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  1. God that's bad, so SL and Championship then? We'd be better off pooling the money to get a 3g pitch put in at clubs so they can generate long term revenue tbh.
  2. As I was in Spain I was hopefully looking to get to France for maybe the Cup final next year so we will see what 2021 brings. As people have said, does allowing clubs to leave France to go to SL weaken the French system overall ? I think so but if two French teams were in Super League, could that lead to a financial boost for the game in increased exposure, well I hope so. Think I remember reading that Carcassone had a playing budget pre covid of 270,000 euros which would put them mid table championship. Think there are some good ideas here that Elite 1 and UK Championship become same tier level and an expanded 14 team SL means we can get at least a couple of French teams in there, with 1 spot from Elite League gets a promotion to SL every year. So we say from 2022 that we are going 14 teams, no relegation in 2021 to give SL clubs a chance to breath whilst making sure at least one of the promoted teams is from France. After that, bottom 2 SL teams go down and 1 team from both Elite 1 and Championship is promoted. Making clubs go from Elite 1 to League 1 is not helpful for anyone. Yes, an annual test between France and England is a must. International Rugby not behind a paywall is a great boost and it can be held the week before Elite 1 would start their regular season to link in.
  3. Would have thought if Ottawa enter clubs would keep their powder dry for the season after esp with budgets under constraints.
  4. Let's not turn this into another P/R one, please. I think what Newcastle are doing is fantastic and simply because they are putting the right infrastructure in place now they will be ready to fly when they reach Super League. Ok, the academy team is regularly getting beat (think it's 5 wins in 4 seasons) but have the building blocks in place. I would happily bet that they will be in Super League by Feb 2025 at minimum and when they get there, they wont be making up the numbers and with an entire catchment area to themselves, they will only get stronger. Shout out to the person who said York, can't see it myself but will be good to have another strong team who could manage at Super League level.
  5. Was wondering why I couldnt see any results today. .. https://treizemondial.fr/6-semaines-darret-pour-les-championnats-francais/
  6. Well they were 20 mins away last season and this year was cancelled but for a few reasons. 1) Academy in place with an entire region for a catchment area. 2) Infrastructure in place 3)Will spend money at whatever level 4) Have stated aim is to win it in 10 years. I think they have a better chance then some SL teams.
  7. Would be happy to see any of them win but for the sport a Catalan win would be v significant. In the UK, Hull must be the biggest underachievers and just makes you wonder what crowds they could pull in if they were to become seen as contenders. Who will win, think Catalan are getting good and will be able to attract players due to location. So I've gone with them. Happy if Warrington prove me wrong this year.
  8. A simple one this. We have only ever had four Grand Final winners in the SL era and one of them currently is a husk of what it was. So, who do people think is going to be the next team to add their name to the trophy?
  9. It is a great shame that Catalan are likely missing out on the playoffs due to this. It's a good time to remember how much having them in Super League and doing well means to the sport. Here's hoping that they can get in next season and we can start to see a new winner of SL as opposed to the usual suspects.
  10. It comes from having a regular European competition that includes other nations marketing a game against England to generate coverage and sponsors as we have mentioned. Literally all England have to do is show up. That's it, 3 times a year outside of England to play games. The French crowds are ok, they would be good if England were in. Then they would have a big game vs England, medium crowd vs a Wales and little one vs someone else.
  11. 1,257 in a 15,000 capacity ground is a reasonable crowd...
  12. And I pointed out Kevin, clearly, those games do not draw and therefore playing them make it impossible for Wales to become competitive. Noone said Wales would "magically become competitive" except you. It is an incredibly bad form of argument and in bad faith to keep sticking up your own straw men which you then set fire to. That or you are very dense. There are the figures from 2018. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Rugby_League_European_Championship
  13. And how do we generate enough interest so that businesses or sponsors may become interested in putting money into a Crusaders. Perhaps we should play some games that generate said interest, with two teams, representing different natio....
  14. Games that we can't market, that won't grow the game or lead to increase in revenue to allow Wales to build a competitive national team. This has been tried and found wanting.
  15. England will never win if they don't build a competitive European comp so they have regular competitive games. If it isn't the job of the biggest Rugby League playing nation in Europe to grow the game then we are buggered.
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