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  1. They not facts just comments from someone, the best process is rather than someone telling and you repeating these comments here they address then direct to the Club they have a Bar Manager and a CEO,someone will have been in charge at the event i'd guess. If they get fobbed off then have a go elsewhere but I'd say if you're not happy with soemthing do the decent thing raise it with those involved
  2. I looed up the same information as your goodself mine was wiki wotsit thing. The tone and meaning problem is one of the reasons I don't text that and the keys pads are way too small
  3. I was being ironic, as the thread seemed to leap from Union St to Red Hall and by pass Chapertown Road, I believe the buidling is now a flats conversion.
  4. I do believe that the RFL spent a bit of time on Chapeltown Road Leeds before heading up to Red Hall
  5. Does anyone seriously beleve SL is worth anywhere near the investment level of the RFU if they do I have a mint condition Allegro and by mint I mean it has at least pne hole in the bodywork, one careful owner, the rest could not have cared less, full service history, its running in certificate, in BL beige with black plastic seat covers going to highest bidder with a reserve at £100K cash only no timewasters
  6. You write as though it's a bad thing!!
  7. does it have to include everybody
  8. Magic, my friend, pure magic that's how it works
  9. Celebrity placement and window dressing
  10. don't curb your inner banality on my part, I read all and occasionally comment, I may well refrain from commenting on what I view as banal trivia but then again.......
  11. Nothing wrong with this topic, the answer, interesting and probably surprising and had it not been asked on here it would have made a very good trivia question whereas the name and club listing was just banal trivia in my opinion
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