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  1. Hearing the Raiders are planning to play a strong team too, with players returning from a injury, should be a good test for both squads
  2. Really please Jake has been signed, young local lad with a big future. The 2 toals and mossy next would be nice!
  3. Really pleased Luke has been signed again, looking at the list above 5 of the 6 signed are going to be locally based which imo is really important, keep them coming
  4. Definitely agree with what you say, looks a very strong team that, Wilkinson, Dowset and Singleton would be great acquisitions if we could get them, we do need to strengthen in the forwards with 4-5 leaving and Aspinwall retiring. Good start to building by the board so far Forgot about liam paisley, another local player that was playing really well before getting injured, would add him to the list
  5. I find it Strange that a town supporter is saying the raiders should sign there players
  6. Pretty much nailed it there for me pablo
  7. Adam and Declan played on the Barrows left edge, I thought Adam did very well on his debut and Cross on the other wing worked hard again as he always does
  8. Defence horrendous!!! Bet when you played you used to smash umm
  9. Well that’s a great start for me, both have improved as the season has gone on, and off the field have been true ambassadors for the club
  10. And so is tee Ritson, would definitely put him against anyone that’s played for barrow over the years, the point is the game has changed so much since the 70s, 80s and 90s, it’s completely different, like someone has already said, check you tube out and compare.
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