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  1. Anyone but the Aussies England . Gotta be Jamaica too now we sponsored the Hyenas
  2. Robert, Just had an email from BLK UK . They reckon to have shirts available in about a month shipping from the UK. If you have a place to ship to in the UK you will have one for the game . Hope this helps .
  3. Unfortunately it wont be in by then . Supposed to be there for home opener in April. BLK will be selling online prior to this. Any returns / exchanges can be done at the shop when stocked. Doubtful we will get an online order in time for the Cas game at Headingley either.
  4. Toronto kit release allegedly 10 am Toronto 3pm UK
  5. it better after all this wait and not being available for the Cas game.
  6. I think not. He is not one to get things confused like that. He is fully aware of the roadblocks that have been placed in front of TWP. Probably expecting TWP to be the fall guys if there are changes ahead . The current squad isn't to be feared. Respected but not feared. The financial muscle is there to run riot should they get a foothold in SL and this may be the issue.
  7. Hopefully the jersey's will be made available.
  8. Hyenas for me . Nearest to a Wolf!
  9. Do we know which sides still require sponsorship at this level? Just wondering who we may end up as a sponsor for.
  10. Asked a relative visiting Aus to bring me back a shirt ( As long as it wasn't green and gold ). Now have Paramatta as my NRL team.
  11. Rugby League Motorcycling Road Racing Motorcycling Circuit Racing Cricket Football
  12. Been a stalwart player for us from day one. Gutted for him when he had the multiple injuries at the end of last season. Just getting over the torn pec and hit with another injury . We certainly missed his yards and offloads. If nothing else he should come back fresh as we will need him.
  13. Will have to see what fits in with work but possibly Saints in Sept and a trip to Bower Fold to see Oldham. Maybe Hornets as one of the lads is from Rochdale originally.
  14. Sorry didn't catch that. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Will be a huge ask but with them all the way whatever happens.
  15. I am under no illusions as to what lies ahead. A huge step up in class and a consolidation year will do for me. Unfortunately some of the support believe we are invincible . The squad is paper thin and points will be needed early on to counteract any injuries / suspensions later in the season. Have tried to give a level headed view to some at Lamport but they will have to learn the hard way. Regardless it has been one helluva ride and roll on Feb.
  16. STH at Lamport as want to see every game at home. Luckily live near enough to do so but will also be taking in a couple of UK games involving the team. Whilst there will also hit other games to support RL in general.
  17. We live in various parts of the GTA . Flying over for a long weekend . Will also catch Saints v Salford.
  18. Oh I agree with you and from a personal perspective am happy to see that. Was just a little dig at those who wish to see us fail . Same as the name for our party going to our season opener against Cas in Feb . We are the " Cardboard cutout crew " on tour.
  19. Couldn't give a rats ……. what you want to call it we won and are in SL. What now makes it even sweeter is knowing how much it upset some on here for TWP to be successful. The win that keeps on giving .
  20. Thankfully not. Followed clubs in other sports with little success and enjoyed it when it came . Steamrolling League one and the Championship is all fair and good but this years MPG was sweeter after losing to London.
  21. You can't truly enjoy the highs if you don't experience the lows also. We would all like to win but continual winning doesn't give the same as a win where it is not the norm. I am sure even though Salford didn't win the GF they enjoyed the play offs all the more as they don't do it every year.
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