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  1. Shame on the NRL. Watch other teams pull out due to clubs not wanting to release players.
  2. They’ve been promoted to the second divisin
  3. I understand that both sports are popular among polynesians and there’s still competition. But it seems union in nz has a strangle hold on white nzers
  4. This why he should’ve never left Sydney. They warriors will never be a top flight RL team. Johnson also jumped shipped.
  5. The player pool in england is bigger and stronger. If there's any foreign players you want you go straight to australia. Thats why im saying only the dragons can empower their local players to become professionals unless there's a golden generation of french players there's no reasons for an english club to go france for talent.
  6. Another concerning part is the young french players a lot aren't making it to super league level. The talent gets lost.
  7. Sad I probably won't see a competitive french rugby league side in my lifetime. Lets hop toulouse don't forget to empower french players. Already bad signs with how they brag about the quality foreigning players they plan on signing.
  8. We are going to surpass australia in tournament fan support.
  9. We need a league star. Like football has with Marcus Rashford. I think the star players enhances the brand of super league.
  10. Both union and league are played in the small towns around perpignan at an amatuer level for example RC LIMOUX RAZES XV and Limoux grizzlies xiii, pia xiii and us pia xv and Rugby Club Lezignan XV and FC Lézignan XIII.And union has more players than league. Also if you looked at Limoux's google search trends(https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today 5-y&geo=FR-K&q=%2Fm%2F06br8,%2Fm%2F06f3l) it was searching rugby union content 80% to leagues 20% that's actually pretty good for league in many other cities the numbers are smaller for league in comparison to union and most of the cities in Languedoc-Roussillon it was 100% union and 0%league. Saint-Cyprien in google search data was 100% union and 0%. League may be played there that doesn't mean the sport has a decent following amongst the people who live there. It isn't just league being played around the small towns in perpignan and followed there union presence is stronger than league not just grassroots but media and tv as well. Compare that to QLD australia google search data league is dominating union in every city in Queensland( https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today 5-y&geo=AU-QLD&q=%2Fm%2F06br8,%2Fm%2F01lwy5) the more north you go the more league it becomes. North QLD is clearly leagues strongest region in QLD. Unions best city is Brisbane which is 76% league to unions 24%. Union is still a minority rugby code in Brisbane even with a respectable grassroots presence. Queensland is a rugby league heartland. just like NSW. USC Carcassonne have been in pro d2 for the last 10 years and have been pulling bigger crowds for a while now. Being fully pro and on tv helps. And their biggest crowds have always been against close rivals like beziers, USAP and Narbonne. Also AS carcassonne signed a samoan rugby union international that was big news in Carcassonne because he had previously played for USC carcassonne. That was clearly a publicity signing(like the wolfpack signing of SBW) for As Carcassonne because he's old as hell and hasn't played professional rugby league. I think we can agree there are some small towns around perpignan (mainly ones with elite 1 sides) that have a good rugby league presence but its amateur and semi-pro with no following unless you have a connection to the club you can't watch them on tv and the crowds in elite 1 are very very small. Outside of people who play for the elite 1 clubs and people who go to the stadiums to watch (not in big numbers it must be said) when they turn on the tv to watch sports entertainment rugby league isn't even available to watch. The elite 1 clubs don't cut through outside the league bubble. To call it a rugby league heartland? I think it's a stretch. To say it has a respectable league presence and the game has done well to survive in the region despite systematic sporting apartheid I think that's a much more fair assessment on the state of RL in france. Union clearly dominates the region. And league is definitely stronger in the north west of England than it is in that region of france (which was my original point) we have both amatuer and pro rugby on lock can watch live rugby league week in week out on our tvs here union is basically dead in west yorkshire with leed tykes having folded(not dancing on their grave just saying).
  11. If you look at google search trends in that region union is dominating(https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=FR-K&q=%2Fm%2F06br8,%2Fm%2F06f3l) compare that to NSW in australia(https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=AU-NSW&q=%2Fm%2F06br8,%2Fm%2F01lwy5) . In Languedoc-Roussillon union dominates league and in NSW league dominates union. These trends show interest in the sports by the people who live there. You left out Beziers which is union. Also compare USC Carcassonne crowds to AS Carcassonne crowds its Union> league in Carcassonne. Also I don't know why you saying it use be just league in carcassonne when AS carcassonne use to be a union club switched to league the clubs split into to two and USC carcassonne was formed as the union section of the club. The sport got banned in france then went back to league after the sports ban on league was lifted. There's always been union in Carcassonne. You also left Montpellier which is also union>league. You also left out Nimes which is also union>league. So pretty much any decent sized town there is Union>league. Languedoc-Roussillon is far from a rugby league heartland but its the place where our game is strongest in France I'll give you that. But to say league is stronger in that region of france than league is in the north west of england is not true. In the northwest of england rugby league dominates union maybe bar south yorkshire. League isn't dominating union in that region of france it's the other way around. It's only recently that we've been catching up and that's cause all the union clubs there besides Montpellier in that region are in the second division and Narbonne is in the third.
  12. French clubs offer more diversity to NH rugby league. Due to our failure to expand the sport in the uk. French clubs add value to our game.
  13. Thats not true at all Union is bigger than league in that region of France. In the north west of England league is the dominant code.
  14. Why does he need to be admitted first to show whether or not he has the funds? Huge red flag.
  15. Rumour has it the new owners couldnt show they could fund the team. Makes senses why they were rejected
  16. My big worry is rugby league in Ontario was already struggling with Toronto there. This might just kill the game.
  17. Let’s hope Toronto don’t fold and can maybe build back from scratch at the lower levels
  18. yep toulouse doesn't have the rugby league tradition the perpignan region has. They in a similar position to toronto they need other sports fans. Here's an article on the struggles to get rugby league started up in toulouse(https://surlatouche.fr/la-naissance-du-rugby-xiii-toulouse/)
  19. True but I'm just saying people saw the crowd that toulouse olympique got when they played their first game at Stade toulousains stadium and make it seem as if they get those crowds week in week out. Far from it. Toulouse get similar crowds to featherstone the team that expansionist love to attack. We'll see if they improve now that they made a permanent move to Stade wallon.
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