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  1. Definitely worth giving a go, it's great to see a young person getting into classic who. She has a large audience on her channel and started about 3 years ago. You can of course dip into any episode you fancy rather than doing the lot. War Games ep.10 was something else, she just broke up and cried. Others doing similar are Sesskasays doing a video for every two episodes, she's just finished The Mutants. And CJ Who brothers doing one vid per story, they have finished classic and are now on NuWho.
  2. Hopefully RTD will retcon the Timeless Child nonsense. Andrew Cartmel did have plans for the Doctor to be revealed as an ancient being like Rassilon or Omega but cancellation meant nothing came of it. I hope it transpires that The Master was telling porkies and The Doctor doesn't predate the Time Lords, that just seems plain wrong.
  3. John have you tried Marie Claire's youtube channel, a young lady going through every episode of classic Who. Starting with An Unearthly Child she has a vid for every episode. Now up to State Of Decay ep 3. Check her out, recommended.
  4. Funny man, but this is one time where comparisons with football really don't work. There's loads of big BIG clubs outside the Premier League such as Nottingham Forest, Sunderland, West Bromwich Albion, Derby and many more. Football also has three up and down, so a smaller club like Bournemouth or Burnley being promoted won't dilute the league .RL doesn't have that luxury it can't afford to lose big clubs, or miss opportunities like Toulouse. If pushed I'd favour the bottom two clubs of SL being in an end of season round robin group with top two Championship teams, the top two promoted. So it's decided on the field and Championship teams prove they're better than those they replace.
  5. I wouldn't be too hopeful, a nephew of mine is on a potential 5 year waiting list for a S.T. I think he said Chelsea, not sure. As has been stated a few posts above football attendances are still growing. For every disaffected fan who leaves another takes his place. RL really has to hope figures improve in 2022. FWIW Here are this season EPL attendance averages. Sorry the script for team names is very dark, but expanding the page means they can be read. Funnily the supporters who hate their stadium are in second place, West Ham, the fans still go. This is a great site, you can check attendance figures all the way down to Isthmian League South East. VANARAMA CONFERENCE. https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/national-league/attendances ISTHMIAN S.E. https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/isthmian-football-league-south-east-division/attendances Average Home Attendances, 2021-2022 Average Home Attendances, 2021-2022 Average 1 Manchester United 72,795 2 West Ham United 59,901 3 Arsenal 59,324 4 Tottenham Hotspur 58,664 5 Liverpool 52,591 6 Manchester City 52,137 7 Newcastle United 48,366 8 Aston Villa 41,966 9 Chelsea 38,965 10 Everton 38,654 11 Leeds United 36,406 12 Leicester City 31,907 13 Wolverhampton Wanderers 30,495 14 Brighton & Hove Albion 30,282 15 Southampton 30,001 16 Norwich City 26,894 17 Crystal Palace 23,033 18 Watford 20,240 19 Burnley 16,910 20 Brentford 16,624
  6. Eddie is just a bit sore because his beloved Norwich which he sort of supports are bottom of the Premier League and already look doomed and might as well give up if they lose on Saturday to Burnley. I honestly have £10 on Burnley. As for SRD it's a shame they couldn't stay at the AJ Bell with SCFC, then presumably we'd be right behind the Neville's vanity project.
  7. OMG ! IT'S HERE. I feel like I've waited 40 years to see this, in fact longer. Listened to the audio recording that survives but this animation is special.
  8. I have gout, and have had it for about 20 years. Very unpleasant, but fortunately only happens a few occasions a year. Drastically improved since starting taking apple cider vinegar. One tablespoon a day mixed with a 100ml of water. MUST be raw and unpasteurised with the mother.
  9. 202 AD Super League Grand Final Bradeford Septemtrionis 56 Sancta Helena 6
  10. ludo mentis defricatus urina primi posters taking
  11. Bryson DeChambeau totally misses a dogleg by shooting a 417 yard tee shot direct to within 70 odd yards of pin and a par 5 is downed in 3, staggering.
  12. Pretty awful day one, Europe need at least 5pts on day two IMO or else Sunday could be an anticlimax. McIlroy a major disappointment and why Poulter is in the team is anyone's guess.
  13. Damascus- Richard Strange and the Engine Room Shovel all the coal in
  14. First match pairings revealed. No Koepka and DeChambeau team, pity. McIlroy and Poulter as expected team up, will be happy with 2-2 after the opening round.
  15. A thread for the Ryder Cup starting Friday 24th September. I'm not a big golf enthusiast but will watch the big tournaments, The Open, Masters and of course the Ryder Cup. Always enjoy Sunday's singles matches and will dip in and out of the first two days. For me it's all about getting the upper hand over those Yanks. I fear a bit for the European team, it's made up of old stagers and rookies, the US team I recognise most of the players and it's looking strong. 2021 Ryder Cup teams *denotes captain’s pick. Team Europe Jon Rahm Rory McIlroy Viktor Hovland Tommy Fleetwood Tyrrell Hatton Bernd Wiesberger Matt Fitzpatrick Lee Westwood Paul Casey Sergio Garcia* Ian Poulter* Shane Lowry* Team USA Collin Morikawa Dustin Johnson Bryson DeChambeau Patrick Cantlay Brooks Koepka Justin Thomas Daniel Berger* Jordan Spieth* Xander Schauffele* Tony Finau* Harris English* Scottie Scheffler*
  16. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd This is your vessel m.e.s.
  17. Come on lads! It's Ella MegaLast Burls Forever. Burls = finishing refining cloth by removing knots. Cocteau Twins led by the wee Scottish lass Elizabeth Fraser. So strongly Scottish accented and proudly Scottish that she trawled her accent into every song, making understanding her difficult. They had 8 albums in the 80's and 90's, all critically acclaimed. Her delivery style in unusual, here is a song with lyrics provided. The title of the song is quite restrained considering the rest of the track titles. Blue Bell Knoll (1988)COCTEAU TWINS 1. Blue Bell Knoll 2. Athol-Brose 3. Carolyn's Fingers 4. For Phoebe Still a Baby 5. The Itchy Glowbo Blow 6. Cico Buff 7. Suckling the Mender 8. Spooning Good Singing Gum 9. A Kissed Out Red Floatboat 10. Ella Megalast Burls Forever https://genius.com/Cocteau-twins-ella-megalast-burls-forever-lyrics
  18. erm...BT have all UEFA Club football, with the Champions League as the big draw. If they lost that then subscriptions would drop off a cliff. DAZN or anyone else wanting to move in would be after that prize, no doubt.
  19. Sloop John B - The Beach Boys When the night time burrows?
  20. Alone Again- Gilbert O' Sullivan She gives you her clothes?
  21. Star Trekkin'- The Firm " I'm pushing on my lawnmower " ?
  22. Bearing in mind Schalke 04 got relegated last season presumably your mates are keeping quiet.
  23. Will blood flow tonight? I'm talking about Loiners fighting over the tv in pubs. Rhinos and LUFC on the box. Is this a first?
  24. Oops, my mistake. This one a homage to their member Dave Greenfield who sadly passed away. R.I.P
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