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  1. Ofc but if you were the type of person with cash unlikely the aspiration is just League 1.
  2. Perhaps. Cannot think of a better place than Manchester unless some investor had millions to spend on buying Rotherhams old football ground.
  3. Was thinking the MRA which is 6500. Stick in some roll in stands to go behind the Stick like at Enfield and it will be fine.
  4. True but I would like it to be somewhere where the ambition is to grow to a level where they are at least knocking on the door for SL.
  5. Toronto and Ottowa can only work like the SA teams in the other code, if they are franchised in and come with a tv deal. That ship has sailed but I still think we can help them by getting France to go play Canada or a 9's int tournament over there. For the new uk team. Get in the pyramid this year but we shouldnt allow in any new team that cannot generate revenue. Harrogate could have been a good option but now they are in FL with no 3g pitch I dont see it myself. Top choice would be Manchester otherwise you need millions to develop or joint develop a stadium that can make money.
  6. Rather have some sort of Eng vs Celts game but definitely need these England vs France games (in France). Lets say we get 1 million viewers for this. Well thats an extra 6 million eyes on the product over the next 5 years.
  7. Or that NRL players going forward arent needed or required for Summer and some end of season internationals. Think enough UK players in NRL to get us to the semi final but more encouraged that looks like we can build something that no longer needs SH.
  8. Not this time surely. Game in summer (I dont care about NRL players not being available) in Avignon . Then we have them in group stages at home in November. Then in 2023 we can go bk to France again.
  9. Will look out for the tv figures. Then both Eng and France can go to sponsors with another game to say 'Look, what is another prime time BBC One clash with X viewers worth to you? ' Or we could have France play a knights team... Who cares if they arent the full squads or no NRL players? The public won't. Feels like the start of something special...
  10. Well when the score exploded we were all worried but finished with a great game and advert for the sport live on BBC One. Lets get another one sorted for the summer in France outside of Perp (Avignon or Toulouse) and get England and France back on BBC for all the sponsors.
  11. Well we thought England would win but France have been awful. We still have to keep playing them though. No alternatives I am afraid. Next time lets not do it in Perpignan.
  12. Feels fairer to play this is the summer next year when both have been playing for a few months so that it is more conpetitive. Otherwise its another game on tv for a full international.
  13. A city of 120,000 and we cant get 4000 adult tickets sold with kids free with adult for healthy crowd? I know that lots of people living in Perp feel Catalan and not French so maybe not best choice but less than 8k would be disappointing no question.
  14. Tank our World Cup in the perfect gap for a Bull#### reason but here are some articles? Yeah I will stay anti NRL.
  15. In a p and r system yep. RU just managed it and made millions though. ..
  16. Yeah I am a massive Francophile and think we have a responsibility to grow it there but that means questions have to be asked what happened not to fill the ground. Hopefully it is more than predicted and I have to eat my words. Next time we have more time for everyone to plan but how much advertísement was there for game at Catalan Dragón games . Carc is also half way between the two French SL clubs.
  17. Doesnt help those of us who want an annual game if France can only get 4000. Were Kids tickets not free with adults? As much as I support them you have to ask why they could only get 4k with Catalans getting a sell out at their last game. Wrong location? But then we did try and organise last minute.
  18. Yep. A four nations with England is the way to go. Strangely if you actually did this then any team that went to SH could actually be GB so as not to interfere with our 4 nations tournament.
  19. They put a tidy sum of money over several years evertything in place and the rfl said '500,000' bond please. After they gave license to Ottawa. So if the route was closed and seemingly no chance to develop what would have been the point continuing? No a mea culpa is in order and get Rangers in the pyramid. Especially since the RFL is basing themselves at the same campus.
  20. Roman bought Chelsea for political protection. City is for sportswashing so the murderous dictatorship can say 'ooh look at Aguerooo ' . So neither were bought for an interest in sport.
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