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  1. 41 minutes ago, Trojan said:

    It was about class and control IMO.  My theory is that the RFU had seen what had happened to soccer and were determined it would not happen to "their" game.  Let's not forget that not that long before the NU split, the FA cup was regularly won by amateur sides such as  the likes of Corinthian Casuals and The Wanderers. But suddenly with the advent of professionalism and the Football League it was Blackburn Rovers, Aston Villa etc who were challenging for honours.  The same thing was happening in Rugby and the "powers that be" were determined to stop it.  I believe the NU wanted to emulate the Football League and administer professional rugby for any club that wanted to join them.  The RFU were determined that by fair means or foul they would prevent this from happening.

    If you examine the history from 1895 to 1995 it was not professionalism they were against. It was Rugby League.  They turned blind eye to all but open professional rugby in South Wales, because they knew that had they not done the outcome would have meant another split.  Over the years  pro soccer players and cricketers were allowed to play Rugby Union.  Welsh fullback Paul Thorburn was even allowed back after a spell in gridiron. And what's gridiron if it isn't in the terms of the RFU law "a professional form of Rugby?"

    So if they ignored professionalism in South Wales then it wasn't really a class thing. 

  2. On 17/08/2020 at 13:33, Dave T said:

    I put that more to an owner who puts little value on paying the little people on time. 

    They have had plenty of examples of this, but have been investing and surviving. 

    Being an a-hole with suppliers is not necessarily and indication of lack of funding. It is often an indication of the leader's morals.

    Are players the little people? they've also missed payroll 

  3. 7 hours ago, audois said:

    Hearing that USAP the Perpignan union team have received permission from the district council to have an 8000 crowd for their pre-season game next week. Their ground has a capacity of 15000.Who knows maybe Dragons can follow suit with a figure exceeding the 5000 in September when Leeds and Wigan come over. Fingers crossed.

    The dragons are allowed crowds but super league teams don't want to play games in france

  4. 7 hours ago, The Rocket said:

    You said in another thread that Israel Folua was the only thing keeping them relevant. Yet they can afford, I think I heard $400 000 at short notice to sign him and he has now extended for another year. Jimmy Maloney and Sam Tomkins wouldn`t be cheap either.

    Somebody is putting a fair bit of money into this Club and must have a fair bit of faith in them despite your pessimistic prognostications.

    This isnt about israel folau this about their champions cup win or am i mistaken?

  5. 6 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    And Argyle is in financial difficulty because of Covid. TWP have limited income streams because of Covid.

    I've made my feelings known on the poor decisions I think Argyle has made in running the club, but it is just plain wrong for people to suggest this is not to do with Covid.

    Sorry lad if that were the case then they would’ve payed their creditors you know they being sued by a broadcast company in Canada for unpaid bills? This franchise has been short on money and poorly run pre-covid.

  6. 26 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    It's not really though is it? 

    A team based in Toronto not finishing the season in the current climate isn't a massive surprise - the Olympics have been cancelled! F1 are just making a season up as they go along, staging multiple races in the same country.

    Life is different right now, it's not great but everyone is in survival mode, people understand if they want to.

    They couldn’t finish the season cause they don’t have money. Not cause of covid. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, fighting irish said:

    The post that prompted my response was one from Pulga suggesting that its easier to teach Ra Ra chaps Rugby League than people who have never played any backward passing game before.

    He may be right but the difference is so near to nothing, a mathematician might describe it as vanishingly small (tending to zero).

    The benefit of choosing lads who have never played before is that they don't come with a sneering attitude, built in loyalty issues, when our game clashes with their Ra Ra club games or a very short shelf life, exhibited by RaRa chaps when they realise only the best of them can cope with the demands of Rugby League.

    Completely ignorant athletes are more likely to embrace our game and commit to it wholeheartedly and in doing so, garner respect from their mates whereas the Ra Ra ''converts'' will be ostracised and mocked by their utterly envious ''chums''.

    Consider also, that If we rely on Ra Ra chaps and the Ra Ra season occupies most of the year we end up with a playing season of 6 to 8 weeks which means we can't keep the real converts (who have none of the issues mentioned above) happy with such a paucity of matches.

    This makes it far more difficult to recruit new ones and hold them. So you will always be beholden to players whose ''first sport'' lurks in the shadows on the dark side which is where their priorities lie.

    Flirting with these blokes is bad enough, but trying to build your future with them is pure folly with very poor returns on your investment.

    Your efforts as a developer Pulga, would be much better spent, even if it takes a bit longer to get it going, with absolute beginners. 

    " but trying to build your future with them is pure folly with very poor returns on your investment." This is facts

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  8. On 14/08/2020 at 02:21, unapologetic pedant said:

    Absolutely right. I`m repeating myself from the Greece thread (not alone in that). Union players are fine to make a start. Thereafter, diminishing returns.

    And I`m repeating myself from multiple threads in saying that after a Tackle RL foothold is established, the non-contact forms of Tag and Touch are far more likely to build the numbers quickly. These are visibly, unmistakeably League not Union. Therefore highly useful in creating a distinct League identity, and getting new people familiar with PTB, limited possession, markers, dummy-half, etc.

    THe problem is touch affiliates itself with union outside of australia and when you tell them Rugby league is your father they deny it.

  9. On 13/08/2020 at 23:09, Pulga said:

    It's correct, ORL is only just begging their journey but it is a start. There's a guy on the ground who wants to get it started.

    I know it's unpalatable for some but converting union players is hundreds of times easier than training people from scratch.

    This is exactly what happened with California and they're doing quite well now.

    But CRL is only a year old we'll see how well relying on union clubs works from what I've seen across the world the strongest league clubs are filled with rugby league players and have a strong junior clubs that feed into them

  10. On 13/08/2020 at 21:34, langpark said:

    Having just looked at their facebook page, sadly, I think this might be the case.  A "logo design" is a complete non-story if there is zero activity there to back it up.  Also, their latest FB post does not fill me with confidence either:

    New logo, State flag colors- chinook salmon. New attitude
    Will be more active and contacting current union clubs about collaboration for the growth of ORL.

    "More active about contacting union clubs?"  Seriously??

    Sadly this is a common theme in North american Rugby league they are at the whim of union clubs. Also still waiting for texas to get off the ground

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  11. 7 hours ago, FearTheVee said:

    They weren't actually - my recollection is that they fell at the first hurdle.  As in the expectation gap was a yawning chasm and they were left scratching around for anywhere to play.

    Wolfpack early - we want to play our early games in big European Capitals, it will be a carnival of RL!

    Wolfpack a little later - actually, we're playing at Saracens but that is still good isn't it, London and all that.

    Wolfp[ack a little later - we're not sure we had a deal agreed, or can afford it, at Saracens but it is definitely not our fault.

    Wolfpack eventually - please Mr Hetherington and Mr Moran, can we borrow your stadiums in the heartlands?

    Blah blah global brand blah blah european capitals blah blah guaranteed player payments blah blah stock market flotation blah blah NA TV deals blah blah billionaire.

    Empty promised after empty promises. The new owners have a huge task ahead of them if the club survives that is.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Man of Kent said:

    This stuff sticks in the craw. https://www.totalrl.com/hes-taken-a-manual-labour-job-his-wife-has-cut-short-her-maternity-leave-greg-worthingtons-family-turmoil-with-zero-confidence-in-toronto-wolfpack-pay/

    Super League is supposed to be elite sport, not where players’ wives cut short maternity leave to avoid poverty.

    There’s not enough money for a WAG culture in Rugby league 

  13. 15 hours ago, LeytherRob said:

    Argyle has put in well in excess of £10m if reports are to be believed, central funding up to now they'd have gotten less than £3m back. Even with the funding the problems would exist. The central funding wouldn't even cover SBW's wages, it's time to stop using that as an excuse for Argyles failure to put competent administrators in charge of spending his money.


    Well put even with central funding the clubs spending was never sustainable.

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  14. 9 hours ago, JohnM said:

    Farrell won't be coming to rugby league. Outside the current Coronavirus period, he gets paid £750,000 a year for club rugby, heaven knows how much for his England duties, plus sponsorships, media rights etc. He is more or less guaranteed a well paid post playing career, too. Why would he move into our smaller, downward, backward looking parochial game?

    England RU make £25 000 per game. I know Maro Itoje got paid £900 000 for his image rights Farrell's will be around there. All Farrell needs to do is play 8 games for England then hes earning over a million pound a year. Also considering RU lions is being played next year each player who remains in the squad for the whole tour will get paid £750 000 plus £10 000 if they win the series. He wasn't going anywhere to begin with.

    The wolfpacks SBW signing is the last big publicity signing we will see in the SL for a long long time. Why would he starve himself playing RL. RL is wanting to get rid of the 15000 minimum salary. We don't have the money he NRL and Union have. We got bigger problems securing the games survival and integrity.

  15. 6 minutes ago, uwotm8 said:

    Interesting discussion on the changing ethnic demographics of Auckland. Given the influx of East Asian immigrants who are less interested in either of the rugby codes, how are the authorities attempting to get them into the game?

    Most of them will end up playing union at their high school. League would need to work hard to attract them to league clubs they don't know exist.

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