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  1. Empty promised after empty promises. The new owners have a huge task ahead of them if the club survives that is.
  2. And people said the Folau signing was bad for catalans. Meanwhile its the only thing keeping them relevant.
  3. Well put even with central funding the clubs spending was never sustainable.
  4. All the goodwill Toronto built surely is completely gone now? I think the players coming out publicly is the final nail for the club.
  5. England RU make £25 000 per game. I know Maro Itoje got paid £900 000 for his image rights Farrell's will be around there. All Farrell needs to do is play 8 games for England then hes earning over a million pound a year. Also considering RU lions is being played next year each player who remains in the squad for the whole tour will get paid £750 000 plus £10 000 if they win the series. He wasn't going anywhere to begin with. The wolfpacks SBW signing is the last big publicity signing we will see in the SL for a long long time. Why would he starve himself playing RL. RL is wanting to get rid of the 15000 minimum salary. We don't have the money he NRL and Union have. We got bigger problems securing the games survival and integrity.
  6. Most of them will end up playing union at their high school. League would need to work hard to attract them to league clubs they don't know exist.
  7. The sport the player is most committed too and played the longest
  8. He got home sick and went back to new zealand
  9. I agree those guys are league guys
  10. BEcause vunivalu is a union player who didn't play league until the melbourne storm poached him. Like how aru poached folau folau is a league player. Look at the participation numbers there's far more juniors paying union than league in nz.
  11. Look at the world rankings. In my opinion nz is still a bigger draw than tonga. But i guess we got to agree to disagree.
  12. And vunivalu? RTS started league in high school hes a union kid.
  13. Ye they are australia is in a league of their own. I'm willing to bet my house england vs tonga will not garner interest like england vs nz and nz are number 1 in the world right now.
  14. By poaching 1st XV RU players. Like RTS and Vunivalu. Australia do the same thing.
  15. They are our biggest rivals and we have great games against them. Do the english cricket fans get tired of playing australia? Nope. I think the kiwis are a far bigger draw than tonga. There is no polynesian dysphoria in the UK.
  16. Toronto's visa issues have been going on for a long time. They've been rolling the dice from day one it was only a matter of time before it all came crashing down. They are in a tough situation they need as many foreigners as they can get to compete in super league but attracting the players is whats hardest. I think they gonna be a "yo-yo" team like the broncos. Going up and down constantly. And the RFL isn't to blame for this either.
  17. Wouldn't it better for the lower tier games to be in the heartlands
  18. RL is already the number 1 or 2 sport among Maori and pacific islander in New Zealand. That market is already maxed out. The key is to tap into the pakeha and migrant market. That is really the only missing piece and get the sport into schools.
  19. The most underrated post on this forum thanks for this
  20. Emphasis on the word try. Some will never escape gang life and that might damage the games imagine. Here in the england the RL community will never have gangs involved in our sport. RL is a family sport here. But I guess NZ can't afford to turn people away.
  21. RL is more popular than soccer in NZ -http://www.roymorgan.com/findings/7680-new-zealand-rugby-tv-viewers-june-2018-201808030712
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