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  1. Possibly it’s all tied up with Brexit.
  2. Thanks for the best wishes. The RL at one point made it very clear that if clubs didn’t have a stadium that met certain conditions, then these clubs would not get a licence for Superleague, Salford believed that they meant what they said and this was the main driver to the financial problems that hit the club. So the RL didn’t force them to sell anything but their way of doing things certainly forced the Salford clubs hands. If Salford are looking down under for next season let’s hope that Ian Watson’s and Ian Blease’s hard work pays off with another Jackson Hastings and Joey Lussick.
  3. That is not how I understood the situation. If the RL directive hadn’t been put out, we needn’t have moved from the Willows and many of the problems you have mentioned would not have happened although items like correct type of floodlights, training facilities, media rooms etc would still have cost money. With regards the clubs that took no notice of the said directive their grounds haven’t changed much for many, many years and the RL have been very poor in not ensuring that is was a level playing field for all the clubs. There are still clubs with uncovered areas, lack of decent seating, no parking, poor toilet facilities etc so much for the directive to all clubs
  4. The RL directive certainly appeared to state that if grounds did not meet certain standards a Superleague licence would not be granted. Salfords then owner ,John Wilkinson, took the RL at their word and that’s how the Willows was lost and we moved to the AJ Bell. The rest is history and at least a couple of grounds are still not compliant to the RL directive in my opinion.
  5. Nothing wrong with the atmosphere over last few matches especially for the people who actually attend the matches.
  6. You weren’t at the game so you have no idea what the make up of the crowd was all I can say is that all the Salford fans were happy, and have every right to be so after the season that we have had. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes either otherwise you wouldn’t post some of the rubbish that you do. Ask the Warrington club how many tickets that they sold, My estimate would be 400/450 and they supported their team very well and it all made for a good atmosphere.
  7. I doubt that you know anything about what the clubs community engagement is at present or if you actually have any local knowledge either. The clubs community engagement over recent years has improved and this includes the Red Devil’s Foundation, the playing staff, and it includes improving links with amateur rugby league clubs, countless schools at all age groups and various other organisations are also contacted and assisted. To have had a sponsor such as Mitsubishi for three years is in my opinion should be applauded and they are quite entitled to re assess their sponsorships as they wish to. The people who are running the club at present are all working very hard and have the full support of all the fans that I know and are looking at new sponsorships in many areas. .
  8. What Celtic Rooster has said is perfectly correct and believe me the Salford City ground is less accessible for the majority of fans that I know than the AJBell is. The Salford City attendances have risen due to the Class of 92 factor coupled with huge amount of publicity in all the media, that has been generated on the back of the Class of 92 and I say good luck to them I just wish that the Red Devil’s could get equal publicity. With regards to the AJ Bell, I still have people who have never set foot in the place who say that the ground is difficult to get to, it has no atmosphere, parking is difficult, the stewards are not very good etc.etc. In my view I feel that it is easier to get there now than it was, the atmosphere this season has been excellent, especially if we win, the parking has improved for access and for leaving the ground and the stewards are now excellent. Our seats in the West Stand are excellent with first class views of all the pitch, a playing surface equal to any in Superleague with the seats for visiting fans on a par with any other club and all the facilities that any fans require.
  9. Well I was in the West Stand and the Salford fans were not booing English we couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been taken off after the first injury. The fans were shouting to the Giants bench about how they felt that they were wrong in letting the player stay on the field.
  10. I deliberately never mentioned any prospective new club for Jackson
  11. Jackson Hasting performance against the Broncos was a masterclass in half back play all over the pitch on attack and defence, as it has been ever since he arrived at Salford. It has been an absolute pleasure to have watched him play, conduct himself on and off the field and everyone that I know at Salford wishes him all the best in the future.
  12. As I recall Luke Robinson was asked at a Supporters meeting if the rumours of the move to Huddersfield were true and he denied it.
  13. Red Willow is stating the facts and never said that Wigan were trying to break Hastings contract. The Bibby affair ,if it was as stated was a complete mess up by Wigan, unless Salford took the picture on behalf of Wigan and published it.
  14. As far as I know it is in Sussex.
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