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  1. Yep, control what we can control. Even if some of these games are merely pre season games for C4 to show before SL it´s better than nothing and as three of those nations are part time, you could get some competitive games. No reason why Wales vs Jamaica shouldnt be an annual game.
  2. Any squad made up mostly of NRL sphere players are a waste of our time if we have a strategic plan. The Jam boys are in our sphere of influence so building them up isn’t a waste.
  3. There is also I think a clear difference in what some people believe int are for. Tragics here naturally want it to be the pinnacle of the sport but that isn’t happening so they say I won’t watch England play “x or y” . Whereas I and perhaps a few others see them mostly as a vehicle to raise commercial revenue and new partners with the regular million plus audiences on tv they get and solid event crowds of non traditional fans. Thats why some of us on here advocate for locking in French teams and a Welsh team in SL with annual internationals. Not because we are obsessed with them being competitive but they will give England two marketable games with a million plus on tv and two decent sized venues. Casuals funding the sport for tragics. So when people here say PNG doesn’t appeal to me they seem to miss the point which is: Thats ok because you aren’t the audience for these games. Oddly it seems the RFL with no money took the former view and have been left with neither.
  4. Give it 5 years and PNG will be ahead also. More NRL players, potential for a team there. Already have PNG hunters.
  5. Right so you were agreeing with what people, included I, originally put. I´m starting to think that I was right to say you can´t or couldn´t be bothered to read.
  6. I was responding to your straw man on a completely different topic in the most generous way possible. I have argued before that some clubs in SL should be looked at for this reason so it’s not the gotcha you think it is . But Again, hopefully to the topic of women’s rugby league and paying for it. What do you actually think, should money by spent on it when it currently runs at a loss? How would you grow the revenue , do you think that’s even possible?
  7. Sport got itself into a lot of mess by giving lots of money to unprofitable championship clubs which could have gone on infrastructure to generate cash. So actually, we did throw lots of money at parts of the game that didn’t make cash and it was all wasted. Also, shouldn’t clubs be running at a sustainable basis? The arguement I guess for keeping Championship and League 1 is they can generate players for the profitable part of the game in SL and internationals (whenever they are held) whilst many have the potential to grow and become a commercially thriving part of the game. In the women’s game, there is currently no part of the game that does generate profit so it’s a false comparison.
  8. So again you have nothing to contribute to the matter yourself. If people choose to either misquote me ( I have always said that the aim of Wales playing England annually in a men’s game if you lock a Welsh team into SL would generate cash, so it was either a misread or a straw man) and again, what are you actually adding with your contributions. Any suggestions of your own on the matter ? Or do you just jump in when people are discussing a specific point between the two of them, not go back to read the message they were responding to and go from there. But anyway back on topic, how do you think the women’s game can generate enough revenue to pay people on a semi professional or professional basis or do you think it should be paid for by other profitable parts of the game? I see that you have made zero comments on this thread about it so maybe you have something meaningful to contribute?
  9. it was used as an argument to say that it is very difficult to see how the women’s game in any code can make money. Then moving onto RL , how can we get close to a profit if people want women to get paid. Hence reorganizing women’s sl rugby to focus solely on an annual comp to get to to an annual four nations in NH . Not very difficult if you read.
  10. I didn’t say they would , thats literally in my comment saying no women’s team game makes money they are all subsidized by men. Onto RL, that’s why I said the Women’s SL needs to be structured to serve one aim: competitive women’s internationals in northern hemisphere. An annual Wales England France Scotland women’s four nations has a very real chance to get good tv figures and generate sponsors on an annual basis to wash its own face.
  11. No , the men’s. How much is sky offering for Women’s SL , what are the crowds for Women’s SL? Would be like saying that it isn’t the NBA that generates money but basketball.
  12. But the people moaning aren’t the audience. We want the casuals not trágics like us and casuals don’t care. If IMG or the RFL couldn’t market England vs Samoa after this World Cup for a 3 match series to C4 or BBC and decent 20,000 plus stadiums spread across England next year then they would be the worst marketing firm on earth. Sadly I dont think they will get the chance as the Oceanic Cup of Kiwi Australia Samoa and Tonga will be an amazing comp, with no need to travel and in the NRL’s market time zone. England have done this to themselves over a decade and now are paying the price of having zero international growth strategy.
  13. If the game was close to bankruptcy and sky were walking away I could see Australia realizing “, we are going to lose that pathway and the game is completely dead outside Australia. We need to keep RL in England in life support at least.” Otherwise hard to see it this decade. Until 2025 no , If World Cup is in Southern Hemisphere in 2029 maybe 2028 ?
  14. We have just been talking about it in terms of what is serious investment and how actually because women don’t get paid it’s far easier to do . Have a women’s SL team in Wales and one in Scotland with guaranteed annual games vs England. It isn’t community work that will create those internationals, it’s the RFL’s ( and yes it is there responsibility) to say this is what we are doing and Welsh women will see a meaningful pathway for their sacrifice. Its only an investment if it generates a return and why would any Welsh women who is halfway decent at rugby not immediately switch to RU when they get annual games vs England on tv and the Welsh team currently have no guarantee of that. in the women’s game it is actually a hell of a lot easier to set this up properly. What I suspect will happen is that it will look like a carbon copy of men’s super league and all the failures of that game (no serious northern hemisphere internationals, zero tv coverage, begging Southern Hemisphere nations for internationals and being told no) will be repeated.
  15. Perhaps but its completely irrelevant to getting the sport sustaining itself at a semi professional level. If it can’t be commercialized then what difference does it really make ? Were Wales to play England annually on TV and pick up between 600,000-1,000,000 for C4 , now it does have value.
  16. I was talking about a women’s scot SL team and a women’s Welsh SL team. Because we were talking about the women’s game. The club game for women (and increasingly for men) will always be a minority unable to generate rev. Any women’s league should exist really solely to grow the international northern hemisphere rl offer, where it can make a commercial dent.
  17. Those women’s figures are great. Good job RFL are using women’s super league to grow the international game in the northern hemisphere and not copying all the same mistakes as th.. oh wait, they are copying all the same mistakes as men’s game. Never mind.
  18. The aim has to be both. Clearly has worked for Australian Samoans hasn’t it ? Are participation numbers so fantastic in the UK that not seeing it as a useful tool to get lads in London or Leeds to pick up the game because it offers them the chance to go to world cups a bad thing?
  19. No its a non childish way to look at things. Why should they be treated different ? Because they are . How can the women’s game generate rev to pay for itself is the more interesting and important question for people seriously wanting to see the sport grow. Thats internationals and because the women’s game is in its infancy there is zero reason not to design a model that works towards that. That would be serious targeted investment. SL team in Scotland with travel paid for, SL team in Wales with travel covered. Annual international tournament involving Wales France Scotland and England.
  20. Because men’s game is generating millions in a TV deal and crowds to pay them.
  21. Well we don’t have billions of dollars and people that do normally pay handsomely whilst running eyewatering losses to try to get to profitability. But on this above I think you are right. Especially on grants but that needs a realistic strategy of what we want because first: Club games will never attract type of sponsorship for viability just like men’s game barely makes a dent due to football domination. We simply can’t compete in a club game owned by mass murderers to fund their football teams but the numbers have been good on internationals. So building a structure that creates four international teams in northern hemisphere (England France Wales Scotland) where each one can pay a core of girls part time contracts and play each other annually (on TV) I would think would be a goal that gets the sport washing its own face. However when you look at Women’s SL you see the copying of all the problems with the men’s game and none of the international developement that has also been neglected in NH for years. The Cardiff team is put in an inferior SL south and there is no Scotland team. So if we want to talk about targeted investment fine and by all means but right now the way the game is set up that is never going to happen and chucking limited resources at a team manager in Wigan wouldnt help that.
  22. Sport had to make money for those lads to get broken time payments because it wasn’t a private school club. Maybe if the sport focused on how to grow rev again we could afford what financially we cannot sustain right now. The NRL is subsidising the WNRL because they make boatloads and yes it grows their brand but here in the UK only internationals are going to do that and again, all the nations England would face are in south so how is it ever going to make cash or break even without internationals.
  23. Well I disagree that games vs Wales would be non financially sustaining as I have posted many times that the argument in their favour is the tv coverage and ability to create rev and sponsors. Would one academy in Wales and annual games vs Wales be able to get decent tv figures for England and a crowd ? I would say yes and that’s where the money is. So it seems you only bother to read the parts that suit your arguement or can’t read .
  24. Because it might get lads playing in the UK also. Your second option has to be the medium term aim but getting Jam RL some more UK exposure on TV would be a start.
  25. Play Wales a week before Super League or mid season and ask C4 to show it. We have got to get more int on tv otherwise they have no value to anyone.
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