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  1. https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/fans-fear-for-future-of-afc-wimbledon-as-club-face-11m-shortfall-to-build-new-stadium-a4296711.html Maybe invest into Wimbledon? Although £11million is probably beyond the Bronco's budget.
  2. Good question. I've looked at the stadium's official website but cannot see any mention of the seat number. It will have better facilities though. The OP's original statement, as well as some of the replies, are about playing in a stadium that is more accessible. I only mention Dulwich Hamlet as it's a viable option, unlike QPR, Brentford, Leyton Orient and the like.
  3. Even if it's more accessible? Easier access should result in higher attendances which should result in higher revenue which, if invested well, should result in a stronger Bronco's.
  4. It's not completely the other side of town, 13 miles from Trailfinders. It's in South London, but only just over the river, not deep south like Croydon for example. Walking distance from 2 train stations makes it very accessible. Only 4,000 capacity but Bronco's average attendance this season is about 2,000. From an atmosphere point of view as well as how it looks on TV, it's better to be in a full 4,000 capacity stadium than a quarter full 15,000 one.
  5. Dulwich Hamlet are building a 4,000 capacity stadium opening in 2021. It's going to be in zone 2 (as close to central London as you're going to get) next to East Dulwich station and 15 minute walk from Denmark Hill station. They are also short of cash and will probably welcome a tenant.
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