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  1. I just hope that Hastings and Widdop play as badly for their clubs as they did for GB, it will give Leeds a chance next year lol
  2. Are you sure? How do you know that both Hastings and Widdop don't actually have British passports? If this is part of the criteria for being off the quota then I am sure Wigan and Warrington will have made sure they don't count.
  3. Did you enter the cheat codes? There was an option to have no injuries or remain unbeaten no matter what side you put out
  4. In an ideal world we would have a set up,not just for rugby league, but for all sports. America does it, so why shouldn't we give it a try? The government are all for kids staying in education,so if they are good at a sport,why not encourage them. There should be schools where you can play sport,gain a qualification and socialising skills, not to mention learning about respect and values. Imagine being able to play rugby and receive proper funded training in facilities from age 11 ( maybe younger,it would have to be trialed) on the provision that you do well in maths and English. Not everyone is academic and as a society in education we tend to focus on this rather than developing talents that young people have. Any thoughts people?
  5. With regards to Peacock, he was an experienced player who was at the top of his game and thrived at Leeds, Leuluai didn't play that many first team games in Australia, thus showing the gulf between the two leagues. This is part of the reasoning that any player coming over from Australia aren't all that or are indeed winding down their career, otherwise surely you would want to continue at the top level.
  6. Fair enough but it seems dubious to me if he is that good why not stay in Australia and play state of origin? I have always moaned about Leeds btw, for over 30 years now, made some shocking decisions about players that they have signed and let go lol. Proof is in the pudding and I will gladly put my hand up if I am wrong about Prior.
  7. Experience. Prior wouldn't come over here if he could still play top level RL in Australia. Here for the payday. Wardle isn't a prop but you said experience
  8. Cuthbertson,Gale, Ward.... Is Lunt still at Leeds? We shouldn't be buying has been Aussies we should be having players who know the English game, Chris Hill and Joe Wardle would be ideal
  9. Keighley have Jake Webster wow, didn't see that announced but he will do a good job for them.
  10. Do fans want a thread individual to their club where you can gripe about how bad the ref was or how poor the kicking game was or how well the new signing played in the last game? Or indeed anything to do with the club that you follow. Thoughts please.
  11. Lol. There have been quite a few players from the NRL wanting to play in super League and let's say get paid for an holiday. I don't understand why Leeds are signing 32 year olds???
  12. Prior not gonna set the world on fire! 32 coming over for his holidays.....
  13. Let's face it, Leeds have never replaced JP, Kylie Leuluai and Kevin Sinfield. Ablett and JJB have had injuries and were aging,also Stevie Ward is rarely fit. They tried to fill the gap but haven't really done so. Trent Merrin was not the answer, we missed a trick in not signing George Burgess and should have broke the bank to buy Chris Hill from Warrington. Will Merrin be missed? No I don't think so.
  14. Will Stevie Ward be fit lol Has Prior officially signed?
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