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  1. But surely the aim is for ROI and make relevant by backing projects of clubs who want to grow. I think Batley would take promotion for what its worth.
  2. Thought they would struggle with FC making FL but no. Solid crowds, generating own rev and look like being a fixture in the playoff mix for years to come.
  3. Wasnt a question about Batley per se but in general,is spending central funding on people if they said we wouldn’t take promotion sensible when you could spend it somewhere else?
  4. There is another’s question for the game that if clubs are in the professional structure but arent prepared to reach the top level should they be competing in a pyramid where that is the aim? What are you giving central funding for?
  5. When wakey get the new stand they can do it there if they don’t get relegated.
  6. More commercial income to easily hit the cap. Bringing money into the game with rev, good job they were protected. looking forward to going again next season.
  7. If it isnt a franchise system it makes no odds as RFL League 1 is basically unfunded now. Provided you can still apply and get into RFL Champ will make no odds.
  8. If its two up I think they poach Poaching and go for it one more season. If it isn´t I think they need to realize they aren´t outspending Toulouse so no point in being expensive runners up and simply slash the budget and rebuild for a few years time. So if it´s scenario B you should get a young coach in and actually tell him not to worry about year one but change the brand of rugby then worry about playoff nonsense in years two and three.
  9. Well depending who goes up we could get squeezed, Keighley will finish above us and go for playoffs. The weak teams (Workington, Dewsbury, homeless teams like Oldham and Rochdale) have all been shuffled out of the league. If Doncaster go up they were getting 1000 already and a South Yorkshire derby to promote. I think it will be the promoted team and one of Newcastle, London, Bulls or Haven.
  10. Actually makes me confident of 14 team League, they need to keep enough clubs on board so cant see franchising coming in.
  11. But give them 1.5 million in central funding and a year to have a go , get new sponsors etc and I suspect they will have alot more money the season after in the champ. If they win they go up and Wakey breath a sigh of relief. Leigh are going to win comfortably though and spend the cap.
  12. There´s a few things I want to see, 14 team SL and level central funding in the champ. Whatever the money is, split equally to get rid of the matthews effect. If we get that, I´ll be delighted. Can´t be franchising because I just dont think enough clubs vote for it. Edit: Oh and a salary cap in the champ of 1 million max and the same rules for foreign players as SL to stop teams like Leigh and Toulouse buying the league in the future.
  13. Yeah sounds too much like do it or else. Should have been done months ago tbh.
  14. You don't seem to understand the word if? I was responding to a hypothetical scenario , the worst people for the image of own clubs are their own fans on here. I don’t want a franchise system as I have said many times a 14 team SL to give more spaces to see if new markets could grow whilst having a path for traditional teams is fine. London have got 5000 average in the past, no advocate of London would say it has been ran well. I have mentioned Newcastle on another post when they went part time and covid plus a Islamist dictatorship takeover with billions has made it tough. The sport has to strengthen and being as gleeful as you are about it not working is pretty cancerous tbh for the image of the game. I think Newcastle’s owner knows something about the reorg, they have an academy and perhaps that will be what is important. There is no serious tv or commercial future for the sport based on teams like Leigh. If you were having a franchise system it wouldn’t be in a town of 60,000 people. You are only where you are because of financial doping,not because your model is commercially viable. Fair play to Derek but every club has to find a multimillionaire sugar daddy to keep going isnt that much of a model and does for me cloud his judgement on what the game should look like.
  15. Doncaster only 80 mins from giving us a South Yorkshire derby to promote. Fingers crossed.
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