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  1. Peter Smethurst of Swinton & others was a window cleaner whilst still playing and the bought a butchers shop in Roe Green Worsley.
  2. Clearly your geography is not your strong point as the Thelwall viaduct is no where near to the AJ Bell or you have a dodgy GPS system.
  3. Nobody is saying that it is similar to Weaste and the Willows are they? Some people are saying that there are no housing developments near by whereas there are, Peel Green, Winton, Irlam, Cadishead,Eccles,Urmston etc.
  4. RW some these people(stirrers) on here have obviously never been to the AJ Bell and cannot do a simple check on the geography about the City of Salford. They also appear clueless on matters of who owns what, we live in Walkden, which is in also Salford as is the Stadium and it is as easy for me to get to the AJ Bell than it was to get to the Willows and anyone who says that there is a lack of housing etc near the stadium is in cloud cuckoo land.
  5. He is first of all an Alastair Campbell fan, then a Burnley FC fan especially when they are doing well and/or in the headlines.
  6. Last year I attended a local cricket match at Adlington near Chorley and Lord Hoyle(Doug) was there watching the match and I had a long chat with him about cricket and Rugby League plus Lindsay’s new role as speaker of the House Of Commons and it was clear that both father and son were both decent people and avid Rugby and Cricket fans. After about an hour Lord Hoyle’s mobile rang and after the call he said to me “That was Lindsay, he always gives me.some time at the Cricket then he comes and picks me up” That says a lot about both men.
  7. Thanks for that reply AC I have watched Niall Evalds progress through the ranks at Salford over the 12 years that he has been at the club and I have mixed feelings about his signing for Castleford or more the way that the signing has come to light. The Red Devil’s response to the way that they view the announcement was made, not sure who released the details first, it definitely wasn’t the Red Devil’s, was quite explicit and in that respect no matter what Niall or his advisors say will convince many people, not just Red Devil’s fans, that is was the correct way to do it. On the other hand I personally wish Niall all the best at Castleford , they have got a very good player and he should do well.
  8. Ken Goodhall played for Workington born in Ireland
  9. Hugh Duffy played for Salford and Halifax born in Scotland.
  10. Which compares to 4470 on 24th March 2019 +7%, and 4017 on 22nd May 2019 +19.50%
  11. As it stands if that happened I would be changing the habit of a lifetime,75 years to be exact.
  12. Meast, the main problem is that there is a lot of inconsistency from the officials, which may be the result of pressure from above and this is what gets up people’s backs. Having been a Rugby League fan in general and a Salford fan in particular for many years I am used to us getting beaten and in most cases we have been beaten by the better team but in nearly every game that I see now, not just Salford’s matches but TV games as well I never see the same rules applied by the officials in the same way for the different matches. i also agree that the coaches and players over the years have played I big part in pushing the laws of the game to upper limits that caused many of the problems, the excessive lying on at the PTB is just one example where you see two men come into a tackle, a third one comes in and actually tackle one of his own team mates to slow the PTB down, sometimes it is penalised sometimes it isn’t.
  13. Good afternoon Meast, firstly well done to Huddersfield for their start to the season so far, you look a very different team this year. On the question over Saturdays match against Leeds , they took what chances they had and won, there is no complaint about that and I must say that I was very surprised with Ian Watson's press conference and his comments over the officials and I must agree that he has made similar comments two weeks on the run, which is new for Ian has he rarely comes out with such statements. So what possible reason has he got that prompted his remarks? In 75+ years of watching TGG my view is that the way that the game is being run, in this case how the officials are officiating is not doing the game any favours and the referee on Saturday gave what I consider to be an abject performance throughout the eighty minutes and with regards to complaints,queries that are said to have been put to Steve Ganson over the last couple of years, if as Ian Watson has said,IE That Mr Ganson has not bothered to give any response perhaps he, Mr Ganson should give clubs the courtesy of an explanation as to why there has been no reply. Some of the referees decisions on Saturday showed a complete of awareness of the basics of what is required, he and the other officials missed things, saw things that no one else did, used actions that confused players and fans alike and strutted about like a peacock at times.
  14. I have posted previously over some of the points that you have made and I will repeat once again that the AJ Bell Stadium Company has listened to previous complaints and there has been a marked improvement in getting in and leaving the ground and my family come to each match some from Salford others from Cheshire and we can get to the ground easily, park up, have 10 minutes walk and get into our excellent seats. The atmosphere is not good?How can you say that if you have only been once? One cannot stand on one side, that goes back to the old days when the clubs were told what type of seating standing they needed to get a licence, Salford made the decision to do something about it, a couple of other clubs didn’t and got away with it but we might not have standing on one side but at least the away fans get a good seat, excellent view and can watch the game in comfort, unlike some grounds where the away supporters are treated like irritants. The crowds have increased over the last two seasons and are up again this season as well so let’s see how it goes from here. I no longer find it amazing that people who have hardly ever been to the AJ Bell can put themselves forwards as experts on what is required and furthermore have no idea what efforts the club are making on and off the field to take the club forward etc.
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