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  1. We've got a chance, no chance! Might as well play with 12 men if you pick Gareth Widdop. He might be good in the NRL but this is because he has a higher standard of players week in week out who are coaches to a higher standard to start with.
  2. Whoever has put this together regardless of whether it is SL or the RFL are idiots! The original concept was good but when they put together games of this calibre it is awful. There should be an extra incentive for players, what more than playing your rivals in a local derby?
  3. The best way to select an England coach is to put names of all who are interested in a hat and then draw one out. Seriously we need to copy the Australian infrastructure, start them young,offer the kids scholarships to coincide with their education and bring them through this way. Then maybe one day we will be able to compete with the Aussies and Kiwis instead of nearly winning!
  4. ???? Watkins rediscover his best! He was always Overrated in my book anyway. Watching Leeds for 30 years he wouldn't be in my top 5 centres that I have seen at the club or in super League either
  5. Well you are being very rude lol. We are debating what a load of male genitals the RFL are doing with the magic weekend. Bring back the derbies, the current fixtures listed won't entice people to attend,I certainly won't be going to watch these fixtures
  6. It would have been better to start of with Toronto v Catalans Warrington v Salford Hull v Hull KR Day 2 Huddersfield v Wakefield Wigan v Stains Leeds v Castleford
  7. Tragic weekend... Wakefield v Hull KR the main event pmsl
  8. They lost because they weren't good enough,you could have put them in green and gold they would still be clueless going forward.
  9. Pot 1 = semi finals..... England v NZ and Tonga v Australia.. NZ v Australia final
  10. There is no doubt that the game has changed but if you lost your talisman then your team struggled, these days they are not missed as much. All clones, which as a game is not attractive
  11. If this is the case,name me who you consider to be match winners or characters. The game at the moment is full of clones sticking to drills and set moves,rarely you see something different or special players who stand head and shoulders above the rest
  12. The Rubberman... He was like a pantomime villain at times but when he played well he was brilliant.
  13. ? keep emailing coming. Next thread will have to be most disliked XIII
  14. We've had the greatest team thread,how about your favourite players instead. 1. Phil Ford - my first ever Leeds game he rang across from the opposite wing to catch a certain Martin Offiah,one of the few who could catch him. 2. John Bentley 3. Garry Schofield 4. Keith Senior 5. Martin Offiah 6. Danny McGuire 7. Rob Burrow 8. Brendan Hill 9. Paul Hulme 10. Paul Dixon 11. Steve Menzies 12. Jamie Peacock 13. Ellery Hanley
  15. So many great players over the years from different eras, Billy Boston was one of the all time greats. Here's mine 1. E.T. 2. Brian Bevan 3. Mal Meninga 4. Greg Inglis 5. Martin Offiah 6. Darren Lockyer 7. Jonathan Thurston 8. Kurt Sorenson 9. Ben Elias 10. Paul Harrogan 11. Paul Sironen 12. Gordon Tallis 13. Steve Menzies Had to leave out the likes of Wally Lewis,Peter Sterling, and Phil Ford
  16. Where is Ash Handley,and is Regan Grace injured? Surely they are the future on the wing and Ryan Hall or McGilvary
  17. Huddersfield v Toronto, 3,000 attendance....
  18. 64.092. Salford will bring both their fans plus the couple of thousand who will appear out of the wood work. Wigan will bring more than Salford lol
  19. Maybe the reason he is in Canada is to remind Mr McDermott that he available next season..............
  20. Another crock past his prime, echoes of when we signed Andy Gregory......
  21. I disagree, in this day and age you aren't allowed to have a dodgy past,it is considered not good publicity and the do gooders of the world will stamp their feet.
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