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  1. What would have happened if a player had come out with that comment? The Match Review Panel would have had a field day with its deliberations and decisions. The CEO should have known better and should face the same consequences if a player had made the comment. We have tickets for the England v Fiji game at the AJBell and I wonder which RFL officials, if any will be there, and just what will be said to the Fijians pre and post match?
  2. This ludicrous decision plus the refereeing last Saturday has in my opinion made TGG a laughing stock and brought it into disrepute.
  3. Anyone who saw Brodie debut for the Red Devils and has spoken to him, watch him at training etc could see that not only did he look a very good player, but was a very decent person and this award is fully justified in my opinion.
  4. What I should have said is that we are abroad, no Channel 4 anywhere, but a bar close by with Sky.
  5. Would he have the”minerals” to call them though?
  6. He has changed his name to John Wilkin
  7. Last year I am sure I counted 346, but some may have been having a comfort break
  8. SS The 4400 attendance was was 1334 higher than the corresponding match last year. In the West stand where we sit I counted up to twenty people, adults and children, who were on holidays etc, so I was happy with the attendance, including the excellent turnout from Huddersfield, which helped to create the very good atmosphere and bearing in mind City were at home, United on TV, Salford City were at home and there was the cricket at Old Trafford as well.
  9. Apart from Rowley possibly following Watson if/when he leaves you I agree with everything that you have written. The Huddersfield fans did turn up and support their team in numbers and cheered them all throughout the game. As you have pointed out Channel 4 provide a much better product than SKY without anywhere as many experts. i am really enjoying my evening meal now, and might watch the match again later on.
  10. If the Giants bring a 1000 plus fans that will be great, the atmosphere will be good let’s hope that the Giants do us a favour at let us sneak a win
  11. So the latest is Salford Red Devil’s aren’t interested.
  12. Google Salford Red Devils Academy, then give the Red Devils Foundation a ring and they will fill you in with what is being done now and what has gone on recently.
  13. I presume that the poster was commenting about Sam Tomkins in today’s game in which Sam didn’t play very well and some of his tactics will hopefully be looked at by the disciplinary next week as some of his actions looked awful from where I was sat. Sam Tomkins doesn’t need to act as he did today throughout the game and off today’s performance shouldn’t be anywhere near the England team.
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