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  1. New Zealand may have only one fully pro club like France does, but the 15 Australian NRL clubs have at least 3 or more NZ qualified players in their teams. Talent spread around. Then there’s a shed load of NZ players in Super League. Let’s do a count on the number of NZ players across all 28 NRL + Super League clubs compared to France.
  2. Yes that but is very clear. I was referring to the next paragraph why the need? Players cannot represent Australia or New Zealand if they have elected to represent Great Britain and vice versa. Maybe it’s to differentiate between ‘England’ and ‘Great Britain’?
  3. Perhaps also allow some switching between France and Spain, and France and Morocco given the migration links between those countries.
  4. I’ve read the full document. Good improvement there, but I would tighten it up more - like no switching between countries between Tier Two and Tier Three (only between/from one of Australia, New Zealand, England and Tier Two/Three). There’s also some shabby wording - mentions ‘Great Britain’ in one paragraph but ‘England’ in the next. There’s also no specific mention of not switching between Australia and New Zealand: http://rlif.com/article/8877/irl-announces-updated-eligibility-rules
  5. That one Albanian team are seemingly looking at joining the Greek domestic competition: https://mobile.twitter.com/albaniarl?lang=en
  6. Exactly! It doesn’t mean that Australia still does not wield considerable influence. So they should, but the process is wrong. A coherent global process on rule changes (or no changes at all, preferably) at least makes us look like a global international sport. The current NRL unilateral process does not portray Rugby League as a global international sport.
  7. I get your point. However, rule changes should go through the international world governing body. That said, Australia, and England for that matter by virtue of running the only two professional leagues and having top-line players from many other nations playing in their competitions (e.g. Tonga), SHOULD exert considerable influence on the decision-making of the IRL, but at least this way there is a unified global process where other nations - at least in theory - can voice their opinion on rule changes. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s under Ken Arthurson’s watch, rule changes almost always went through the International Board.
  8. All rule changes should be run thru the International Rugby League board and approved for a universal set of rules worldwide. Very small-time thinking. So they consulted the fans did they? Did they consult the French Rugby League, who have been running Rugby League competitions since 1934? Or the RFL since 1895? No self-respecting sport does this. Unilateral rule changes might work for AFL and NFL but they are not international sports.
  9. V’landys may be over dramatic on the Perth comments but you need to read between the lines a bit here. The money will not be as freely available for the next TV deal in the depressed TV market (not just for sports but across the TV industry). So if NRL is to expand it’s looking like an increase to 17 teams rather than 18. The market is dictating this. Its obvious Brisbane needs a second team. Brisbane, a rusted-on Rugby League stronghold with a population on 2.4 million and only one team is ridiculous. Channel 9 are obsessed with airing Brisbane Broncos games every single week to boost Queensland TV ratings and everyone is utterly sick of it (including Queenslanders). No such problem exists in NSW because Channel 9 has nine Sydney teams to choose from. A second Brisbane team will give Channel 9 a second option, and offer respite for Aussie league fans sick of the Broncos. Channel 9 would be willing to pay $$$ TV money for this even though an odd number of teams offers no extra games - all because of the Queensland TV ratings a second Brisbane team will bring with it. From the NRL’s perspective, if the depressed TV market dictates there’s only enough money to go around for 17 teams, then a Brisbane 2 must be next cab off the rank. For the NRL it’s a win-win - admitting a second Brisbane team with be low risk: a ready-made Rugby League market, minimal investment required (compared to the millions required to throw at Perth to make it a success), a ready-made player base, juniors, a ready-made supporter base, the game’s ready-made high-profile in a Rugby League stronghold city, at a great stadium - all for an increased $$$ TV deal return due to Channel 9’s obsession with Queensland ratings - it’s a no-brainer. If the NRL had the bargaining power, and if TV market had the finances for 18 teams then Perth would be in as the 18th team. The fact that they can only just barely increase to 17 teams means Brisbane 2 is in.
  10. They’re still playing in PNG this weekend. The PNG National Club Championship: https://www.asiapacificrl.com/2019/11/28/png-national-club-championship-kicks-off-today-in-lae/?utm_campaign=twitter&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitter
  11. A renowned St. George Dragons fan. He even hosted the NRL Footy Show as a one-off in the absence of Fatty Vautin and Peter Sterling: https://www.google.com.au/amp/s/amp.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/clive-james-replaces-fatty-20050623-gdlk9u.html
  12. Idiot. Wasted a year and took a pay cut.
  13. French season has just started: https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/magique-french-elite-1-championship-club-by-club-season-preview/
  14. Fair enough you going through that complicated mathematical equation. I guess the rankings are there to stir up discussion and debate. I’d love to have someone at the RLIF explain to us precisely how they come up with each country’s final percentage points. Yes more transparency would be ideal!
  15. In the SH they can play Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Samoa (although to be fair the PMX111 has played PNG and Fiji in recent years), and when touring NH they can play France, and possibly heritage-stacked Ireland and Italy. Obviously not all in the one year but there are opponents out there.
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