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  1. Empty vessels make the most noise Harold/ Hayley/ Roy. Have a good Christmas ?
  2. Your the one who’s been found out as Harold doesn’t exist nor does Mary. See you at Whitehaven mate.
  3. As I say someone privately messaged me re your IP address but I wouldn’t know if this is true or not. By your reaction it has clearly hit a nerve...
  4. Tut tut. Losing your cool Harold, not good for the old blood pressure. Mary needs to keep you away from the keyboard for a while.
  5. Unlike some I actually read things that go out on social media and in the press and understand what it means. Many just read headlines and draw conclusions.
  6. I just trade in facts Ste. How many % increase would it have been had Pro Carrier exercised the right to walk away from year two but for Tony and not put 15k in? (the lions share pardon the pun). Don't believe the hype, whoever wrote that media piece needs a job in politics.
  7. WorrieDaleFan = One of our resident idiots on the wind up. Been told by private message the IP address matches another poster on these forums but haven’t a clue what that means. Don't fall for it, you seem to be building nicely now. See you guys on the 12th when we hand you yet another beating ? All the best ?
  8. Mazey was clear change was needed and graphic as to the reasons why. Swinton as Swinton not playing in Swinton for fast approaching 30 years with a dying and ageing fan base isn’t sustainable and won’t be beyond 2021. We are the ones who have gambled and rolled the dice but let’s all move on and enjoy the ride now...
  9. Glossop Caravans are also an existing sponsor and probably the only other one with a relatively decent profile other than Pro Carrier. With respect to rest they seem like spot fillers i.e the Trust and the Local boozer. The new board have done well but let’s not kid ourselves Mark we have gone from a Rolls Royce to a Mondeo in recent months In terms of the people and vision we had to what we’ve now got. We got what we wanted though and we keep the name till at least the end of 2021 when the money runs dry and it all finally catches up with us. The new board are all fans a
  10. I’m stating facts all facts that are in the public domain Ste. I will be at the pop up shop and also at Haven as we’ve established previously. I respect the efforts of the new board members and equally respect the efforts of the former board and unlike some I do not have a short memory. We are all entitled to our opinions and some of us are old enough and wise enough to think before we type all kinds of untruths in the Internet.
  11. You come across really bitter Ian considering you didn’t mind sucking up to them all not so long ago.
  12. Pro Carrier (DG International) was a business associate of Tony’s and thanks to Tony they will continue as our main club sponsor in 2020 according to form. So not only can we thank the former board for a fantastic two years having completely turned the clubs fortunes round and leaving in place a settled staff and talented young squad plus a quarter of a million quid in central funding to fund it all in 2020, they also left us with the clubs main sponsorship deal, a huge chunk of the announced record sponsorship already secured. Respect and credit due I’d say ???
  13. No worries. i shall be at the friendlies and hope to make the pop up shop at the Swan so private message me here and we can arrange to have a beer ?
  14. No worries. i shall be at the friendlies and hope to make the pop up shop at the Swan so private message me here and we can arrange to have a beer ?
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