 10 times the kids and adult participants than Rugby League? Is that like the ALeague a true National sporting competition unlike the 2 state NRL?? Yea Rugby Union and Soccer are hardly existent ????
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