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  1. Absolutely. Looked at dispassionately, Toulouse got more than Wakefield or Salford in season average and only 200 fewer than Huddersfield, despite being glued to the bottom of the league most season and still dealing with covid. They got 9000 vs Catalan in a dead rubber derby on a Thursday night (whoever made that decision should be locked in a dark room forever) and were it on a Weekend that would’ve been one of the best attended games of the main SL season. So proof of concept for Toulouse has already been established and crucially from a growth perspective, Toulouse have the ability to develop French players for England to play against in internationals that offers more TV figures and exposure than almost anything else. And finally, we’ve done this before with Catalan and despite doing it poorly it has shown it can be done. No serious business would be ignoring Toulouse and what they can bring to the sport over small towns in an already oversaturated market. As you say, I don’t want French teams because I don’t think we can grow the game and accept what we are,fine. It’s massively defeatist and for me actually the slow death of the sport but it’s at least honest. Trying to make a commercial case why they shouldn’t be in and that isn’t a serious argument.
  2. If they are more than basement dwellers with a chance to be successful then people will come out to support them, if they are playing in an inaccessible stadium at the bottom of League 1 they won’t. Having a successful championship club in Birmingham would be a boost to the sport but the history of vast majority of UK expansion teams is no infrastructure, underfunded before eventual folding.
  3. A disaster of their own creation and very foreseeable. No one can really tell me what is the benefit to oceanic nations in coming here or have England ruin what would be a great four team oceanic Cup? Which is why I think it will be thanks but no thanks from them and not only will England have no games, but they will have also devalued a tournament they should be building up and the only realistic possibility of commercial growth.
  4. Or that Leigh sealed the IMG vote by showing other clubs even if you put all the building blocks in place you would be wasting your time when someone drops a million plus onto a squad. We’ve had Toronto, Toulouse then Leigh. Most of us would rather see a thriving part time second tier where it’s very competitive and every club feels that if they are doing the right things they have a shot in the playoffs to go to SL. This is the most open it’s been in years and that’s largely down to Toulouse keeping their powder dry (for now).
  5. Down , was going to go to a game when I was back in UK but if you don’t own a car it’s not great to get to. My understanding from people who posted here is they weren’t able to generate any money on matchdays which already makes it a impossible task to grow. Brum is a big city and Alex Stadium is sadly another “multi sport” athletics track but if they are allowed to generate rev on match days then it’s viable and scalable. If not it’s yet another expansion that had no chance to generate rev, never had a budget to be competitive and needs to be a model sport moves away from. Has to be idea that new clubs coming in are going to drive standards forward or build the core we have. If they are playing in the new stadium I will get to a game when bk from Spain.
  6. If they can win two from first five the pressure on the rest is going to be immense.
  7. If you stay up then it should be full steam ahead. If you go down, gone from being the end of the world to a speed bump in your progression. Future is positive regardless.
  8. On Sky, Friday night, at Leigh to a local rival and first game of season. Salford fans travel well so already feels like a big game.
  9. Feel free, When Salford went on their great fun to Final they were so unlucky covid came year later so zero chance to build momentum. The result off the pitch this season for Salford is going to be the most important one this time though.
  10. Even if they go down then everything will be in place for them to bounce back anyway, the medium and long term future looks bright for Trin.
  11. Two years ago they were only saved by the teams rigging the system against Leigh. Salford get predicted to struggle because they have less cash and money largely equals success as better players get picked off for more cash. I don’t see Salford below Wakefield but I think regression to the mean and finishing outside the playoffs is likely. I think that first game vs Leigh will be a big indication.
  12. Would be amazed with three , delighted with two and just about cope with one.
  13. Would be impressive although I am more interested in Salford getting a decision on whether they are staying at AJ Bell as owners or they are leaving and they can move forward in different direction.
  14. Repost to give you another chance because you seem not to understand Wales is in Great Britain. The objects of the Rugby Football League as set out in Constitution are: (a) to foster, govern, develop, organise and manage the Game, in respect of all age groups, at all levels and for both sexes, in Great Britain and Ireland; (b) to develop and manage the playing of the Game at an international level; If anyone at the RFL had the same negligent attitude as you to the country right next door, part of their structure and the only viable chance of growing commercial revenue they should be fired for gross negligence and stupidity. I´ll leave it there.
  15. Why can welsh rugby league lock a team into the elite structure of NH RL and guarantee Wales get annual games against England? No? Right then, that´s the RFL´s job. Literally in black and white, in their constitution, on their website. The RFL need to do their job.
  16. No they aren´t it is literally in the constitution of the RFL and even if it wasn´t the RFL would have to be (or continue to be) braindead to see that without even presentable NH competition it is impossible for the game to grow commercial revenue. Anyone at the RFL who, after breaking GB into countries then said "That´s not our problem, that´s Wales´problem" is either incredibly stupid or incredibly negligent . OBJECT The objects of the Rugby Football League as set out in Constitution are: (a) to foster, govern, develop, organise and manage the Game, in respect of all age groups, at all levels and for both sexes, in Great Britain and Ireland; (b) to develop and manage the playing of the Game at an international level;
  17. First five: Haven home, York away , Widnes home, Toulouse home, Fev away. Lose the first one and I can really see us being 0-5. We aren´t beating Fev or Toulouse, York have had our number for a while.
  18. No Catalans, can see them in instead of Salford who with a few injuries and no cash to replace could be struggling.
  19. And the fact that the only serious comp in the NH is France just is the RFLs fault, so perhaps they can start doing their job and build Wales into a viable full time national team. This is a decade of neglect. Plus no one except tragics care about NRL lads from a marketing perspective.
  20. Complaints were mostly that RFL keep devaluing comps by suggesting b teams whilst doing nowt to build NH RL. So when the RFL put a b team in a comp and are back to begging Kiwis the complaint is valid. I dont think anyone is coming. Kiwis can play a great 3 games vs Australia Tonga and Samoa in front of full houses in a tv friendly time zone. No one in SH needs England anymore.
  21. Not sure about Batley with the turn over of players,this might be the season of regression but they just seem to have a habit of getting in playoffs. Keighley had a quality team last year and we have seen teams compete If they come up automatically. I really worry about Bulls being in Relegation battle after 5 weeks.
  22. Figures show there is serious commercial value in an annual comp in NH but because RFL will not do the work required to get to a situation where we have three competitive teams in NH (with a rotation SH side) we leave big chunks of cash on the table every year.
  23. In France yes. In England they are broke and no more popular really than league,just in a different geographical part of the country.
  24. Its the Knights,who absolutely shouldn’t take part in a comp where results have an influence on World Cup spots. Good luck commercializing this. Part of me hopes Eng get left with sweet FA so it finally sinks into the skulls at the RFL they are actually going to have to do their job and grow a viable comp up here.
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