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  1. Wouldn’t agree the kick made him “famous outside non football fans”. He’d have been known to any follower of sport in Britain, and as arguably the biggest sporting individual in the country (which he probably was at the time) he’d also have been known to joe public. Eric Cantona, Manchester United talisman, he was a household name before he stuck his boot in a fan. If a run of the mill player (let’s say Iain Dowie) had kicked a fan, it would have made the back pages of the following days newspaper and he’d have been banned. That’s it. Cantona doing it was a whole other ball game. It was because it was Cantona that made it all the more shocking. Ben Flower for instance. He isn’t known. The name Ben Flower wouldn’t be known by joe public. He could walk down any street (outside a RL town, and perhaps even in a RL town bar Wigan) and nobody would bat an eyelid. So the act (however shocking) in itself isn’t enough, it’s who is doing it that really elevates it.
  2. The NRL tv deal is worth $2 billion Aus (£1.06 billion) up to 2027, which is £166 million per year (if it’s over six years). SL tv deal is £26 million per year, which is less than a sixth of the NRL. He’s not being insular, he’s merely protecting the most valuable asset in the sport by a country mile. There just isn’t the counterweight outside Australia to make Australian authorities in the sport to focus on what is happening outside it. Conversely, because Australia is the biggest show in RL world you have many from here that focus on Australia (watching their league, taking a keen interest on any new teams being created (second Brisbane team), commenting on the NRL boss etc. etc. It’s natural.
  3. Just watched the kick again. It’s a straight run up to the ball. No bleedin wonder Fox missed it. It’s harder to hit straight with a straight on kick, and also more susceptible to slicing the ball/making a poor connection. Mentioned the Flower punch. Difference with Cantona though is that’s all he is know for. Cantona was arguably the most famous sportsman in the country when he kicked the fan. The “seagulls” press conference is probably his stand out moment of all. Other scandalous moments, Zidane headbutting the Italian in the 2006 World Cup final would be in such a list (as would his winning volley in the Champions League final).
  4. Dunbar’s comment is actually referring to my views on RU (and to a lesser extent RL here). Don’t think I’ve ever commented on RL in Aus, primarily as I’d never seen it until this year, and from what I have seen the NRL is very different to RL in England. It’s two, three levels up.
  5. Ultimately your attitude is the best one. Mine would differ in that I tend to only watch the very best (the only exception I’d make would be for Liverpool, if we got relegated (as unlikely as that is) I’d watch us whatever level we played at). I can’t watch a boxing match unless it’s two genuine world class fighters facing each other (last one was Mayweather vs Pacquiao, which ended up being a major damp squib). Just too used to watching the best at each sport. Barcelona I’d watched for over a decade (from Ronaldo to Rivaldo to Ronaldinho to Messi), but I won’t be watching them now they’re ######. Got Sky box office for Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis, Naseem Hamed, Hatton (vs Tsyzu), on terrestrial watched Calzaghe outclass Lacy and Benn win an epic against McClellan...but I wouldn’t be watching any of bang average like Anthony Joshua nor domestic level fights like Carl Froch vs George Groves. Tennis it’s largely only been Federer (that new girl Raducanu looks the part, possibly the best since Graf). I find it hard to shift from watching world class performers to run of the mill standard, which thankfully isn’t a common view otherwise stadiums would be empty. Cleary plays rugby with a vision that is very appealing to watch. The last RU player I enjoyed watching was O’Driscoll, there’s been nobody since. The NRL (at the top anyway) has been marvellous to watch.
  6. I find myself now looking up next weekends NRL games, I’ve only ever done that for Premier League games (especially Liverpool). The quality on display is the highest form of rugby I’ve seen in a long time. The contrast between the NRL game and the Four Nations RU international that was on at the same time was stark. There’s an intensity to the NRL, a speed, a slickness of passing and execution of moves that makes it the best rugby product in the world. No finer sight than the way Nathan Cleary runs a game.
  7. Football is predominately my sport, and you’re spot on here. I’ve loved seeing Liverpool beat Newcastle 4-3 (twice, both last second winners) and also loved seeing us hammer Man Utd and Real Madrid by four goals (in the same week). A good hiding can be very entertaining, especially when it’s high quality. Barca beat Real Madrid 5-0, this game has over 73 million views on YouTube. Remember Federer destroying Hewitt in the US Open (might have been 6-0 6-0 6-1 or close to that, and it was jaw dropping stuff from the greatest player to ever pick up a racket). The only difference though is rugby (both codes) are combative, so a one sided beating might not have the same appeal. Mayweather’s dominance also made his fights boring, you wanted the other guy to connect with one. Mike Tyson was often dominant but his fights were over quick, so instant gratification. Having said that Joe Calzaghe delivered an exhibition against Jeff Lacy that went the distance, which was one of the most satisfying fights ever. Lomu scoring one try after another vs England was very entertaining. Could have watched another hour of him. I suppose it depends on the manner of the dominant performance.
  8. Think the empty stadium doesn’t help. So many performances over the past 18 months that have been watched by nobody in the stands will have prevented them from being remembered as fondly. The Norwegian fella that smashed the 400 hurdles world record at the Olympics in total silence, it looked like a training session not an Olympic final. Without the backdrop (crowd, its reaction/noise, response of the players etc.) the performance loses something.
  9. Great shout with Davies. Can see it now. Is that the one where he runs right through the middle of the field past everyone? (granted he probably did it quite a few times so not narrowing it down). Looking at the list again (which includes Cantona’s Kung fu kick on the fan) then Ben Flower’s punch could be in there...also for the wrong reasons. It’s one of those shocking incidents you watch again. Just watched a cracking NRL game with Penrith edging it..which got me thinking there’s bound to be quite a few great moments of the Aussie game that wasn’t shown (has no awareness here). As a former RU devotee (behind football) the contrast in quality/spectacle between the Arg vs NZ RU game and the Penrith vs Paramatta game (both shown on the Sky channels at the same time) was stark...you’d watch action packed stuff of the RL then flick over to the RU and would think the blokes playing the latter were on a break.
  10. Was responding to a comment on tennis with the list of the 100 greatest sporting moments (voted by the UK public in 2002). https://web.archive.org/web/20020204090913/http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/G/greatest_sporting/results.html When looking at the list in more detail I noticed Don Fox (at #96) which is the highest listed rugby league moment. Would this be the most famous (“greatest” doesn’t seem apt for it) moment in rugby league? Has the UK public overlooked any others that would contend? (my first thought was Offiah’s try at Wembley, or a more updated list the Grand Final try by Rob Burrow).
  11. Can’t speak for Australia, but for the UK that wouldn’t apply at all. While it is seen as a middle class activity to play, big events (especially Wimbledon) is watched by joe public. Dare I say it but Emma Raducanu winning the US Open (a final that was hastily screened on terrestrial television once it was known she would be in it) was as big a story as Ronaldo’s return for Man Utd. She’s become a superstar overnight. She’s also ensured the build up in the week leading up to Wimbledon next June will be insane. If this 100 greatest sports moments list (voted by the UK public in 2002) was updated to today her win would be in it (as would Federer vs Nadal Wimbledon final, and Murray’s first Wimbledon win). https://web.archive.org/web/20020204090913/http://www.channel4.com/entertainment/tv/microsites/G/greatest_sporting/results.html
  12. Source? Had a quick search and saw mostly positive things about it. https://www.sportingferret.com/2021/08/25/was-the-hundred-tournament-a-success/
  13. Wikipedia articles: England women’s football team: 13,357 page views in last 28 days. Page views since 1 July 2015 (as far back as the search goes): 1,985,353 (that’s 876 views per day) England (mens) rugby league team: 1,481 page views in last 28 days. Page views since 1 July 2015: 360,025 (that’s 160 views per day) Based on this, RL has less than a fifth of the popularity of women’s football. Television: Women’s football team, averaged over 10 million viewing a World Cup quarter final, a game also screened at Glastonbury. Men’s RL team, averaged 1.5 million for the 2017 RLWC Final. Given that women’s football generates more interest you will be calling for RL coverage to be cut?
  14. That show (and ones like it) have had RU players on it over the years, yet there hasn’t been a household RU name in well over a decade (J.Wilkinson). Appearing on such shows will do practically zilch to attract people to the game. What attracts people to the game is the on-field product, and it’s on the field where players become stars if the game allows, something neither rugby code today does.
  15. In your house maybe, not outside it. That list correlates with Wikipedia James: 20.8k page views per month Charlatans: 7.5k page views per month Shed 7: 4.2k page views per month Prior to looking at any data I’d have had James ahead by a street, primarily as they have the best known songs by some distance.
  16. Never seen him look so nervous as in that last game she had. One of the best results for anyone. Her second event, plays ten rounds and doesn’t lose a set to win the whole thing. It’s unprecedented. Can’t ever recall a career go from zero to 100 in a matter of weeks. She has won a slam and has yet to feature in the main draw. It was also the manner in which she won it. It was unflappable dominance throughout. Way before my time but Pele winning the World Cup as a 17 year old and scoring twice in the final is another quick-fire humongous success that springs to mind. Olga Korbut as a 17 year old winning the floor event at the Olympics and redefining gymnastics is possibly another (tho gymnastics is a very young people’s event, so not really that out of the ordinary for her age). Her display is the result of being in a sport that has given women a fair chance...
  17. I don’t think anyone would advocate equal coverage. They do deserve an extra push though. Outside the Olympic events tennis has been just about the only unisex sport that has given women a fair platform, and the result of a century of equal development is the standard is excellent. Steffi Graf is pound for pound on the level of a Federer. The standard isn’t great (certainly in women’s football) but that’s because it hasn’t been allowed to be better. While I’m all for a fair push in terms of exposure the claim for equal pay (coming from one place) is a whole other matter. If you play in front of 2,000 people (and whatever television audience) you should get a slice of that, not a slice of a non existent 40,000 crowd. Players in sport generally get what they deserve, unless an owner is swindling money (which they wouldn’t get away with).
  18. What’s astounding (in addition to this post) is that two people actually liked it. “Take off my own blinkers and be honest, women’s football has been marketed way above its popularity”. Is this in response to what I said on this thread?....”I think they are undoubtedly getting coverage above and beyond viewer demand, and justifiably so as I said previously.” Ok I’ll take off my blinkers now and admit what I’ve said umpteen times before. Besides this nonsense, referring to demand is pointless as their coverage in the league is not based on that. It’s self evident, so self evident it’s absurd to bring it up. So leaving aside the non issue that is demand, your issue (and the other whingers) is you don’t agree with women’s sport getting a push. I and most others disagree as they (in this case football) have been held back and discriminated against in the past, that their development has been hampered. Is the standard that great now? No, but that’s not the point. You have to start somewhere.
  19. Not in here there ain’t. Lots of sour grapes and green eyed monster though. Besides women’s sport rightly getting a long overdue push having been held back by discriminating means in the past (thus the normal reaction is to wish them well), the sobering truth for the whingers is women’s football generates more interest than RL. 100%.
  20. The boxing comment about “500 followers” (if he said that...he’s a chancer so probably did) is nonsense. In the 1960s, Muhammad Ali got folk in the UK to listen to boxing matches on their wirelesses in their droves. In the same decade Henry Cooper was as much a household name as Georgie Best. Boxing has always been big time in Britain (home of the sport), from prizefighting to the pro era. Eddie does deserve credit though, because he’s somehow managed to sell an inferior product, and in even bigger venues. It’s mind boggling how he does it. Benn vs McClellan, two world class fighters, yet it was held in an arena and shown on terrestrial tv. There hasn’t been a fight of that calibre in Britain in a long time, and yet he’s able to put Groves vs Froch, what would have been on the undercard of Benn vs McClellan, in Wembley stadium and on box office. Boxing is probably at it slowest ebb globally in its entire history, with no hall of fame level active fighter (bar maybe Álvarez), no Vegas level fight to drag out celebrities there for the show. But Eddie has bucked the trend and kept it high profile in Britain and elevated ordinary fighters. The heavyweight scene is appalling, with Joshua, who was out on his feet against an over the hill 42 year old Klitschko who would have finished him had he been just slightly less past his best, as the main man in the division. Eddie has managed to polish a t££d. He’s not working with a Lewis, Tyson, Holyfield or Bowe, or even a Frank Bruno or Oliver McCall. He’s working with a C level fighter, and has worked miracles in promoting him.
  21. I agree with 99% of your stuff, but not on this. I think they are undoubtedly getting coverage above and beyond viewer demand, and justifiably so as I said previously. I probably wouldn’t use the word “favouritism” to describe what is happening, but there is a feeling of women’s sport being given a long overdue push. To me women’s sport is a separate entity and the coverage shouldn’t be critiqued nor compared to men’s sport. Doing so looks like sour grapes.
  22. I also find the whinging over women’s coverage distasteful. Spiteful even.
  23. Definitely ain’t undeserved. They quite rightly are getting their push having been denied it for so long. It anything it’s righting a wrong, and long overdue.
  24. It’s a tricky one this. Women probably look better playing rugby league as throwing a ball to a teammate is something anyone with the most basic ability can do. Long passing sequences are common (unless someone has a brain fart and drops the ball). There’s also no power required in passing the ball, nor is there any power required for scoring (place ball on ground). Having never played the game before you could pick up the basics and become competent inside one training session. The big difference with the men of course is physicality and speed. There’s just more requirements in football for women to look decent than in RL. Having said all that I think in time it’s possible that women’s football could develop and become really good. It’s still in its infancy, and unlike a hand based game like RL (or RU) it will need so much time to come up to standard for women. It deserves to get that time as the development game was unfairly halted pre war.
  25. NZ played Aus at the weekend, Bledisloe Cup, and there was barely a mention of it (I happened to see the last 10 minutes as I was flicking through the channels). Zero publicity beforehand, and hardly a peep after it was over. Its astounding how far RU has fallen.
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