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  1. Totally agree, but who? That’s the problem
  2. Maybe not a bee in their pocket, maybe the fact they want to know or question what is going on at BARLA. Not everyone is in the know and sometimes not knowing makes you question that there is something wrong
  3. They have both been on some time now. I think maybe 8 years or maybe more but don’t quote me on that one
  4. One of the a trustees has resigned but yes all the trustees are in the board
  5. I believe it was announced to the members at an AGM in 2018
  6. I’ve just looked on companies house and nothing has changed apart from the name which was done in March this year. Would like to know what your talking about or better still where you got that information from
  7. Therefore the money would not go to the district leagues and would not be passed down to the clubs
  8. The District are the ones who own Barla. Because Barla is made up of all the district leagues
  9. I believe that the trustees are directors like everyone else on the board. That’s what it says on companies house.
  10. No they shouldn’t, your 100% correct however they know not many amateurs are going to turn it down. That’s what they are hoping
  11. Totally agree. There’s no way the pro clubs will want to cover the insurance for the amateurs. That being said it only takes one player to get injured and it will all go up in flames
  12. I understand that part but what happens if the player is injured playing for the professional club?
  13. So with the RFL bringing in that the pro clubs can take amateur players without a contract. What happens if the player gets injured playing for the pro club? What player wouldn’t want to play but what happens to their amateur status afterwards?
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