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  1. He'll be sorting out his own severance pay.
  2. Are we aloud to laugh at this or even like it?
  3. Is this really still going on! As good old Stevo used to say "It's fish & chip paper now". Move on.
  4. Awful watching the sheds after the game, that was a hard watch.
  5. Very good. Here's a more traditional version. Beautiful! Fields of Athenry (Live) - glenn&ronan - YouTube
  6. Wakey will look back on tonight's game and think that's one that got away.
  7. See that's where (amongst others) the sport at the moment is flawed. Nobody is playing to the same rules. Surely everybody has to be playing to the same rules regardless at what level you're at.
  8. Barrie always makes me laugh. You can guarantee at least once every game, he starts talking, then about 10 seconds later his brain realises, and he hasn't got a clue what he was saying and comes out with all sorts of rubbish.
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