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  1. Read the article, nothing in it seems unfair or woe is me. Legitimate points are made about readers dictating the action but it is really difficult to gauge what will and won't be popular, esp when it is placed on the internet. Time of day you put it on? Do other news outlets pick up on the story? Do readers get 'click fatigue' on negative (albeit important) stories in the middle of a pandemic? As someone who used to do some really niche writing on community owned clubs it got a small following but ultimately people love sport as a diversion and I guess that is why transfer stories are way more interesting. It works both ways, that cowbell story that was well read was probably a nice surprise. I am grateful that the people who buy the mag or subscribe fund this free service and these long form pieces will never do well to a large audience but may be greatly appreciated by the people who subscribe. I do think that there is a place (I hope) for the long form content in general but that will be met by specialist magazines behind paywalls and this is true in all areas of interest (be it art, politics or whatever). If I were Matt, I would not beat myself up about it and just think "Ok, 9 and of 10 stories are going to be the transfer stories, the bread and butter of what pays the bills and the other 1 can be my deep dive piece that I am most proud of, regardless of clicks"
  2. I hope everyone is doing ok, it has been pretty bad here in Spain and several places have had to go back into lockdown. Will keep it brief, I was in favour of a 14 SL before covid so my opinion hasn't changed. So I would either be in favour of the teams that want to compete have a knockout for 2 promotion places as a result but as that isn't going to happen , I would like to see SL and RFL announce that next season there will also be no relegation. This way, clubs are given chance to adjust to the new climate but the Championship will have two promotion places to take the SL up to 14.
  3. As a relatively young person I am delighted to find some content that isnt the "banter" that infects so much sports coverage. A great listen from start to finish.
  4. No one is pulling up trees in that second pack and I dont expect the likes of Widnes, Fax or Bulls to take points off the top three either. Its not slipping up vs the lower ranked teams and games vs eachother that will decide that 5th spot.
  5. Less than 10 mins into this and it's equally horrifying and engrossing. The quality of interview and the rawness of this is incredible. Fair play to Brian opening up this much, wouldn't think less of him for keeping this to himself. Deserves a massive audience.
  6. Would like Newcastle to win and get a home tie against a well supported SL team as a great advert pre Magic weekend.
  7. Still find it silly that all Super League clubs dont enter here and get out from the paywall.
  8. Welcome onboard. And yes they probably should but they should be incentivised by minimum quotas for home grown players. This is the exact kind of thing a club who have to find talent would do.
  9. They were weeks away from dying a few years ago and now they pull in 1000 plus. I also worry about out of town stadiums. But if public transport is good or there are a few pubs between the new ground and the city they should be ok. They have added another positive outpost for our game and as Newcastle improve their academy, being the closest club to them, they could offer a part time route for some of those lads. In a nice little centre of the triangle of Leeds, Hull and Newcastle. Will be good to see what crowds a York vs Newcastle can pull next season.
  10. Will look in detail post work. Hope Newcastle go up this year as would hate a club who have a thriving academy miss out to Ottowa. Regarding the genrations to develop players, I do think p and r limits incentive to produce home grown for non uk clubs so the NBA comparisons are not helpful. Just sling them in Super League with exemption from relegation for minimum player caps and let them grow without distorting the leagues below.
  11. As mentioned, tough run of fixtures and have fev next. Narrow loss to Broncos who look shakey. But have 3 very winnable games after cup match with hornets. If they can be on 6 points after 8 games they are in the playoff hunt. If they lose to Dewsbury they will be safe but probably too far behind.
  12. York have you, Oldham, Whitehaven then game vs Dewsbury. Need to win three of those to be in the playoff race. Only game they should have won from their first 4 on paper was fax. If they beat a tough Hornets team in the cup it gives the chance for a decent draw in the cup with a few wins to see them eventually move into the new stadium. Still a bright future for them.
  13. After Fev York have a run of winnable and now must win games.
  14. Over 1,000 in the third tier. Could double that next season if they go up. Excellent stuff.
  15. Excellent, would be great to see them climb the pyramid.York vs Newcastle in their new stadium next season, Leeds vs Newcastle in Super League down the line. Some great work. Anyone got an idea of the crowd today?
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