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  1. I believe he did. Over 10 years ago. I for one are a believer in “everyone deserves a second chance” From what I hear he has some good ideas and a lot of District leagues like him. Anything is better than what Barla has now and nobody else is putting their hands up to do anything.
  2. Totally agree, I had the pleasure of meeting him at club level. Still speak to him when he’s not busy driving his trucks. From what I heard he was very good as Barla Secretary. Just a pity that the powers that be wanted him out. Clearly saw him as a threat
  3. Barla isn’t what it used to be. It’s definitely time for a change. Anything must be better than what’s there now. Someone who can bridge gaps & bring new ideas. Everything is kept in house & the District leagues don’t get no information from Barla. It’s a sad state of affairs
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