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  1. I believe that the trustees are directors like everyone else on the board. That’s what it says on companies house.
  2. No they shouldn’t, your 100% correct however they know not many amateurs are going to turn it down. That’s what they are hoping
  3. Totally agree. There’s no way the pro clubs will want to cover the insurance for the amateurs. That being said it only takes one player to get injured and it will all go up in flames
  4. I understand that part but what happens if the player is injured playing for the professional club?
  5. So with the RFL bringing in that the pro clubs can take amateur players without a contract. What happens if the player gets injured playing for the pro club? What player wouldn’t want to play but what happens to their amateur status afterwards?
  6. Really is a sad state of affairs when you see what Barla once was & what it is today.
  7. Wow, WTH, that’s a very simple solution because your opposition said they would play at a later date so what was the problem? No wonder the Pennine are losing teams left right & centre. Stubbornness can be a dangerous thing & they have only themselves to blame for such a diabolical decision. But surely other teams must be having the same problem as you. If they treat them the way they have treated you them they will lose even more teams to the YML. Ignorance can be a decision that can not be reversed if you refuse to listen to people.
  8. Well surely there must have been people on Barla board that was not on the Pennine board. It sounds both being the same only secures those in situ. No wonder nobody wants to join Barla.
  9. 100% agree. But clearly there are less district leagues & therefore less clubs
  10. Maybe so but I’m sure Pennine comes Under Barla as a playing league.
  11. Yes I see your point there. Yes spending money on things that will benefit all clubs regardless of leagues
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