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  1. Also championship clubs already have a whole cup competition played midweek as well.
  2. Not as straight forward as it sounds. Relies on both teams being available and with two games to rearrange this wont be easy. Also Easter Monday not viable for some teams either. Featherstone and Toulouse for example play Easter Friday then Wednesday the next week.
  3. With another horrendous forecast for the weekend it seems likely that there will be lots of fixtures cancelled again. Some clubs (quite a few) will have only have played 1 game after 3 weeks of the season. This will mean playing games midweek twice. Fatigue, injury etc. Can this be fair? Should the league step in to help avoid giving big advantages to clubs who have been lucky enough to have not been affected?
  4. 6 league games on the trot. Scoring freely and not having much put past them. Great pack with halves and backs of class...How far can they go?
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