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  1. JK gave Bulls vital stability. Think we have one more season with JK , get through the reorganisation then take a deep breath.
  2. Football and League worlds apart. I think a team in Manchester centre proper would actually help Salford by giving a rivalry to build.
  3. I think it is a better move. You can attract fans when you can generate an atmosphere. Plonk a 3g pitch down so that it can be a place that schools and community clubs can be brought into. Be positive about the move and get the place rocking.
  4. Ran out of steam at end of season. Well done Batley but Bulls best finish in 5 years I think and finally have some stability . Expecting even tougher battle for playoffs next year with Newcastle York and Widnes all stronger plus Barrow wont be an easy win. Hope free juniors is promoted and we can push for 5k in ground next year.
  5. There is no exposure behind a paywall. It looks like a poor deal from the outside. If It is exposure then make it free on RFL Youtube channel so people can find it. Or start charging vía OuRLeague.
  6. Hard to be too critical. They overperformed for a few years with Ian but also nabbing Jackson. Regression to the mean I am afraid. Look at Oldham under Mac, little difference. We talk about great coaches but really in all sports it is mostly down to the money. They will be the smallest club next season with probably the lowest budget. They are going down and everything now should be about sorting out a long term stadium they can actually generate rev from.
  7. Everyone warned them even with their bad season their price policy. It is unforgivable for what is supposed to be the climax of our season for clubs to charge that. Its a game on a cold thursday night not on the season ticket. You have to be offering kids in for nowt and selling it.
  8. If we are doing this lets just make Elite 1 and Champ same level of pyramid, promotion spot for both. No more travel for part time teams, Elite 1 will be strengthened every year and French clubs dont burn through cash on flights that should be for junior coaching.
  9. They are about to be a homeless team who played out of an empty box with no academy. Sadly Covid meant we will never know if they could have grown but they are deeply in the ....
  10. The same for Swinton, they have no home and council screwed them years back . No infrastructure, no chance of a future. That´s pretty much the story for the whole of Manchester RL sadly.
  11. What a final week ofChampionship RL we are in for. Fax vs Batley with Fax needing win to avoid France. Bulls vs Haven with home playoff and playoff place on the line. Broncos must win in trip to York. What a great result for Widnes, finish season on high next week and they can be positive for next season to be in playoff Hunt. Cut the money fine but 14 team championship and this playoff structure should absolutely stay .
  12. A game with nothing to play for at the end of a covid hit season.
  13. Someone else mentioned what awful games in terrible stadiums FTA will be left with if it's 3rd choice. All the more reason to go to 14 teams so BBC can show a full York, well attended Newcastle over an empty Huddersfield or Salford.
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