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  1. Seen a few people saying Bulls to beat Fev but not sure. Still a win for Bulls and Widnes going to open that playoff picture and will set up an exciting season for a bunch of teams. As always, whats the game on Our League?
  2. A struggling Broncos team against a Widnes team at home with a few wins under their belt could be the pick of the games this week in importance for the playoffs. Would be a shot in the arm for Widnes if they can pull it off and a sign they have moved on from the difficultes of last year.
  3. Having games Sunday evening I guess is the only time not to clash. Best way to support it I suppose is watch the stream and I was thinking more about home fans than away supporters.
  4. In that case I will pipe down and look forward to it. Hopefully Fev can draw a big crowd off the back of last season.
  5. Ta. Not expecting it to be that close but hopeful of a good game.
  6. All look like home wins before the playoff rivals start meeting next week. Game of the week York vs Bradford in terms of being competitive and opening up that final playoff spot. If Bulls can sneak a win then will leave York 4 points behind Widnes and having to play Leigh the week after. Whats the game on Our League this week?
  7. I know its early in the season but a win for Bradford against York will be a massive boost for belief they might sneak into the playoffs, keep crowds up and open up the 5th playoff spot.
  8. Thanks for this. If true could see them on a 2000 average over the season, showing again what a tradgedy it is they cant find a sustainable home.
  9. Championship shaping up nicely to watch via OurLeague from Spain. Next week the playoff teams are clear of eachother until the 16th when Leigh face York and Widnes face a Broncos side who Bradford pushed all the way. Curious anyone got a line on how many were at the Bradford game, if they are as competitive as that and sniffing the playoffs may help keep the numbers up.
  10. Who'd I'd like to get promoted League 1: Newcastle, Keighley Who will get promoted: Newcastle, Barrow. Think having another major city in the UK with a successful Rugby League team can only be good for the sport and hopefully in a few years we can see Newcastle VS Leeds, St Helens and add another strong team to Super League. Keighley for all the nonsense they have been through over the last few years. Having a season with no points deduction and a clean slate could get them a playoff spot but I would guess Barrow or Workington. Also would like to see Rochdale recover but playing in that football stadium is a white elephant on their back. Relegation Championship: Oldham , Whitehaven Tough for any team to stay up especially with Championship now being two leagues. Would have said Dewsbury but the extra cash from Bradford might help them to a few more wins. Playoffs no order: Leigh, Broncos, Toulouse , Featherstone, Widnes(?) Just think Widnes, much like Keighley are free of their points deduction and have a clean slate with a good coach and have managed to get players off the wage bill who had one eye on the door all last season. York did excellent last year but 8 of their games were won by less than 6 points and even if a few of those go the other way the door could open up for Widnes. Promoted: Toulouse I want and think they will go up. I think they will do enough this year and it is good for the game to have two french teams up in Superleague as well as being able to travel from Spain to watch them play Catalan. Superleague relegation: No idea Everyone seems to be picking Hull KR to go down but Huddersfield have been awful for a long time. Also potential for Salford to get off to a bad start and struggle without their talisman. Could be a dozen of clubs. Who I want to Win: Warrington or Hull Let's have a new team win... please. Who I think will win: Wigan Overall, looking forward to watching the Championship and League 1 here from Spain on the Our League which hopefully will be very exciting and seeing if I can watch Catalans here in Spain if they travel.
  11. Bradford Bulls ofc. Build a 12,000 capacity stadium with 3g (hybrid) so it can be used around the clock be the whole area to develop coaches refs and anyone else to do with rugby league. Implement a constitution which makes the club responsible for the growth of the game in Bradford, the UK and the wider world. Point blank refuse to subsidise the playing budget so the club has to be self sustaining. Have a flat £150 season ticket to anyone over 18 and each season ticket sold gets 1 kid free entry for the first couple of years.. Aim to sell 3,000 season tickets in championship but push for more for a crowd average of 6000 (including the free children). Plus some sponsors now the club isn't a basket case. So look for turnover of £575,000. 60% of TO on Playing budget for a budget of £345,000 a year. Refuse to sign any aussies and put a rule into place that 12 of the 17 in the matchday squad have to be from the academy which will be the focus to rebuild the game and club. After a few seasons of being beaten by teams with massive budgets, finally get back into Superleague, keep the season tickets flat first year back and kids around 50 quid. Aim for 10,000 average attendance but budget for 6000 season tickets sold at £150 . Look for turnover including tv funding to be around £3.5 million . Keep the 60% turnover rule/ academy rule to ultimately have a bulls team who consistently are near capacity every game, whilst being outside play-off contenders, full of home grown players. Yearly pre season tours of developing nations to grow the game (Nigeria, Jamaica) and try to offer some positions or exchanges with coaches in these countries at the bulls so they can go back to build the game. Ask SL (when it is a 15 team league) to be allowed to play an invitational game at Magic to play a national team from a developing nation. Have a widely respected club known for it's financial sustainability, great youth system, community work but eventually be hated a section of fans who want me to buy the league. Something like that I guess.
  12. I appreciate you may not have fully read the first post but I am not a fan of Bradford, it is just when I was growing up Bradford were the team so a useful username. Also, I said it was in a world where I won the euromillions and could get Bradford a 12,000 capacity stadium. Even now, I think people would struggle not to believe that if Bradford could get a tidy small stadium in Bradford (think Widnes or Leigh style stadium) they couldn't pull in 8000 as a season average. I also don't understand the type of person in hrtbps to go on a post they clearly aren't interested in , although the Anfield comment was slightly humorous
  13. Hi Ray, Yes this is speculation mixed with realism. Most people on here think the TV deal will be lowered (perhaps the record GF figures will help) hence why I would get Toulouse in and give them a 3 year grace along with the other NAmerican team. Realistically, we need the non UK teams to generate their own deal and having 2 teams from each nation would make it possible. We would have 11 UK teams whilst still having p and r, giving us a competitive second tier which should and could look for a FTA deal of its own. On the p and r, it is statistically undeniable that more casual fans attend when there is something to play for so for me, p and r is essentially to grow a thriving second tier.
  14. Ok so back in the dry. Don't want to turn it into an essay but people took the time to respond so here goes. As mentioned, AN Other could be a bunch of teams. Again I don't want franchising and the whole benefit of expanding the league with a 2 up , 2 down or 1 guaranteed plus potential playoff winners is that you would have more chance of a variety of clubs getting into the top tier for a few seasons. Can Huddersfield draw more than Leigh in Super League ? No. Would Wakefield be better than Widnes? Widnes got 4000 this year and could probably get 6,000 again in Super League. A Cumbrian side could probably make it, Barrow got solid attendances despite a poor season this time around. The point here is to give opportunities for all clubs (even Keighley who were barred all those years ago) to go up without needing to break the bank and people have something to play for. Also, if Toronto exist then we would need another NA team for it to work I feel. Plus, this Ottawa set up is going to happen and on 'a basket case' I would say read the first bit where I acknowledged Bradford's dire situation but we can't deny if Bradford had an even basic stadium that doesn't chew up money they could draw 8,000 in Super League. Oliver, I'd go 15 to do the rest week if clubs play the back to back NA games then get the week off and not have to remove British teams for the foreign ones but part of any restructure involves having a thriving second tier which can generate it's own stories excitement and playoffs. If we cut off the opportunity for those clubs to progress are people's livelihoods not being potentially damaged by not being able to reach their potential? I'd say so. Plus 15 is 14 home games a year which I heard bandied round as the magic number and no more loop fixtures. As mentioned, a Super League like this (let's say Salford and Leigh are in SL for the sake of arguement) would leave a pretty stacked championship (Giants, Wakefield, Rovers, Widnes, Broncos, York) all with a real chance of pushing for the two promotion spots every year and perhaps re-energising lapsed fans at other clubs if one season they made the big time. Also , it should produce enough excitement to look for a FTA TV deal to get exposure for the game. I watched alot of Championship games on the RL website and I think it could find a home somewhere.
  15. Still at work but will respond to the points raised after. Some good points raised by a few.
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