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  1. Swinton, Newcastle, Bradford, Broncos for my far too early prediction. Fact that clubs havent´t signed up loads probably helps Swinton. Newcastle could be better with a committed part time team but the weaker teams where you could pencil in a win (Workington, Dewsbury, Oldham two years ago) they´ve all been shuffled out. Hope Sheffield can stay up also.
  2. Not sure it is a gamble, they will still be good enough for playoffs if they spend half the cash and still won´t be expected to go up. Changing the playing style as they are less dominant is probably a good compromise.
  3. Bradford should be happy to get him off the books. Watch him have a great pre season, slim down and be decent for the level.
  4. Not get rid but not be the top of the pyramid as the face of the product. I really wish we had just used that 50 mil a year to basically create an infrastructure fund instead of these absurd payments to champ clubs or expanding with clubs who had zero opportunity to generate rev.
  5. Make sure they have academies and get them in playing in appropriately sized stadiums so the games can be televised and not look awful whilst able to generate rev outside matchday (ala Wakey post developement). If you cant do that or you dont want to, get rid of them.
  6. Just checked on the site on @RayCee. Fev got 3k which I think shows the issue League has: We have a lot of clubs who could replace a dozen in SL and would be about the same. (Widnes, Fev, hell even Barrow if they were in SL could match up to Salford or Wakey). What we lack is another club who could breakthrough and become another challenger or big club (bar Toulouse). Oddly enough if Oldham ever had a small ground as a bridge to grow rev they would probably be ably to pull in similar.
  7. Really, fev averaged 5000 , where´s that stat from? I find that hard to believe.
  8. Yep I know, that´s why you want new clubs coming in to be able to push towards an 8k average to raise the bar. Toulouse could, Wakefield can improve but hard to see where someone else would get close. So for me it´s about clubs being in stadiums appropriate to their size so it´s actually televisable. Catalan average 8000, that isn´t close to the four teams you mentioned, it´s thousands ahead. The three weakest are Wakefield, Salford and Giants. One is improving (Wakey) , one might improve (Salford if they actually get the ground to generate rev) and one can´t improve (Giants are trapped in that box). So those are the three at risk and over the next couple of years those are the teams that need to shape up or get mpoved aside to give someone else a crack.
  9. 350k in this age for a UK RL club would be huge .
  10. Yes ideally we need clubs who average 8k as opposed to their limit. Hence why locking Toulouse in is good, as it worked with Catalan and Toulouse were matching Giants crowds despite being dross. But just as important for me is seeing clubs get the rev to spend cap in TV appropriate stadiums as this is what sky or anyone could pay for. If you had 6.5k in a 8-10k ground instead of in a 20k stadium thats suddenly 13 more games sky can show and when the sport is on telly it does need to come across as a happening event. Its why I am not fussed about Leigh whilst so many clubs do worse than them in the top flight. Would also be curious to know what clubs in UK or new markets if you wish would ever be able to average 8k. I dont see many.
  11. A non super league game getting more than two premiership rugby crowds on the same day as Manchester derby on telly and in the middle of a recession is a bad crowd? IMG do have their work cut out but this is a terrible take.
  12. That was the highest points ever by a relegated team and went down on PD, other teams stayed up with 20. Twenty will be enough. If they are getting comparable or more crowds than Salford or Huddersfield then he would have as much right to say Leigh have earnt their place.
  13. You run a developement scheme in wales but that isnt a full time academy at the elite level and nor do you fund one. The second anyone brings up Bradford when they arent even relevant to the conversation means that you have nothing meaningful to add.
  14. Leigh wont have problem replacing them and I expect the quality of the squad to be the same as last year. The difference between them and Toulouse is they aren´t going to lose their two spine players they built their team around on the eve of the season, they will hit the ground running. Ten wins keeps you up. Games against Wakey, Cas, KR and Salford will be crucial you feel in terms of taking points off teams you expect to be around their with them. I think they just have to start well and the panic will set in pretty quickly at Wakefield that this is their year, so to speak.
  15. Plus, he´s at least selling his product. When Wakey get ground done I hope they get equally vocal about where they see themselves in a few years.
  16. Because it´s a massive oversight and noone thought a champ club would have 1.2 million to smash onto the wage bill. Hope we get that loophole closed pronto. Same rules across all divisions on foreign players and a salary cap suited to what is a part time league.
  17. Good for him, vehemently disagree with where he sees the future of the sport but if he is putting his money where his mouth is and can turn Leigh into a club regularly getting 7k in then Leigh have got as much, if not more right to be there than anyone else.
  18. 100,000 people to go after and sell the hospitality too from next summer and a modern stand for young families. All very positive.
  19. Using your own analogy, no you wouldn’t but I cant see a high end nightclub paying you to come into the VIP area and promote the product if someone else will. I,E if you cant grow and spend close to the cap or grow crowds or have an academy despite years of relative success than what good are you to the SL product ?
  20. I suspect that the Saints job is now a poisoned chalice. You win? Who cares its the club not you. You lose and its your fault. I suspect that anyone interested would rather wait until Saints haven’t won something for a few years before taking it.
  21. Going to get pumped. I hope IMG have a plan if there is a focus on internationals.
  22. Anyone but Australia, means other country can call themselves best in World and rinse the ###### out of it with tours. If Samoa win I think it would force NRL to change origin as Samoa swan off for four years to play France England Kiwis and leave Australia out in the cold whilst devaluing origin if best players arent involved.
  23. I think fact you can incubate South Yorkshire at college level whilst having a critical mass and two clubs to link with is what makes it doable. Theres some natural pathway entry points when people are starting a new school college uni. So out of the thousands of kids at sheffield college Doncaster and even Rotherham could you get 20 at each for a 7 week season, with RFL support I’d think so.
  24. If the argument is a lack of players where else to grab them than a region next to heartlands so going into part time amatuer or uni game an option plus no union side to compete with.
  25. Why I said if. But criteria cant be fair if clubs are banned but that very denied opportunity is held against them. Thats just a cowards franchising.
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