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  1. Its more nuance than that among tongans in tonga and new zealand its rugby union. Among tongans in australia its rugby league. So its 2-1 to rugby union therefore rugby union is still tongas national sport.
  2. How is this not on the crosscode forum who cares about unions participation numbers
  3. So if they ignored professionalism in South Wales then it wasn't really a class thing.
  4. What type of crowds do you guys get? Any schools in coventry play RL? How many clubs are in that area?
  5. The dragons are allowed crowds but super league teams don't want to play games in france
  6. This isnt about israel folau this about their champions cup win or am i mistaken?
  7. Sorry lad if that were the case then they would’ve payed their creditors you know they being sued by a broadcast company in Canada for unpaid bills? This franchise has been short on money and poorly run pre-covid.
  8. Nope because there is a long trail of them not paying creditors and paying people late. I think the SBW signing had more of a financial hit on the than covid. Don’t spend money you clearly don’t have.
  9. They couldn’t finish the season cause they don’t have money. Not cause of covid.
  10. " but trying to build your future with them is pure folly with very poor returns on your investment." This is facts
  11. THe problem is touch affiliates itself with union outside of australia and when you tell them Rugby league is your father they deny it.
  12. But CRL is only a year old we'll see how well relying on union clubs works from what I've seen across the world the strongest league clubs are filled with rugby league players and have a strong junior clubs that feed into them
  13. Sadly this is a common theme in North american Rugby league they are at the whim of union clubs. Also still waiting for texas to get off the ground
  14. Empty promised after empty promises. The new owners have a huge task ahead of them if the club survives that is.
  15. There’s not enough money for a WAG culture in Rugby league
  16. And people said the Folau signing was bad for catalans. Meanwhile its the only thing keeping them relevant.
  17. Well put even with central funding the clubs spending was never sustainable.
  18. All the goodwill Toronto built surely is completely gone now? I think the players coming out publicly is the final nail for the club.
  19. England RU make £25 000 per game. I know Maro Itoje got paid £900 000 for his image rights Farrell's will be around there. All Farrell needs to do is play 8 games for England then hes earning over a million pound a year. Also considering RU lions is being played next year each player who remains in the squad for the whole tour will get paid £750 000 plus £10 000 if they win the series. He wasn't going anywhere to begin with. The wolfpacks SBW signing is the last big publicity signing we will see in the SL for a long long time. Why would he starve himself playing RL. RL is wanting to get rid of the 15000 minimum salary. We don't have the money he NRL and Union have. We got bigger problems securing the games survival and integrity.
  20. Most of them will end up playing union at their high school. League would need to work hard to attract them to league clubs they don't know exist.
  21. The sport the player is most committed too and played the longest
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