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  1. Nice post, Surly this is a joke! If it’s not you have absolutely no idea
  2. Yes from Carlisle Originally, I started watching after the merger in 1997, and again in 2018 after returning from overseas, Tane and Holty were both fantastic players that came as part of the merger, hotly going on to be a club legend, Ryan shaw and Jake carters dads both played in that team too.
  3. Really enjoying watching the raiders this season, travelled down to all the games so far and the lads are really playing for each other, the defending 2nd half today was unbelievable in horrendous conditions, every player deserves huge credit, agree about carter too, great game again
  4. That’s a very strong looking squad, well done all concerned
  5. I feel the Squad is coming together nicely, could somebody put a list of the players contracted so far for this season, be interesting to see how many players we have signed on
  6. Don’t usually comment on here but I’m still buzzing from watching today’s game, not getting into debate over who’s the best, but young Jake carter was outstanding, he’s been good in most games but today more than ever had to stand up and take control, especially when Jono left the field injured
  7. Completely agree about the balance, you wouldn’t want to send a weakened team to Coventry or London scholars nowadays, pressure is on pretty much every week this year. Reserves is the answer like town Utd says but not sure that’s going to happen any time soon, Good Luck today, be a cracking game, 2 really good teams and both will be desperate not to lose
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