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  1. Well from where I was sat, the average age of the ones who went on to the pitch appeared to be twelve, and they had their autograph books in their hands. There didn’t appear to be an spice heads around on the night although I am of a generation whose biggest challenge was smoking a Woodbine at the Willows hoping that the proper stewards which were there didn’t notice us.
  2. It seems strange that the stewards will ask an eighty year old lady to open her plastic bag, will ask young children to keep off the advertising boards etc, but do nothing about people attempting to enter the field of play? The club did provide several schools with tickets as part of the policy of encouraging new fans to attend, there was a schools tournament pre match and at half time, and these youngsters did as requested ,behave responsibly. The main ringleader who was at the forefront of taunting the Saints fans can easily be identified and some action should be taken against him and possibly others, the home fans who stayed in the original places, seats etc booed off the culprits and I know some who were questioning the stewards over their lack of action. One point that is relevant was that mid way through the match, the electronic scoreboard stopped working and no one knew how many minutes were left when the teams were in the middle of the pitch, the hooter went just as Saints were awarded a penalty and it was at this point a small number of fans entered the pitch, the referee quite rightly made Saints take the penalty by this time the ringleader and others were facing the Saints fans, who conducted themselves very well and rightly made the wrongdoers look stupid.
  3. All the younger players gave 100% and there are some very good prospects for the future, not sure what LMS was doing it appeared he may have been interfering with the test equipment that the referee Griffiths seemed to be testing out on the night, a lot of arm waving and talking, perhaps the test equipment was faulty?
  4. It was really embarrassing seeing “The Leader of the Gang” at the front of that lot, its a good bet that he hadn’t been before to see any match. As a long time Salford fan I would like to know what the stewards were doing, just watching him and his gang of children go on and off the pitch like they did, just what are we paying these stewards for?
  5. Gareth O’Briens drop goal in the Million Pound Game, well it was for myself.
  6. Hi Daz, the celebration at the end was due to several points, the fact that for the first time for ages we could sit in our paid for seats, next to our friends and fellow supporters, we had managed a win, that we needed against a team coached by our former coach with a couple of our ex players playing against us, people could socialise at the ground for the first time in ages the good times were back. The lap of honour was what normally happens at our ground, usually better when we win, the players wives and families are usually at the front of the stand and the youngsters really being able to mix with the players and staff again. On the match itself, giants were on top for most of the first half, although we defended pretty well then got the breakaway try. Second half we got on top, still defending pretty well and finally won, in my opinion Yates was outstanding, young Pryce is an excellent prospect and needs to be looked after, his Dad was not too far away from us, and Ian Watson will do a good job but will need some time to do it, and Wardle looks to be a top class centre in the making.
  7. You clearly have no idea about Salford Red Devil’s, the stadium, it’s location and the areas where the fans reside, there are a couple of regular bus services that service the stadium, plus another run by the Supporters Trust, the location is not anywhere as bad as many, some who have never been to the stadium,suggest it is. The stadium has more car parking than most if not all Super League clubs and the facilities are first class and the stadium company have took on board the initial problems that came up at the beginning and rectified them.
  8. 487 competitors over 33 sports comprise the Australian Olympic team for Tokyo says it all for myself, what is the difference? The NRL are only concerned with the NRL.
  9. Have you actually read the clubs statement? You are Martin Bashir and I claim the £5.00
  10. The Wilkin,Peacock, Chapman, Castleford love in especially at half time made Sky look and sound professional.
  11. Yes it’s for the challenge cup game,I can watch the league games for free with my code for being a ST holder.
  12. I have a season ticket for Salford Red Devil’s, and I have had to pay the £4.95,
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