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  1. They will get better at this stuff. Leafs fans and sportscasters have live game blogs that update on anything interesting. Wolfpack will get there eventually by copying the big 3 in toronto Leafs Jay's Raptors
  2. Yeah totally dismayed that none of the sports sites have live scores for the match. If this were hockey, baseball, football literally any north american based team sport they would have live scores even for preseason matches
  3. BUSSEY already found that out the hard way last season that was a tko also rofl https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/rugby-league/11764038/darcy-lussick-and-jack-bussey-scrap-in-toronto
  4. Toronto start times at home have been very reliable.
  5. Air transat will be thier main sponsor for a long time. No worries there. They make argyles money look like pocket change. As a sponsorship deal any money they pay for flying opposing teams to canada is a direct tax write off for them that is why so many airlines sponsor sporting teams.
  6. Check with air transat the actual sponsor of wolfpack they have packages specifically tailored to visiting teams fans https://www.canadianaffair.com/holidays/canada/city-breaks-holidays/sports-packages/toronto-wolfpack-fixtures
  7. You just need to realize what the troll are and what they crave. They want a reaction, a fight that way they feel they are being payed attention to. Stop feeding them what they want and need, ignore them and they go somewhere else to get it. Go Wolfpack Go
  8. Seems that they have also just announced a sponsorship deal with brabners LLC. law firm in UK, Cheap legal to protect thier rights going forward
  9. The Toronto Wolfpack owns rights to all broadcasts of their matches. In Canada games are broadcast on CBC Live and on Game TV,[25] in the USA games are broadcast on Eleven Sports, and in the UK and Ireland Premier Sports broadcasts through the Sky Network. right from the wikipedia page
  10. So as I said. There are no actual broadcast rights owned by Roger's on Toronto's content. They just occasionally purchase the odd game from sky to show here in canada which was almost none btw at leaste before toronto brought a team to canada. Now Roger's might have something thier customers actually want to see
  11. Someone still has to pay toronto to allow the cameras in the stadium. They may own rebroadcast rights to sky content but not the actual games toronto produces. Otherwise how did toronto manage to broadcast almost all thier games these last 3 years and that lame link u just gave says nothing of broadcast rights it just lists content they buy to show people on thier channels
  12. Mike1812 I can find 0 information of a sportsnet deal owning broadcast rights for superleague in canada nor any reference to what they are paying for it as is easy to find for the sky deal with super league can u pls supply us with some actual proof of a sportsnet deal because I dont believe one exsists. Who did they pay? What did they pay for?
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