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  1. Yes, the Council Executive have made Allerdale a national laughing stock. Who in their right minds would want to bring investment and jobs into such a zone of negativity?? But, reading and thinking about the posts on here regarding the stadium decision and alternatives, the Executive may have been too smart for their own good. It looks like they could have dug themselves and the stadium into a hole, and in fact, the only way out is, Yes Sirree !!, back to Plan A - with the help of NDA, NHS and Herr Jenkinson, if he and the Executive stick to their word about the key reason for their recent rejection of Plan A. There is a flow chart to what I am saying if you'll stick with me folks ..... and which I hope has a sound logic to it ? Stage 1: Digging the hole. Reject Stadium Plan and into the hole goes , World Class design stadium, first class sports facilities, 400 jobs, RL World Cup, Conference Centre, Big name music venue, inspiration and aspiration for young people and future generations... and the dissed Head of Finance Report. Stage 2: Digging a bigger hole Into the hole go claims of financial liability and big deficit, supported by assertions that statements of intent by two reputable national bodies could not be trusted as commitment to go ahead. Also making the hole bigger is Jenkinson making clear that the decisive factor underlying the alleged financial liability is no rental income from NDA and NHS. Stage 3:Hole gets bigger still. Officers pushed into the hole when they are asked to seek tenants, including NDA and NHS, to pay for a potential alternative scheme. Stage 4: Getting out of the Hole. Officers find that NDA and NHS will go ahead with new offices in Workington. Jenkinson comes to the rescue ( Hurrah!) and reminds us that the no show of NHS and NDA as tenants was the prime reason for the previous rejection of the New Stadium Plan, and that , being true to those previous statements, now we know that they will go ahead with the tenancies, there is no longer any reason why Plan A cannot go ahead after all. Stage 5: Hole filled in. When the New Stadium is complete, Jenkinson and his Executive announce that they will make a new application to stage the next RL World Cup in Workington.
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