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  1. Because by the time it is rearranged hopefully Agar will have been sacked
  2. Rhinos are rebuilding blah blah... I can't see Leeds winning this unless Storm Dennis arrives early and it is called off
  3. Yes, especially when there have been better players than him at Leeds,not even mentioning the rest of the world.
  4. Learn players runs on your team, play off the shoulder of your forwards who make the hard yards, be the link to the three quarters,you don't have to be quick, just be in the right place at the right time. If you are willing to take a knock,take the ball to the line, draw players in creating a gap and make sure that your team mates run through the gap that you created. I got sent off once when I was creating the space and my team mate didn't get it to run through the gap,after the 6th time being tomatoes by the opponent's I threw the ball at him at a few punches lol
  5. Huddersfield by 30. Players need coaching properly. We need Darryl Powell
  6. The LOL at the end of my comment indicates that it was a joke. Just like the performance v Hull
  7. Which game were you watching, we were awful, we had no ideas going forward,no kicking game and no 2nd phase of attack. It was like watching Great Britain last year!
  8. Already suggested Cougars! Lol Another test is if he still likes rugby league after watching Keighley he'll watch owt lol
  9. If you time it right you could also fit in a super league game. It depends on your 7 year olds attention span. If they could last then Magic Weekend at Newcastle would be good or the Summer Bash at Blackpool if they are still doing it
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