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  1. No worries. i shall be at the friendlies and hope to make the pop up shop at the Swan so private message me here and we can arrange to have a beer
  2. No worries. i shall be at the friendlies and hope to make the pop up shop at the Swan so private message me here and we can arrange to have a beer
  3. Us Its clear from timing's, the date of the creation of your account here and your subsequent mischief making posts on both clubs pages that your one of our resident social media trolls playing games.... Im no turncoat, I was bitterly disappointed by what happened but will back the new board and will be at Whitehaven supporting my team as I have always have done.
  4. Great post Joe. Good luck Hornets, RL is stronger for having Andy and his team back involved and our loss is most definitely Rochdale's gain.
  5. Dont fall into the trap of taking Internet forums that people hide being an alias and make mischief on seriously. Speak to real fans face to face and you get to understand things clearly.
  6. They always stated Big City’s was the future but always said only the strong heartlands clubs will survive. Thats the bit that the penny has failed to drop with many of our deluded locked in the past fan base....how can Swinton ever be a strong heartlands club trading as Swinton playing anywhere but Swinton and with a ageing fan base and a Super League team holding all the aces in own town. Answers on a postcard...
  7. Not everyone that disagrees with you is a former board member or Chairman. Move on and grow up.
  8. It’s this simple Harold. 1. Swinton are now in the position they are because of them and will trade off their legacy in 2020. 2. Swinton will slowly regress without them. 3. Rochdale will rise with them as we did from being bust in 2017 to being 9th in the Championship and beating the likes of Toulouse, Fax, Sheffield etc in 2019. Good guys who worked wonders at our club for which myself and the vast majority of supporters appreciate and thank them for. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth would be my advice. Get to meet them they are regular guys and passionate about the game.
  9. I’d imagine within 18/24 months we will be back in League One playing at Sedgley. The club is surviving on RFL distributions essentially SKY TV money. For those who say we didn’t get told this or that and say we didn’t have time to understand Andy and the board went into Graphic detail in many press articles, programme notes and even on TV and a radio over many months about the need for change. Some people think it’s scare mongering but it’s clear from what’s being said not just at our club massive change is on the horizon and the sport is in a mess. Our ex board had the foresight to try and best place our club for the tough times ahead. The Swinton and proud is great we all love our club, so is the rallying and bucket rattling but we are only delaying the inevitable all to keep the name of a town we haven’t been in for three decades.
  10. Correct. Had one existed I’m sure they would have stepped forward long before now.
  11. We would all love to be back in Swinton. How long do we live in a bubble and keep dreaming while the thing is dying in front of us though?
  12. Correct Gas Man and at 60 years of age I am pretty capable of making up my own mind on what’s happening in-front of my eyes. It seems anyone talking reality in here is labelled as a former board member or the former Chairmen. Knowing them all from their time at our club I doubt any of them even read these pages let alone have time to comment.
  13. It’s all public record and well documented. As fans we all know exactly what happened and what we are now left with and the ones surfacing on here today are likely the same few who helped create this mess on Facebook. Anyway onwards with the buckets and bingo
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