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  1. Leeds 14 Wigan 21 can't remember what year it was but that season I can remember a few games at Headingley out where it was a full house and you couldn't swap ends at half time like I used to do. Also old Central Park was usually full when big games were involved. In fact usually when the top 2 or local derbies were involved you had full houses.
  2. The one with Ferres 16 on the back,closely followed by Briscoe 2
  3. Half empty grounds isn't enough to tell you that the game is going backwards? Despite on field results Leeds remain the highest average gate with just over 12,500, I remember when you couldn't get a seat (or room to stand) in some grounds. There needs to be more done to promote the game and given the amount of technology around these days to spread the word,it seems that we are 20 years behind.
  4. Some interesting points there, so fans need more than cheap seats as an incentive to attend games.
  5. SKy were the ones selling it, and I think somebody said it was mentioned in the program?
  6. Having watched the super league show the other night it was evident that the grounds ( like most of the season) have looked a bit empty! So I did a bit of googling,some maths and worked out approximately how much each club receives for a home game based on it's average attendance this season,and based on an average of £25 a ticket (yes I know some pay less and some pay more) For example, Huddersfield's average gate is 5,271, (£131,775) so if they wanted to fill the ground (capacity 24,500) then to receive a similar gate money they could drop the tickets to £6, surely people would go if it was this cheap ( and they would buy food which adds to the overall receipts) Leeds average 12682 (£317,050) they could reduce to £16 and receive the same money for a full house. The game needs bums on seats, because the more interest,the more the word is spread. I remember 10 years ago going to Wigan to watch Leeds in the 'big one' £10 a ticket, it was a full house more or less. Thoughts people?
  7. The fact that they had to mention the guard of honour was PR, if the game wasn't on Sky then it probably wouldn't have been mentioned as much, yes it was a touch of class but it's nothing new in rugby, we used to do it when I played at junior level for an amateur club,and it is the norm as far I am concerned. Unfortunately rugby league is on it's bum at the moment with attendances down and it will take more than a guard of honour to sort it out.
  8. This was of course a long time ago, probably changed the rules after Wigan got done for playing a second string side at Odsal.
  9. The RFL used to fine clubs for playing under strength sides
  10. Shouldn't be the that hard to pick out who did it from the dozen fans who were there lol
  11. What would you put in Room 101, it doesn't have to be rugby league related. I would put litterbugs into room 101, recently I went to Blackpool Zoo and despite plenty of bins for rubbish there was litter left all around the zoo,even in the bird cage where it stated on the door 'no eating or drinking in here' yet there were ice lolly sticks thrown on the floor and in the pond where the ducklings were swimming. Also there were quite a few Warrington and Saints shirts being worn that really belonged in the bin (only joking)
  12. Leeds v Bradford, sorry that's next season. Batley v Dewsbury until then
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