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  1. Will blood flow tonight? I'm talking about Loiners fighting over the tv in pubs. Rhinos and LUFC on the box. Is this a first?
  2. Oops, my mistake. This one a homage to their member Dave Greenfield who sadly passed away. R.I.P
  3. Problem is a team like Leigh for example have a bad first year, slowly improve, build up something, and in year 4 really have got something, but overall are in bottom three because of poor years 1 and 2 so are relegated. A waste of four years building, so a no for me.
  4. Just flicked over to Man City game, bl00dy hell 6-3 ! Closer to home can't see Chris Houghton lasting much longer at Forest, sad.
  5. What is it with Liverpool and AC Milan? What a game, Henderson brilliant goal, still 20 minutes left ❤
  6. Fantastic week in the champions league, I love it, the cream of Europe, some great matches. Liverpool game against AC Milan exceptional. But how on earth did Liverpool, Milan, Atletico Madrid and Porto end up in the same group? Bayern destroy Barca, the Spaniards are really struggling this season.
  7. On to another show, just found this vid on YouTube, makes me want to get my New Avengers dvds out.
  8. Well it's not too late to get into Blake's 7, definitely enjoyable. Here is a 2 minute trailer to series 1 that some fan recently did, all modern style encapsulating a 70's classic. You may be intrigued....or perhaps not.
  9. No, we fans never tire of Blake's 7, UFO etc. I go through my DVDs maybe once every three years for both shows. There's even a B7 fan forum. http://www.blakes7online.com/forum/index.php Youtuber Wingy Media from RL heartlands discusses why Blake's 7 is worth watching.
  10. The Scotland vs Argentina women's soccer on YouTube has 3.7 million views , but let's not get bogged down with numbers. The point being lots of sports, some we probably both can't stand deserve to get headlines on the beeb website. It isn't a conspiracy against TGG that some believe.
  11. I agree totally, the point is moaning about other sports getting headlines achieves nothing for RL. There are some who probably think that the scene below really happens, every January 1st. Three men nattily dressed in suits and dark glasses enter undisclosed location, a room in which is a desk. Sitting at desk is a media Baron, known as just His Lordship. The three men, for anonymity purposes are known as Mr Football (MF), Mr Cricket (MC) and Mr Rugby Union (MR), all carry attache cases, Mr F's is a tad bigger than the others. Lordship " well gentleman, you know why you're here, it is payment day" MR " I'm not sure this is necessary anymore " Lordship " come now Mister Rugby Union, you of all people know what would happen if the people get a whiff of Rugby League, your sport will suffer the most. So pay up. And you Mr Football, any doubts?" MF " no...let's get it over with " Lordship " I see you've been sensible and brought more cash, yes there's now Men and Women's Football you want us to push, and suppress Rugby League for you. Remember gents, once the public see Rugby League there'll be no stopping it, you need us" The three gents open their cases, his Lordship takes out bundles of cash and sniffs them. Lordship " ahhh...the smell of the green stuff...lovely " Mr Cricket pipes up, MC " remember the hundred this year " Lordship " yes fine, we'll push it, God knows why you want to dilute your game further, but you pay we'll push it" His Lordship takes out IPAD and shows gents, Lordship " on here are the juicy titbits and amazing stories the Rugby League journos have collated for us, the poor saps, just press here where it says delete, and they're all gone , who wants to do it? Rugby Union man leans forward, MR " me please...please, since my wife left me it's the only thrill I get" Rugby Union man presses delete, MR " aaaahhh.......ooohhhh.." Lordship " OK gents Rugby League suppressed for another year, see you next year " Mr F,C and R troop out, after they've gone, his Lordship picks up phone. Lordship ( phone) " yes they paid up, idiots, they really think they pay us for keeping Rugby League down, when it's down to RFL incompetence ,you know the saying, one born every minute " Well it could happen..?
  12. FFS This is the third snide post about Women's football you've posted. Something against Women have you? Scotland Women's football on YouTube, 2 years ago 206K views. England RL on YouTube also 2 years ago 4K views
  13. Raducanu was born in Toronto, if GJ was supporting Fernández, fair do's, perhaps he's Canadian! The point I'm making is that this attitude can hurt people and it annoys me. I was born here but I'm from a Polish background, and our community and others do so much to integrate. My nephews have been taunted at school about not being properly British, Raducanu is British by any sensible criteria.
  14. Oh dear, one of the " must be born in Blighty to be British " brigade. Pathetic. Emma Raducanu is of Romanian and Chinese extraction and moved to England when she was two. I suppose you'll say Joanna Lumley is not British either but Indian.
  15. Same as the men's game, broaden its appeal by broadening its relevance, it's got to expand into new locations. How? That is the 64 million dollar question. Imagine if RL was the dominant code , and soccer nowhere, with its top league the North West Counties League ( sorry don't know the actual name ), and they tried to turn that into a national league of relevance by tinkering about and adding a French team or a Canadian but keeping all the Spennymoors and Bishop Aucklands, we'd all laugh. RL SL is brilliant, fantastic, but it is what it is, fantastic competition for Northern Union breakaway teams, it needs radical reform.
  16. As I said I don't watch women's football but the quality of it is irrelevant to why it makes headlines. It's popular, fastest growing women's sport, so deserves its place in the media. If popularity was about quality then RL would be numero uno.
  17. As well as a fear of posting on forums so I can never finish my posts, I have a fobia of the word fobia, that's why I had to spell it with an F , I just scream if I see the word pho
  18. I have a fear of posting on sports forums I can just never finish my
  19. According to my Sky box Hull KR vs Castleford live on Saturday evening.
  20. Looking at youtube Women's football that I personally find unbelievably boring, and poor quality gets huge numbers of views. Women are totally deserving of having easy access and headline placings of their sports. The increased volume of Women's sport has probably been given a push by government's pledge to increase fitness in girls and encourage sporting activity, but tbf if Women's sports dominated the headlines for the next 20 years it would only be righting a hitherto imbalance.
  21. This is the second post you've put up suggesting Women's sports big stories especially football should not be classified as big news on the BBC website. That comes across as vaguely anti women. Arsenal Women vs Chelsea Women, youtube 114k views.
  22. Or it could simply be that God bestowed TGG to humanity and the golden legacy that was planned was shamelessly stolen by other sports, mainly football by invoking the power of darkness and Satan.
  23. So you agree that 500k is about right, I don't, but I tossed it into the arena so we'll stick with that, that's 1% of the population of England, add the rest of the UK and it drops lower than 1%. Are you seriously saying that The BBC are NOT giving RL with that fanbase a decent coverage.
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