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  1. The Wilkin,Peacock, Chapman, Castleford love in especially at half time made Sky look and sound professional.
  2. Yes it’s for the challenge cup game,I can watch the league games for free with my code for being a ST holder.
  3. I have a season ticket for Salford Red Devil’s, and I have had to pay the £4.95,
  4. Arthur Gregory and Harold Gregory,Andy Gregory’s father and uncle played for Salford in the 1950s
  5. As a set of Salford Red Devil fans we aren’t sure how many season tickets that the club have up to date, what we do know is that as a family group we have ordered our usual number of tickets, nine in total, at what are very reasonable prices for what we receive in return. All the Red Devil’s fans that I know have all confirmed that they too have ordered their usual tickets in the same seats, all these fans allowed the club to retain all the ticket money for the matches lost last season. I myself am awaiting details of the Squadbuilder scheme for 2021 along with many of my fellow sup
  6. He is the player welfare officer at Salford Red Devil’s and by all accounts is doing a very good job, brought in by Ian Watson and retained when Watson left.
  7. Going off what Ian Watson said after the Saints game it’s to to injuries and illness, we had two players playing against Saints with rib injuries.
  8. On the rugby side I thought that the younger saints players were excellent and showed what a good system they must have in place. I thought that the game was played at a very fast pace and both sides made more errors than they should have done. On the other hand the commentary team on the whole were awful, with each member coming up with stupid comments, what had the fact that Terry O’Connors son is on the Leeds Rhinos books got to do with a Salford v Saints match, we already knew that the Saints team had some youngsters in, why keep repeating it lots of times? When the young
  9. Kris Welham has been an excellent signing for the Salford Red Devil’s always gives 100% each game and he has been a very good clubman, highly rated by all the coaching staff at Salford and I hope that he performs as well at Featherstone in 2021 onwards. Thanks for everything Kris.
  10. John Wells reminds me of Professor Stanley Unwin, who spoke every word backwards but still made more sense than Wells did last night.
  11. It appears that all the Salford tests have come back negative.
  12. Peter Smethurst of Swinton & others was a window cleaner whilst still playing and the bought a butchers shop in Roe Green Worsley.
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