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  1. I think he's signed for Rochdale
  2. In the paper Riley has signed for haven today, no massive loss in my opinion
  3. Star in particular came on massively half way through the season. Weaker opposition in league 1 and a full season behind them to get adjusted I'm sure they'll be amongst our best players. Also as people have touched on the work they do in the community helps the clubs image massively
  4. You've got a cracker there! Makes big yards plays big minutes and his offload game is second to none
  5. Just too add I think it's bad the person in charge of our social media is posting things like signed up with a picture of our recent French signing on Facebook and commenting on a post of susino leaving calling him a sell out. Joking or not this is highly unprofessional from somebody involved in the club
  6. Wish nothing but susino the best I hope he gets a shot in SL soon, pure class.
  7. Walker signed on at Haven, if he can hit the form he was in in his in his first season in a half with us he'll be an excellent signing. If he carries on how he did this season just gone he won't be a massive miss for us.
  8. Ford maybe on a 3 year deal too, not sure if the young lads contracts are void with us going down
  9. PNG lads are staying on 2 year deals which is brilliant news
  10. Wilkinson definitely isn't a prop, ritson is on his way and I wouldn't take hulme back because of injuries
  11. I heard that last night too. Dalli just confirmed on our website, hope Walne and white do want to stay
  12. Tough for a half back to come in half way through the season but probably did enough for me to offer him a contract. He had a stint at 9 yesterday and played well
  13. You have signed Susino. He'll be an excellent signing for you & will give you 100% every game been our best player the last two seasons.
  14. Steve said there will be press releases this week with a few players to be announced
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