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  1. When standards on the pitch go up you are a funny man. No doubt when standards go up so will the prices!! Lol
  2. I don't understand why the game wasn't moved so that both this one and the Leeds game could be on TV. The positive to not being on TV is that you should get a full house......
  3. Leeds by 24. Hopefully they have turned a corner, judging by the Cas game, they have learned how to dig in again and although luck was on their side defended as a team. Rovers might make a fist of it but I expect Leeds to get the win.
  4. I see the Cas brigade are out with their rose tinted glasses on....
  5. Apparently you can strip the ball without giving a penalty away if you play against Leeds,but if they do the same then you get the penalty
  6. Defenders do seem to do better near the line,unless you are Leeds for the last 2 seasons lol
  7. Many moons ago, my cousin played for the local amateur team,got to a cup final. His team got a penalty in front of the sticks,they were losing by 2 with about 15 to go. He chose to do a quick tap and lost the ball going over the line. His team lost by 2 in the end!
  8. If it ain't broken don't fix it! I was coached from a young age to always try to come away with something, especially if it was a close game and tries were hard to come by. Even a drop goal. You get the ball back and usually end up somewhere near where you got the penalty. It also gives the team a breather.
  9. I agree,we do all see things differently and no doubt Wigan will come good when the weather gets bad. I hate to say it but I will tip Wigan to win the GF. Whether they play St Helens or Wire is another thing but it will be one of them.
  10. Warrington didn't show how to beat Saints, they played well for an hour and then Saints took their opportunities. Saints never looked like losing. It doesn't matter about this result.... October is when it counts at Old Trafford..
  11. Spoiler alert if you didn't watch and have recorded last night's game. After Saint's proving that they are the top team in the comp playing for 80 minutes last night against Wire, it unlikely that anyone can stop them getting to the GF. Or will they fall at the last hurdle? Who will be in the GF and who will win? I think it will be Saints v Wigan. Wigan are now 4th and quietly putting results together,they usually come good towards the end of the season. I don't think Leeds can win it from 12th lol
  12. Or maybe the viewers were blokes waiting for them to swap shirts at the end
  13. Let's be fair, probably some of the millions watch the women's world cup thought that it was blokes playing, because let's face it a lot of these footballers have girly hair cuts and look very feminine.
  14. The irony....who was man of the match last night for Hull KR lol
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