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  1. That Halifax loss to Oldham looks even worse now with Whitehaven pumping them. So it's Toulouse or Fev and throw a blanket over the rest bar Swinton and I'd say Oldham (despite their two wins). Big next three weeks for Widnes now facing both Oldham and Whitehaven. Need two wins from next 3.
  2. Fair enough, just thought you did have the right to. Just a week after the win you are back to square one.
  3. I do not know why Widnes agreed to this game, they were clearly going to lose but this means all momentum from their win last week just evaporated with a dispiriting humping.
  4. Widnes terrible start means they are 1 point off playoffs. This division is nuts.
  5. Well let's see about Widnes today. If they can steal a win today looks like Swinton will get put adrift and top two yes but with playoffs , just matters that you get a ticket.
  6. Newcastle have given everyone they play a game. Didnt see Oldham winning yesterday. This league is going to be absurdly tight
  7. Fev and Toulouse are odds on to meet in a final regardless.
  8. Sounds positive. I don't want to lock anyone out of any level of the pyramid (though I do want to lock the two french teams in). If Hemel are winning games, being competitive and in a few years want to apply to step up that's great.
  9. Look if we have to make tough decisions, I'd like people to just be honest about the criteria. Currently Swinton and Oldham do not play in their own locations and there seems no real progress on getting back. Crusaders are moving to try and push their crowds up. There's a huge mark against Doncaster (too big stadium), Coventry and Hunslet regards to crowds. So that's four or five clubs on the chopping bloc. RFL North and South so teams that wish to still climb the pyramid can do so and may actually win a few games (whilst reducing travel) but no cash.
  10. Well that is SL and Championship, they are two separate tiers with P and R. P and R allows teams to be part time in Champ but scale up and reach for promotion should they wish (such as York, Thunder, etc). If you get relegated, reduce budget accordingly. I'm against a closed shop. You definitely lock the two French teams in to SL though, their reduced money and minimum french play caps the trade off for them to be able to guarantee sponsors they will always be in top flight.
  11. We've got what 25mil. 14 SL teams so 1.5 X 12 = 18 1mil for both french teams locked in. 20 mil 200k per Championship team. 2.8 mil. So 22.8 million overall.
  12. I don't think we are getting Sky to do that so 14 is way to go. Where do the new boys get there squads from? I'm basing my assumption on the three clubs being able to generate sponsors to have a similar financial clout to Hull and Catalans so the same place they get their players from . Toulouse have a team in Elite 1 and would have the money to get players in from Australia just as Catalans can, but I'm in favour of locking those two in anyway. For Newcastle, they've got an academy (admittedly it's taking time) but they would have the financial clout to compete with those big 6 for play
  13. Haven't I said that the same criteria would apply to everyone? Again, ShropshireBull, clue is in the name so I already know about poorly run clubs. And yes, giving money with no potential of return is a subsidy. I'd rather the RFL start saving cash to put into infrastructure than subsidising playing budgets. I think you have a point about clubs getting money for ###### grounds or who have no chance of getting a home one but as mentioned, they'd get a reduced amount or booted entirely. For example, there's no way I'd give Bulls a full funding quota until that ground is fixed. They'd score
  14. Very sad for Wrexham who if they were prepared to actually get a proper stadium, not that athletics track, could have built something special with the RFU looking to move a team north. Certainly makes for a better away day for fans and I hope it's the start of a resurgence for NWC.
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