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  1. For too long we've been bottom of the barrel. We were ignored when it came to this RLWC venues, I know none of our grounds are state of the art but there would have been no harm in hosting a couple of Scotland games either here or up at Workington. Let's not forget the completely ridiculous punishment handed out to Barrow over Des when Wigan for little more than a slap on the wrist
  2. Good luck to Newcastle next year. Let's concentrate on us now, I hope ourselves and Town go up and Haven manage to stay i the championship so we can show the RFL what they're missing out on by ignoring all 3 cumbrian teams
  3. We have a very successful academy too 5 lads have graduated to first team squad 3 of them being regular first teamers
  4. The squad we have now isn't the same as the one that got relegated we have recruited excellently and still have one or two more to come. Surely a club having their own players is more sustainable than a load of loan players?
  5. Club have said they won't be playing Saturdays which is a shame for me I wont be getting a season ticket this year will just have get to the games that fall on my Sundays off
  6. What days and kick off times going to be next season? I know the yard isn't the be all and end all in the town BUT with the new shift pattern in there Saturday is the only day the entire workforce get off. Will we be looking at going back to Saturday evening games or will we continue with Sunday afternoon?
  7. She is listed as commercial manager at barrow raiders. Posting anti vax conspiracy theories. Its hypocritical to claim to support the NHS and then spout such dangerous lies. I dont know about the company you work for but if I'm seen to be bringing the company into disrepute through social media I would disciplined. Nothing will happen though as she just so happens to be the chairman's sister
  8. It's alright applogising for it and accepting the fine but why was a paid member of the club allowed to gob off on Facebook suggesting people should just let other people live and have fun. The club will always maintain a select group that will claim the club can do no wrong but I and a few others I attend with are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the club particularly peoples comments on social media.
  9. Deary me this isn't a good image for the club especially after doing all the NHS heroes stuff at the start of lockdown. Add to that the comments from an employee of the club and various people associated with the club on a post on Facebook we've not come out of this looking good at all.
  10. I see Burroughs commented on dallis Instagram saying gaff had reached out to him about returning and he agreed but hasn't heard anything since. If true its really poor to leave a player hanging like that. He'd be a great addition to club was fantastic last time he was here
  11. I think some of our marquee signings have been paid for by supporters and sponsors. Steve certainly wouldn't compromise the clubs future
  12. Forgot about armitstead. What a player!
  13. Massive waste of talent, guy was a wrecking ball
  14. I'd say Mendy deserves a shout pat weisner too
  15. 1.Broadbent 2. Ballard 3. Hankinson 4. Harrison 5. Nixon 6. L.Finch 7. Holt 8. Bullock 9. Ellis 10. Brett 11. Knowles 12 Catic 13. Susino 14. Campbell 15. Chris Young 16. Bracek 17 Josh Johnson
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