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  1. I was at a local cricket match Adlington near Chorley in September and I got into a conversation with Doug Hoyle, who I remembered from his days in Parliament and we had a long discussion over Rugby League and his time at Warrington. He is as keen as ever about the game and it was a pleasure to speak to him, his son has a lot to live up to, whilst we were talking Lyndsey rang his dad up asking if he was ok and what time did he want picking up from the cricket.
  2. A couple of points that may be of use at the AJ Bell stadium. The West Stand is ideal for families, the view of the match is very good and the fans sit down all the time apart from when we score a try, or if we look like scoring one. The shouts to the referee though are a little more original than Disgrace. During the season Radio Manchester cover most if not all of our matches and the have a dedicated Rugby League hour each Thursday. The League Express is a good read every Monday.
  3. I wonder if we will ever see a similar late season winning streak by any any club which result in getting a Grand Final spot?
  4. You could well be very surprised if Salford beat Wigan next week, the Salford Reds are Rising. The crowd at Wembley didn’t do much for the drawing power of the top two clubs did it.
  5. I am not sure where you were sat but we were sat directly behind the sticks and Clubb could and should have done what Hastings did with the Williams try, Williams was in the process of scoring a try,Hastings was trying to stop him but slid along the side of Williams, and that is what Clubb could/should have done in my opinion. i have also watched the match on replay and as the MRP said it was a foul tackle but no penalty was given by the referee,which in my opinion was an error by the referee.
  6. He landed at the side of Williams as Clubb could have in the Hastings non- penalty try.
  7. The MRP are supposed to be sufficiently well up to speed on the sport to be able to make decisions based on the evidence IE Video evidence of actual events in this case. On numerous occasions over the years this panel of experts have, in the view of many people, including coaches, former players, and commentators have reached a decision that is widely different from a similar incident that resulted bans, fines, sin bins etc. The fans are confused and are not asking for a "Kangaroo Court" scenario they just want consistency on a regular basis. Its a bit like the "Stupid Woman" comment in Parliament, millions of viewers saw the incident and made up their own minds of the actual evidence, the the "world renowned" experts came up with their own interpretation of what was said IE That they could not be sure. I know which experts I would Believe.
  8. We were stood right behind the goalpost’s and Clubb could have easily missed putting his elbow/arm to Jackson Hastings head just as Jackson Hastings did miss George Williams when Williams was scoring his try. The incident to my mind should have been penalised and contact with the head should have resulted in a penalty try, plus a sin bin ,based on the other similar incidents we see on a regular basis. Robert Hicks seemed to be more concerned with his microphone/earpiece etc than he was with the actual match itself. The match review panel are as inconsistent as ever and it is this inconsistency that gets the fans backs up.
  9. Possibly it’s all tied up with Brexit.
  10. Thanks for the best wishes. The RL at one point made it very clear that if clubs didn’t have a stadium that met certain conditions, then these clubs would not get a licence for Superleague, Salford believed that they meant what they said and this was the main driver to the financial problems that hit the club. So the RL didn’t force them to sell anything but their way of doing things certainly forced the Salford clubs hands. If Salford are looking down under for next season let’s hope that Ian Watson’s and Ian Blease’s hard work pays off with another Jackson Hastings and Joey Lussick.
  11. That is not how I understood the situation. If the RL directive hadn’t been put out, we needn’t have moved from the Willows and many of the problems you have mentioned would not have happened although items like correct type of floodlights, training facilities, media rooms etc would still have cost money. With regards the clubs that took no notice of the said directive their grounds haven’t changed much for many, many years and the RL have been very poor in not ensuring that is was a level playing field for all the clubs. There are still clubs with uncovered areas, lack of decent seating, no parking, poor toilet facilities etc so much for the directive to all clubs
  12. The RL directive certainly appeared to state that if grounds did not meet certain standards a Superleague licence would not be granted. Salfords then owner ,John Wilkinson, took the RL at their word and that’s how the Willows was lost and we moved to the AJ Bell. The rest is history and at least a couple of grounds are still not compliant to the RL directive in my opinion.
  13. Nothing wrong with the atmosphere over last few matches especially for the people who actually attend the matches.
  14. You weren’t at the game so you have no idea what the make up of the crowd was all I can say is that all the Salford fans were happy, and have every right to be so after the season that we have had. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes either otherwise you wouldn’t post some of the rubbish that you do. Ask the Warrington club how many tickets that they sold, My estimate would be 400/450 and they supported their team very well and it all made for a good atmosphere.
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