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  1. Turning point in the game just as Wakefield were getting back into it. Spoiled it from a neutral perspective.
  2. I like buying replica shirts,rugby league and football. Leeds United have just released their home kit. £60 a pop. NRL shirts are also expensive. I get teams need the revenue but they change every season, surely they could have a trade in like part exchanging a car? Thoughts please
  3. No kicking game, poor in defence,no clue going forward,looked yards off the pace. Leeds were poor, good job no fans in crowd as they'd want their money back! It was nice to see McManus and Hetherington social distancing as well
  4. If I were the owner of a league 1 side, I would be offering to complete fixtures for the Wolfpack. For example, Keighley Cougars could abandon their fixtures and let their squad play against SL opponents,gaining experience for the players. Thoughts?
  5. That's what they said to Pay!! Lol I'm here all week
  6. Wigan and Saints already get away with forward passes! Lol. On a serious note. NO - forward passes should not be allowed,it is rugby league not NFL or Union!!! It is a skill to make sure that you are behind the person passing and time everything ,so again NO!
  7. The game is quite quick to play. You have the option of hiring staff and you can assign them to deal with the training. You can skip the game to result only or view with 2D or 3D. It is funny to watch in 3D especially the way the players run. When they break the line and only have the full back to beat they tend to run straight at them and don't try to step or go round them
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1154080/Rugby_League_Team_Manager_3/
  9. I recently bought on Steam the above game. Has anybody else tried it and what do you think if it? It's no football manager but it is decent, a few things that they could improve on like player search engine and how you select the starting lineup also coaching staff have fictional names.
  10. I don't understand anybody who manages to do well in Oz wanting to come back over here while they can still play at a top level. With sun,sea and less covid why would you want to come back to this backward run country.
  11. You had to mention that air bridge didn't ya, you wouldn't let it lie! ?
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