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  1. Going off what Ian Watson said after the Saints game it’s to to injuries and illness, we had two players playing against Saints with rib injuries.
  2. On the rugby side I thought that the younger saints players were excellent and showed what a good system they must have in place. I thought that the game was played at a very fast pace and both sides made more errors than they should have done. On the other hand the commentary team on the whole were awful, with each member coming up with stupid comments, what had the fact that Terry O’Connors son is on the Leeds Rhinos books got to do with a Salford v Saints match, we already knew that the Saints team had some youngsters in, why keep repeating it lots of times? When the young Saints player knocked on they were saying quite rightly that he shouldn’t dwell on it but they then kept bringing it up time after time all through the remainder of the match. Why do they continually do re-runs of incidents such as knock ons , the miss actual play? Terry O’Connor should realise by now that every player on the field should potentially be a “Go to player” as he usually gets it wrong each match. And the least said about John Wells the better.
  3. Kris Welham has been an excellent signing for the Salford Red Devil’s always gives 100% each game and he has been a very good clubman, highly rated by all the coaching staff at Salford and I hope that he performs as well at Featherstone in 2021 onwards. Thanks for everything Kris.
  4. John Wells reminds me of Professor Stanley Unwin, who spoke every word backwards but still made more sense than Wells did last night.
  5. It appears that all the Salford tests have come back negative.
  6. Peter Smethurst of Swinton & others was a window cleaner whilst still playing and the bought a butchers shop in Roe Green Worsley.
  7. Clearly your geography is not your strong point as the Thelwall viaduct is no where near to the AJ Bell or you have a dodgy GPS system.
  8. Nobody is saying that it is similar to Weaste and the Willows are they? Some people are saying that there are no housing developments near by whereas there are, Peel Green, Winton, Irlam, Cadishead,Eccles,Urmston etc.
  9. RW some these people(stirrers) on here have obviously never been to the AJ Bell and cannot do a simple check on the geography about the City of Salford. They also appear clueless on matters of who owns what, we live in Walkden, which is in also Salford as is the Stadium and it is as easy for me to get to the AJ Bell than it was to get to the Willows and anyone who says that there is a lack of housing etc near the stadium is in cloud cuckoo land.
  10. He is first of all an Alastair Campbell fan, then a Burnley FC fan especially when they are doing well and/or in the headlines.
  11. Last year I attended a local cricket match at Adlington near Chorley and Lord Hoyle(Doug) was there watching the match and I had a long chat with him about cricket and Rugby League plus Lindsay’s new role as speaker of the House Of Commons and it was clear that both father and son were both decent people and avid Rugby and Cricket fans. After about an hour Lord Hoyle’s mobile rang and after the call he said to me “That was Lindsay, he always gives me.some time at the Cricket then he comes and picks me up” That says a lot about both men.
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