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  1. Where is Ash Handley,and is Regan Grace injured? Surely they are the future on the wing and Ryan Hall or McGilvary
  2. Huddersfield v Toronto, 3,000 attendance....
  3. 64.092. Salford will bring both their fans plus the couple of thousand who will appear out of the wood work. Wigan will bring more than Salford lol
  4. Maybe the reason he is in Canada is to remind Mr McDermott that he available next season..............
  5. Another crock past his prime, echoes of when we signed Andy Gregory......
  6. I disagree, in this day and age you aren't allowed to have a dodgy past,it is considered not good publicity and the do gooders of the world will stamp their feet.
  7. Probably Zak Hardaker, I'm sure he'll be on crime watch sooner or later lol
  8. The whole fixtures carry on is wrong then
  9. I don't want Saints there not only because they will stuff their opponents,but because I don't like them lol. I'd rather see the underdog win. The team that finishes top should be champions end of, the play offs should be another title like it used to be
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